Understanding Standards Physical Education (Advanced Higher) An overview of course assessment What this presentation covers Structure of course assessment

Two components: Project (70 marks) Performance (30 marks) An overview of what is changing and/or what is not changing Project:

Section 4 of the project will include consideration of all four factors and their impact on performance. Performance: Marking criteria revised. Component 1 Project The project has four stages:

Stage 1: Project proposal Stage 2: Research Stage 3: Implementing the Personal Development Plan (PDP) Stage 4: Post PDP analysis and evaluation Component 1 Project

Stage 1: Project proposal Select and apply methods to collect information. Explain reasons for choosing selected methods. Analysing the results to identify a focus for the project. Methods and results should be contained in an appendix.

Component 1 Project Stage 2: Research Carry out research about the process of performance development. Create a personal development plan. Set targets using the research and information

collected at stage 1. Component 1 - Project Stage 3: Implementing the Personal Development Plan Summarising the implementation of the PDP. Keep a record of the implementation of the PDP. The PDP should be included in an appendix.

Component 1 Project Stage 4: Post-PDP analysis and evaluation Analysing progress in relation to targets set. Evaluate the process of carrying out the PDP. Identifying at least one new development need for one factor.

Justifying the impact of the new development need on the other three factors which impact performance. Component 2 Performance

one physical activity mark allocation of 30 marks revised marking criteria conditions and context remain unchanged

Component 2 Performance no change to method of marking marked by teachers and lecturers in centres internal verification subject to live visiting verification marks submitted to SQA early May

Support Documentation Revised performance and project course assessment tasks and detailed marking instructions will be produced and published on the SQA website. Understanding Standards materials New candidate performance examples and commentaries will be available on the SQA secure

website later in the year. www.sqa.org.uk0303 333 0330

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