Using School Climate and SEL Data to Promote Student Achievement with Indianapolis Public Schools Resource Hub: https://pan-ed.com/OSI Todays Presenters Jillian Evans Shareyna Chang Account Director @ Panorama Education

Director of School Quality @ Indianapolis Public Schools Agenda for Today Who is Panorama Education? How do districts in Indiana partner with Panorama? How has Indianapolis Public Schools included climate data into improvement planning? Turn and Talk: Rose, Bud, Thorn ROSE: something positive about school climate in your district.

BUD: something you are looking forward to/ want to try with school climate in your district. THORN: something you feel is lacking/you need help with related to school climate in your district. How can we turn THORNS into ROSES? #growthmindset Introduction to Panorama About Panorama Team of 140+ educators, implementation leads, software developers, and researchers

Founded by students, passionate about elevating stakeholder voice in education A community of more than 900 districts and 11,500 schools, serving over 9 million students each year An exclusive focus on helping K-12 schools and districts use data to Our Mission Our mission is to radically improve student outcomes by helping educators act on data and improve their practice Social-Emotional Learning

Measurement at district, school, classroom, and individual student levels MTSS Data System Early Warning System, Tiered Supports, and Intervention Tracking School Climate & Feedback Surveys Students, Family, and Teacher/Staff School Climate, SEL, & MTSS in

Indiana Indianapolis Public Schools partners with Panorama to collect crucial student, staff, and family engagement data from the community. Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation asks students to reflect on their own social and emotional skill set, and breaks data down to the individual student level. Tippecanoe School Corporation utilizes Panoramas MTSS platform to connect SEL data with other key metrics like attendance, behavior, and coursework performance to support students holistically. School Improvement Planning with Climate Data

@ Indianapolis Public Schools About Indianapolis PS Serving more than 32,000 students 4,200 teachers and staff at work in more than 70 schools throughout the community New Superintendent, Aleesia Johnson, named in June 2019 Partnership with Panorama Partnership with Panorama

Actions Phase Understand Panorama Approach Determine and Communicate Project Goals Identify Survey Specifications Develop Project Timeline Month Plan Project (1-2 weeks)

Prepare for Survey (3 weeks) Design survey Hold focus groups Communicate timeline with key partners November February Launch Survey (3 weeks)

Distribute Survey Monitor Response Rates Send reminders for completion March Understand Results (2 weeks) Understand how results are structured Determine access rights to reports April Take Action (ongoing)

Analyze results and key takeaways Identify actionable responses Share key findings with various stakeholder groups Ongoing October Supporting Each School 1. Data exploration 2. Prioritization

process Low Impact High Actionability High Impact High Actionability Low Impact Low Actionability High Impact Low Actionability Supporting Each School 3.

Root cause analysis Including Climate Data in SIPs School Example Staff Survey - Priority Area Topic % % Favorable Individual Questions Favorab for Individual of Concern/Focus

le Questions When you face challenges at work, how supportive are your school leaders? StaffLeadership Relationships 71% When challenges arise in your personal life, how understanding are your school leaders?

How much do your school leaders care about you as an individual? Brainstorm Topic Root Causes 59% 1 Shifting priorities drew attention away from staff needs. 60%

2 Leadership to staff proximity and visibility may have been low. 55% 3 Leadership conversations and meetings focused solely on work and students. Actionabl e? Additional Notes/Data

Needed Staff discussion could uncover Actionabl disconnects e between effective and efficient school and a staff Actionabl culture that sees e the human in each team member. Actionabl

e Resource From Today 1. Panorama Survey User Guides- Links to Student, Staff, Family, and SEL guides 2. Fishbone Data Protocol- Use with school leaders to help identify problem statements and root causes 3. School Improvement Plan- View IPSs School Climate tab to help your schools include critical climate data in their 201920 SY planning Resource Hub: https://pan-ed.com/OSI Indianapolis MTSS Meetup Tuesday, October 29

Hamilton Southeastern Schools Fishers, IN Register for free: www.pan-ed.com/indianapolis Q&A Jillian Evans Shareyna Chang Account Director @ Panorama Education

Director of School Quality @ Indianapolis Public Schools [email protected] .com [email protected] Additional Slides

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