(your name)'s Career Path

(your name)'s Career Path

(your name)s Career Path How to become a/an (insert your career choice here) HOW TO FILL OUT THIS PPT TEMPLATE Replace all blue text with your answers in a full sentence. For example: Where is this job done? Gets replaced with -> To do this job, I would work in an

office every day. Delete the prompts Leave the slide titles as they are (other than the blue parts you need to replace) Anything with a * means you can use myBlueprint to find the info, but please ensure you delete all the * afterwards! Delete this slide once youve finished filling in all the slides

My Career Goal I want to become a/an (insert chosen career here) by (insert year here). To get there, I will need to: Graduate high school by (insert year month and year here) List the other major steps (3+) you will need to take. Make sure they follow the format of a SMART goal.

My Career Goal Statement (insert your colour-coded goal statement here) What is a/an (insert your career here)? Describe what your job is here* List 3-5 things you would be doing regularly at this job*

(insert a photo of this job here) About my future career Where is this job done? (In an office? From home? At a specific site? In a school? Etc.) What is the salary range in BC for this job?* What are the usual hours for this job? > How many hours per week? What are the start and end times within a day?

My job has a ___% chance of becoming automated http:// www.npr.org/sections/money/2015/05/21/408234543/will-your-jobbe-done-by-a-machine (use this website to determine the likelihood of automation) Give 2 reasons why you think your job will/wont (depending on the

%) become automated (insert a fun robot/machine picture here) My compatibility* I am __% compatible with this job. The skills this job requires are: Job Outlook*

In BC, the job outlook is # of 3 stars. Here are 2 reasons why: Safety in the Workplace In this career, I need to: List the specific things you need to do to keep yourself and others safe in this particular workplace

This is what appeals to me with this career (make sure you also indicate why for each one) Potential obstacles to getting this career The possible obstacles:

My plan to overcome them: The training/education required for my career is:* (make sure you include if multiple degrees are required -> ex: in teaching you complete an undergraduate degree, then a teaching degree) (sometimes your career may require other certification like First Aid,

WHMIS, Food Safe, etc., so be sure to mention it here if thats the case) This should be a more generalized overview of what is required to do this career, not a breakdown of specific steps I intend to go to (insert postsecondary institution here) for that career

Where it is located (city, province/state, country) Program(s) you would take there Length of program(s) Certification earned (which degree/diploma/certificate/red seal/etc.) ***if it is a program that requires some base certification then additional specialization (ex: a teacher needs a Bachelors degree THEN a Bachelor of Education), please make sure you break this down into organized sections for each program needed to obtain the career

(put 2 pictures of the post-secondary institution/ training program: their logo and main campus/what it looks like when you go there) High school courses required Grade 11 courses: Grade 12 courses:

Scholarships/Bursaries/Grants Indicate 2 scholarships, bursaries, or grants that you could apply for (they can be from this school, specific to the place where youd like to go for training/education, etc.): include the name of it, how much its for, and how you meet the required criteria Financial Plan - Tuition

Total cost of program(s) -> ex: if it costs $5000/year and your program is 4 years long, the total cost is $5000 x 4 = $20000 I am going to pay for my program: List the ways you will get the money needed for it (job, family, student loans, scholarships/bursaries, etc.). It must be realistic! Also keep in mind that working an entry level job can pay for university (often the most expensive choice) if you start working soon and are saving almost all of your money, then continue to work part-time through university. If you are

not prepared to do this, you will need to find alternate ways of getting money. Financial Plan My Expenses Using information from your Freedom 18 project, briefly describe where youre going to live and a summary of living expenses youll have (including how much theyll cost) Keep in mind that youve described how to pay for your education/training on the slide before, so this slide should focus on

other basic living costs you will have at the time Some related occupations: List at least 2 related occupations* for your main career of choice. Include a photo for each one. (your career)s are awesome!!! Explain 3 things that really excite you about this career

OR List 3 fun facts about this career (include pictures with these 3 things) REMINDERS!!! Choose your design for this PowerPoint Choose your font and colours, but make sure they are easy to read Make sure you have replaced all the blue text with your information, and that the text colours

are consistent within a slide Ensure you have filled in ALL the information, and included pictures where necessary This is a presentation format, so layout, proportions, text size, etc. should all be considered You should NOT have big blocks of text (everything point-form) with the exception of your career goal statement Check your spelling and grammar

Delete this slide when finished (You will be embedding this project into your edublog) Category: CLE10 Tag: ChapellCareerPathA

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