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Start early Take your time and Get it right! Writing your personal statement Good grammar and spelling Write, edit, rewrite until you get it right! Concise and well

structured Personal statements.What are they for? How do Admissions Tutors use the Personal Statement? Help them decide who will be made offers Decide which candidates to interview Develop lines of questioning during an interview Test whether the student understands nature of

the course (if new subject) Give them what they want! Admissions tutors are enthused by their subject They want people who are also extremely enthusiastic about their subject Evidence is more convincing than waffle The Standard Model 5 Point Plan Your Choice of Course-Why? Evidence Your School Experience- Evidence Your Work Experience-What? Evidence Your Interests and Experience Outside School

Your Concluding Statement There are different approaches! Vocational degree evidence of work experience Degree based on current academic studies thoughts about syllabus and wider reading Degree based on a new idea evidence that you have a realistic idea Preparing to write Why do you want to study this course?

What skills have you developed in school and examples What experience have you had how will this help you at uni + examples Hobbies and interests what do these tell about you? Future aspirations. What will you do with your degree? Think about. Are you a member of any groups/clubs? What do you know about the subject? What are your interests and hobbies? Why do you want to study it further?

Any experience? Do you have any work experience? Career aspirations? Why that course? What skills and abilities do you think you have? You also might consider what type of skills and qualities and ideal student doing the course will need and try and

include them! What makes you an interesting and unique person? Writing concise and well thought through sentences. Which one will catch the attention of an admissions officer? 1. Sociology fascinates me, I have enjoyed it since studying sociology GCSE. I know I could make a success of studying sociology. 2. Does prison work? Ten years after the Woolf report has anything changed? What could stop prisoners re-offending? I hope to look at these questions through a sociology degree.

But how to start? The click moment Fashion management My heritage Economics/Russell Group The quote Theology/Russell Group The dream Childrens Nursing The intellectual English/Oxford Lust for learning Chemical Engineering

Being different The following are EXAMPLES and should not be copied in any form!! The Click moment As the lights went down and the runway illuminated there was a silent yet electric atmosphere in the Raphael Gallery at the V&A where the 'Kulture2Couture' fashion show was about to begin. My eager anticipation was finally relieved when a burst of energetic music was injected into the gallery and I was overcome by an immense sense of excitement as I was about to witness my first ever fashion show and find a powerful inspiration that would lead me to pursue a career in the fashion industry. Through this experience I became aware that the fashion industry is often hidden behind a glamorous facade of beautiful

models and renowned designers and that there is some ambiguity about the fashion business amongst much of the public today. It is this very concept that has prompted me to view fashion in an objective manner, inspiring me to get to know the fashion business in its complexity and ultimately take a look at fashion from the inside out. My heritage Regular visits to Nigeria initially fuelled my passion for economics as an area of study. I was keen to understand why my parents' country of heritage has been plagued economically by poverty and corruption for many years, with vast supplies of valuable natural resources at its disposal such as oil, ranking as one of the world's top ten largest oil producer's. Reading books such as "Untapped- the Scramble for Africa's Oil" and "The State of Africa- A History of 50 years Independence" has helped

develop my understanding of various issues of contemporary African economics and politics. It has also given me further insight into the multiple causes of poor economic development in many African countries and the resulting devastating effect this lack of growth has on the people of these countries. The Quote As Socrates once said, "Philosophy begins in wonder"; this very wonder he talks of is that which has inspired me to ask and attempt to answer ethical questions that theologians and philosophers have debated tirelessly, aiming to come to a conclusion on many of the fundamental issues of humanity. I acquired a great passion for discussing theological matters upon studying ethical and philosophical issues this year throughout my AS Level course, which has allowed me to direct and focus my curiosity towards the influences religion has on

society. By reading the elegantly constructed, "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins, I gained a valuable understanding of one man's interpretation of religious scriptures and arguments, broadening my interest and zest for an atheist's perspective on how religion has influenced current affairs. The Dream Thinking of new bonds, the tears of new life and helping young children who are unwell, the whole thought of this physical and mental challenge excites me! It has always been a childhood dream of mine to work with children. The whole enthusiasm of young children encourages me. This dream continued throughout my educational years. This is why I decided to start off my college education by

doing a Child Care and Education Diploma. During this year I did six units and many of the topics were based around the 1st year of life. The unit that I enjoyed most was Working With Newborns. This is when I decided that I wanted to do Child Nursing. Over the last two years I have enjoyed doing my Double Applied GCE Award in Health and Social Care, this course consists of both theory and practical work. I have particularly enjoyed the units Human Growth and Development, Positive Care Environments, Public Health, Investigating Disease and Understanding Human Behaviour. The intellectual English Literature to me is not just an amalgamation of synonyms, syntax, semantics, or other words

