Welcome to CBE! At a Glance - Students 807 undergraduate students (Fall 2016) 70 ChE graduate students plus ~12 interdepartmental graduate students, 14 postdoctoral researchers and research scientists Diversity: 29% female undergrads; 37% female grad students, highest ratio of female to male students in College of Engineering, undergrad and graduate Scholastic Achievement

Average comprehensive ACT score, Fall 16: 27.9 Average GRE scores (graduate students): Verbal 150; Quantitative 162; Analytical 3.2 Undergraduate scholarships 2016-17 totaling more than $419,000, impacting 203 students Graduate fellowships total more than $71,000 149 B.S., 3 M.E/M.S., 9 Ph.D. degrees, Spring 16 Fall 16 US News & World Report Rankings (Best College Rankings) Undergraduate: 20th overall, 15th public Graduate: 31st overall, 22nd for public universities

Department Leadership Dr. Andrew Hillier Professor, Reginald R. Baxter Endowed Department Chair Dr. R. Dennis Vigil Associate Chair, Director of Research Dr. Eric Cochran Director of Graduate Education

Faculty Overview 3 Distinguished Professors 2 University Professors 5 Professors 6 Associate Professors 6 Assistant Professors 2 Adjunct Professors

4 Lecturers 8 Courtesy Professors 5 Recent Emeritus Professors 4 Endowed Chair Holders 3 Endowed Professorships 3 Faculty Fellowships Professors & University Professors Dr. Rodney Fox Dr. Balaji Narasimhan Dr. Kurt Hebert

Dr. Derrick Rollins Dr. Andrew Hillier Dr. Brent Shanks Dr. Surya Mallapragada Dr. Jacqueline Shanks Dr. R. Dennis Vigil Associate Professors

Dr. Eric Cochran Dr. Laura Jarboe Dr. Monica Lamm Dr. Wenzhen Li Dr. Ian Schneider Dr. Yue Wu Assistant Professors & Lecturers Dr. Kaitlin Bratlie

Dr. Nigel Reuel Dr. Rebecca Cademartiri Dr. Zengyi Shao Dr. Thomas Mansell Dr. Jean-Philippe Tessonnier Dr. Matthew Panthani Dr. Qun Wang

Dr. Jennifer Heinen Senior Lecturer Dr. Stephanie Loveland Senior Lecturer Dr. Karen Haman, Lecturer Dr. T.J. Paskach Lecturer Faculty Courtesy Appointments Mufit Akinc (professor of Materials Science and Engineering)

Robert Brown (professor of Mechanical, Ag & Biosystems Engineering) Ludovico Cademartiri (professor of Materials Science and Engineering) Liang Dong (professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering) Theodore Heindel (professor of Mechanical Engineering) Duane Johnson (professor, U.S. Department of Energy Ames Lab) Michael Olsen (professor of Mechanical Engineering) Alberto Passalacqua (professor of Mechanical Engineering) CBE Staff Student Services Tonia Baxter Janessa Boley Academic Adviser

Academic Adviser Kate Jurgenson Academic Adviser Adam Dane Academic Adviser Bellinda Hegelheimer Program Assistant (Graduate Students) CBE Staff Support Michelle Stotts

Operations Manager John Burnett-Larkins Communication Specialist Chris Gerke Brittany Young Fiscal Coordinator Program Assistant Ashley Augspurger Laboratory Supervisor

CBE Staff Support Colin Richey Owen Reese Systems Support Specialist Fiscal Assistant Kelly Gengler Custodian CBE Undergraduates

807 undergraduate students, Fall 2016 29% female undergraduates, Fall 2016 (highest in College of Engineering) Undergraduate scholarships 2016-17 totaling more than $419,000, impacting 203 students 10 National Merit Scholars, 2016-17 149 B.S. degrees, Spring16 -Fall 16 Grady Hugunin, Lawrence E. Burkhart Outstanding Senior, Fall 2016 Graduation CBE Graduate Students 70 graduate students, Fall 2016

