WJEC English Language - King's Lynn Academy

WJEC English Language - King's Lynn Academy

WJEC Style English Language Unit 1: Reading Foundation Campaign Walkthrough Unit 1 Reading is an exam mission, to be undertaken with military precision: 1. At the start of the exam select your weapon of choice you will need your highlighter to complete the mission. 2. Reccy the text you have three minutes:

What is each text about? What are the writers surnames? What text type is each text? Which text goes with which question? Other specific instructions (line numbers/read page one) The first few minutes Remember:

1. Identify which questions go with which text. 2. Highlight any specific instructions, such as line numbers or read the first page. 3. Make a note under the question in your own words, what is this question looking for? There is NO SET ORDER of questions you must make sure you read and annotate each one carefully and clearly, to make sure you know what they are looking for. Leave a space. Timing

You have one hour. Use your time like this 3-minute reccy. 12 minutes on Question 1. STOP. Leave a space. 12 minutes on Question 2. STOP. Leave a space. 12 minutes on Question 3. STOP. Leave a space. 12 minutes on Question 4. 9 minutes to finish any questions you left incomplete and to check what you have written. You should have: The very special young lady - Magazine Article questions 1, 2 and 5

I dont mean to be rude but Autobiography questions 3, 4 and 5 Simon Cowell and Hello magazine Q1 Look at the first page of the magazine article, The very special young lady Q2 Look at the second page (from Joining Sian in her chat) Q3 Look at the first two paragraphs of Simon Cowells autobiography Q4 Look at the last paragraph of the autobiography Question 1

The purpose of this question is to test your ability to retrieve information. In other words do you understand the basic level of the texts. This is the easiest question on the paper. You just have to read it carefully and then answer it. Things to look out for. Does the question tell you which lines or paragraphs to read? If it does, mark them on the paper. Look at The very special young lady A1. List ten things that you find out about Sian Tolfree(10 marks)

What to do 1.Highlight the key words in the question. 2.Read the passage and underline parts that tell us about Sian. Remember you are only writing about Sian NOT Simon. 3. Write a list of 10/11 points. Put each one on a separate line You have 10 minutes. (We use a timer) Things to look out for

1 Question 1 may be two short questions e.g. a) How does the writer present the Sian in the article? (5 marks) b) How does the writer present Simon in the article? ( 5 marks) You will need to find five different points for each question. Sian shares a special Bond with Simon, which suggests they are good friends. She was a special guest at Cowells party, as she is described as the belle of the ball

Note: use single word or very short quotes. Do not copy long pieces of text. Things to look out for 2 A series of mini questions which require one sentence answers. For instance: 1. How does the writer show that Simon Cowells friendship with Sian is significant? (1 mark)

2. How does the writer show that Sian had been very ill? (2 marks) Note the number of marks tells you how many examples you need in the answer. Points to look for (can be used for selfassessment or as a teachers aid)

Simon Cowell calls her Trouble

She shares a special bond with Simon Cowell/good friend She is 14 years old She first met Simon Cowell when she was seven/known him for seven years She met Cheryl Cole, Kate Moss and Leona Lweis She was treated like the belle of the ball at the party/she was a special guest at the party She spends time at a childrens hospice She spent five months at Londons Royal Brampton Hospital, She spent four months on a life support machine She has had 15 heart operations/major heart surgery She spent a lot of time watching Pop Idol whilst recovering/enjoys Simons antics/hes her favourite judge She asked Simon Cowell if she could audition/sang Reach for the Stars

She has DiGeorge syndrome She suffers from heart and lung problems She was invited to choose any clothes she wanted for Simons party She chose to go to the party in something glittery You have 10 minutes! We actually use a timer Fact and opinion Question 2 and 3 expects you to distinguish between facts and opinions. They may ask you about a person's: Impression of someone or something

Feelings about Opinion of How to structure your answer Your answer needs three parts: What the impression, feeling, opinion is. P A short quote that makes you think this. E An explanation of why you think it. E Learning Intentions We are learning to identify fact and opinion in a text.