beginning with 's'. It is about "meaning". Not what the author's meaning is, but rather what it, could or could not be; which I think is equally important. English has always been my passion, but it was not until the end of Year 10 after reading Terry Eagleton's "Literary Theory" that I was consumed. Eagleton's book made me realise there was no need for a boyfriend, English Literature was my very own inamorato. The ideas of new criticism and other "isms", taught me how exciting and eclectic English is, incorporating history, anthropology, philosophy, and theatre, all things I am interested in. Lust For Learning It is fascinating how Engineering plays such a crucial role in modern life and I have gained a particular

interest in the Chemical Engineering processes used to satisfy our ever increasing demands. I am drawn to the 'how it works' nature of Chemistry and am curious of the science behind everyday objects and functions. I especially enjoyed the AS 'developing fuels' topic, studying the adaptation of fuel composition and engine technology to control how it burns to give greater fuel economy and greener results. I pursued my interest in engineering by attending a week-long residential Headstart Chemical Engineering course at the University of Nottingham, where I thoroughly enjoyed developing my knowledge of engineering. And one that is more down to earth! The moment I realised that I wanted to study Mental Health Nursing was the day I woke up to

find my father standing at the door listening to the voices that were telling him that if he ventured out he would die. The next few months were filled with fear and dread which was alleviated by the kind, empathetic mental health professionals that worked with my father. Ever since that day I have been determined to join the profession that helped our family start again. Ending your statement What will you do with your degree? What will you gain from university? How will the university benefit from choosing you? Ending your statement

I feel I am ready to go to university and am excited to meet the next set of challenges that university will bring. I feel it will give me the foundation, insight and knowledge to be able to achieve the best career possible. My ultimate goal is to work in Mental Health so that in the future young people can be inspired by my professionalism as I was by those I meet through my Fathers care. It would give me great pleasure to play a memorable role in the growth of many children. I understand that teaching is a taxing and tiring job, but I am more than willing to do whatever it takes to reach my goal of becoming a head teacher. I would be thrilled if I was ever able to achieve this, as I believe I have the personality, confidence, organisational skills and ability to become a resourceful, dedicated, appreciated head teacher.

Studying Sports Science will require commitment and hard work, and I am determined to use my time and dedication in this field as I hope to achieve my career aspirations by studying sports science, which would hopefully lead me to the direction of becoming a successful sports therapist. I feel university life will give me the opportunity to fully explore many of the ideas I have only touched the surface of. Topics such as probability, series, calculus and complex numbers have been introduced to me through my A-level studies and books that I have read. Developing these areas, combined with the challenging, interesting and rewarding qualities that investigative

mathematics possesses, will make it an experience to look forward to. I am a self motivated and broad minded. I am looking forward to moving away from home and gaining more independence. I am eager to meet like-minded people and I feel that I have the attitude, skills and enthusiasm to be successful at university and in becoming a professional designer/illustrator. If I am given a place at university, I would like to defer entry by a year, to enable me to take an Advanced Cricket Course at Brisbane, Australia (at the Australian Sports Gateway Academy). The purpose of such an extended stay away from Scotland is not merely to improve my cricket skills, but also to gain life

experience. I feel it will mature me, and better prepare me to take advantage of everything university has to offer. In the future, I hope to follow a career in teaching and see the study of language as being an important life skill in the steps towards this. Summer schools at the University of East Anglia and taster courses with the University of London have reinforced my wish to study at university and I firmly believe a degree in English Language and Linguistics will enable me to study an ever developing and integral part of society. If you are tempted to copy and pastethink Copycatch CFL, which makes detection software Copycatch, found:

370 sentences contained a statement beginning: "a fascination for how the human body works..." 234 contained a statement relating a dramatic incident involving "burning a hole in pyjamas at age eight" 175 contained a statement which involved "an elderly or infirm grandfather". As the deadline had approached the number of applications with borrowed material had increased. Can you answer YES to these? Are Have my

I included goals well interesting articulated? details that prove my claims about myself? Do I explain why I have selected this Is course my tone in particular? confident? Do I demonstrate knowledge about the course? Then you are on the right track!

What to Avoid! Waffle Swallowing a dictionary use words that you would usually use! Statements with no evidence Very ordinary interests going to the pub! Lying Rushing the writing process Using offbeat humour remember not everyone may share your sense of humour In summary What do Admissions Tutors look for? Your reasons for choosing the course

Relevant background or experience, which may include work experience, practical activity in music or drama, Young Enterprise, or further study. Any hobbies, interests, sporting activities or part time work, which may or may not be relevant to the course but which says something about you as a person. Your career aspirations and goals. Communication skills: basic spelling, punctuation and grammar are VERY important! Relate your current experiences to your future hopes: how getting a degree will benefit you.

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