~12 interdepartmental graduate students, 16 postdoctoral researchers and research scientists 10 graduate student fellowships, 2016-17 Seven M.S., seven Ph.D. degrees, 2015-16 Advanced laboratories and equipment CEGSO student organization open to all graduate students CBE Research CBEs faculty members are passionate researchers who solve problems and launch innovation in todays sustainability, energy, food,

health industries and more. The departments six research areas offer significant opportunities for CBE graduate students. Opportunities for research also exist for underclassmen. Direct research expenditures: $7.9M (FY 15) Research Space: 35,000+ sq. ft. CBE Facilities Teaching Space: 9,000+ sq. ft.

Computer Labs: 3,900+ sq ft. Computer Work Stations: 150 Office Space: 9,000 sq. ft. Conference Space: 1,000 sq. ft. Chemical Engineering Bldg., 1927 Sweeney Hall constructed, 1964 Addition with teaching labs, 1994 CBE Facilities: Center for Biorenewable Chemicals CBiRC Opened in 2008, CBiRC is housed in

the Biorenewables Complex, a groundbreaking center for research and education in cutting-edge biorenewables and alternative fuels and chemicals. Unique & Advanced Research Facilities Atomic force microscopy Biotechnical and protein separations Catalyst characterization Cell and tissue culture Chemical vapor desposition & reactive sputtering Gene delivery Particle imaging velocimetry

Particle size analysis and light scattering Polymer characterization Spectroscopic techniques Unique Research Facilities: Keck Lab (Atom Probe) LEAP (Local Electrode Atom Probe) Combinatorial Sputtering System

Chemical Printer Gradient Coater Scanning Electro-Chemical Microscope Atom Force Microscope/Scanning

Tunneling Microscope Infrared Microscope Dedication, 2007 Unique & Advanced Research Facilities: Experimental Fluid Mechanics Flow diagnostic laboratory with

Stereo and high-speed Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) Reactive Planar Laser-Induced Fluorescence (PLIF) Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV) CBE Study Abroad Programs Study with leading programs in countries like Spain, Ireland, Singapore, England, Switzerland and more Summer, semester and year-long options Course work allows progress toward degree without delay Shannon Miner Study Abroad Adviser, Engineering International

Programs [email protected] 515-294-9917 CBE Oviedo, Spain Summer Lab Program Five-week study abroad program, University of Oviedo Held late May to mid-June each year Intensive hands-on lab experience Seven credits for two 300-level CH E courses, plus three optional use credits

Engineering Career Services Its not just for seniors! Serving you throughout your ISU engineering undergraduate experiece! Career Development Seminars: Resumes, Networking, Interviewing, Social Media Career Advising Specialists Career Fairs: Ranked among the best in the nation! Internships & Co-ops www.iastate.edu/ecs/

Web Site and Social Media Stay up to date with CBE in a variety of ways Website www.cbe.iastate.edu Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Undergraduate Student Organizations American Institute of Chemical Engineers supplements the education of chemical

engineers through an interface with industry, graduate study information and the development of leadership skills. The student chapter of Iowa State University is highly visible and active. Membership is free and can provide valuable early credentials in the chemical engineering industry while a student is still in school. Contact Prof. Stephanie Loveland, [email protected] National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE) promotes development and retention of all, and especially, underrepresented and multicultural students in STEM-related curricula. Contact: Prof. Derrick Rollins, [email protected] National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) promotes STEM-related curricula to all minority students, especially underrepresented minorities. Contact: Lequetia Ancar, [email protected] Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers & Latinos in Science and Engineering strives to enhance the personal and professional development of Hispanic engineers and scientists.

Contact ISU Student Activities Center, [email protected] Society of Women Engineers helps women achieve full potential in careers as engineers and leaders and expands the image of the engineering profession. Contact Prof. Kaitlin Bratlie, [email protected] Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Organization is open to all CBE graduate students. The club fosters community and professional development for all chemical engineering graduate students. Contact Prof. Zengyi Shao, [email protected]

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