Success Criteria: Were looking for clear points (at least 7) about the relationship between Simon Cowell, Sian and her family Clear evidence to support each thought Inference into the writers words WWW: EBI: A2. Look at the second column What do you learn about Simon Cowells friendship with Sian and her family? (10 marks) Highlight the key words in the question.

Read through the passage highlighting ideas about the friendship. You are being asked about feelings, not just facts. What will your answer contain? Ideas and supporting evidence Fun relationship, as he has a natural, jokey relationship with them; Simon Cowell is thoughtful, he gave us his dressing room; He cares about her, sending emails and cards to see how she was; They have a strong friendship, and Sian goes to watch X Factor every year; They have a playful friendship, as they tease each other;

Simon is always there for Sian and the family: he has never let her down and he told her mum to ask if she needs anything; He is a good friend, always responding quickly to Sians calls or texts; Cowells friendship is important to the family, they feel like millionaires and has helped Sians spirit; Simon wants to help offering to pay for Sians treatment in the US; His friendship is appreciated by others: godparents and locals How should you write your answer? The writer shows that the relationship between Simon Cowell, Sian and her family is a very special one. Firstly, we see that

Cowell and Sian have a fun relationship, which is natural and jokey, showing that they get on well. We also learn that Simon Cowell is thoughtful, because he gave Sian his dressing room, so that she could take her medication in a safe environment. You have 10 minutes to write We actually use a timer Question 3 and Question 4 Now look at the first two paragraphs of the extract from Simon Cowells Autobiography. A3. Simon Cowell admits hes rude. What explanation does he

give for this behaviour? [5 Marks] Now look at the last paragraph. A4. List five reasons, according to Simon Cowell, why anyone who wants to be a star should keep reading his book. [5 marks] What to do Underline the key words in the question. Read the two paragraphs and highlight at least five ideas about Cowells behavior. What did you find?

A3. Hes rude, partly because people now expect his to be rude/hes become famous for it; He says hes just being honest/he only says what hes thinking/he is being himself; His views give contestants a realist check; He says his rudeness/honesty is fun for the viewers and for him; He wants contestants to realize its hard to break into the music business; His rudeness reflects the music business A4. Hes turned hopefuls into global pop stars/he has experience; He will take you behind the scenes/share secrets

He can show you what it takes to make it to the top/make you famous; Youll learn how to develop you skills/how to handle an audition You can learn how to stand out from the crowd The book offers the right guidance/my guidance He is the only man on earth who can tell readers all this You have 10 minutes! Question 5 The last question is always a comparison question. You will need to use both texts to answer this question. A5. These two texts give very different impressions of Simon Cowell.

What impressions does each text give of him? You should organise your answer under two headings: (a) The magazine article (b) Simon Cowells autobiography Remember for ANY marks at all You must make it clear from which text you get your information. [10] 0 1 marks: Question not attempted or candidates struggle to engage with the text and/or question. Give 2 4 marks: According to quality, to those who copy unselectively, make unsupported assertions or make simple comments with occasional references to the texts.

Give 5-7 marks, according to quality, to those who use both texts to make some simple comments/inferences and some appropriate selection from the texts Give 8-10 marks, according to quality, to those who make valid comments based on a range of appropriate detail from the texts. Better responses make links across the two texts. What will your answer contain? Magazine article: Positive Impression pleasant/kind/caring/helpful/decent; He cares a lot for Sian and has a special relationship with her natural relationship; He has a good relationship with Sians family;

At ease with people; Gets on well with children; Never lets Sian down; Behaves well not above himself Generous will pay for Sians treatment Has a positive influence on how people feel Simon Cowells autobiography: Negative impression hes rude/nasty/unpleasant; He thinks hes being honest; He enjoys giving his opinion/behaving the way he does; He wants to have realistic view of the music business/he tells it like it really is He successful turns hopefuls into global popstars;

He is bigheaded he is confident; He holds strong views about the stars; He is the best person to develop and nurture talent Using a Grid It is a good idea to answer this questions as a grid. Then you are sure that you have answered all parts of the question. Impressions of Simon Cowell The magazine article The autobiography

You have 10 minutes! We actually use a timer And finally You still have 10 minutes left. Go back and finish any question you had to leave unfinished. Check through your answers, making sure you have followed the instructions on the exam paper.

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