Windows Developer Day

Windows Developer Day

Project Rome: Cross device interactions Carmen Forsmann Program Manager Agenda What is Project Rome? The Opportunity Project Rome in action Build Project Rome into your

apps What is Project Rome? A device runtime for connecting and integrating Windows-based and crossplatform devices to the Project Rome infrastructure services. A set of infrastructure services in the Microsoft cloud for Windows-based, and cross-platform devices. A programming model delivered as APIs for Windows, Android, iOS, and Microsoft Graph, enabling client and cloud apps to build experiences using the Project Rome capabilities.

ROME Remote Remote Control Control & & Sessions Sessions Device Device Discover Discover yy Launch Launch

App App services services Activities Activities User User Activity Activity Activity Activity

Feed Feed Adaptive Adaptive Cards Cards A typical day Morning 1-2 hours Work 810 hours

Commute 0-2 hours Evening 46 hours A tale of two devices Device discovery Remote launch

Remote app services Augment the experience Use all glass Remote control Extend the experience swipe

Companion experiences Discover Devices // create a RemoteSystemDiscovery object RemoteSystemDiscovery discovery = new RemoteSystemDiscovery.Builder() // add filters // set listener for discovery events .setListener(new IRemoteSystemDiscoveryListener() { // }) // return a RemoteSystemDiscovery instance .getResult();

9 Launch URI // create Launch URI command RemoteLauncher().LaunchUriAsync( RemoteSystemnConnectionRequest, "", new IRemoteLauncherListener() { so eachlistener concept would have a single slide and // handle events then the all languages slide }

10 App Services // create AppServiceConnection appServiceConnection = new AppServiceConnection(MyAppService, MyPackageFamilyName, connectionRequest, connectionListener, responseListener); // send message appServiceConnection.sendMessageAsync("This is a message"); 11

// handle response event to sent message class AppServiceResponseListener implements IAppServiceResponseListener { // Handle the interface events responseReceived(AppServiceClientResponse response) // check status } 12 Demo Continue on PC

13 Share the experience Multi-User Collaboration Remote Sessions // create your session RemoteSystemSessionController sessionController = new RemoteSystemSessionController("TestSession"); sessionController.JoinRequested += SessionController_JoinRequested; // watch for session participants

private async void SessionController_JoinRequested(RemoteSystemSessionController sender, RemoteSystemSessionJoinRequestedEventArgs args) { args.JoinRequest.Accept(); } // discover a session RemoteSystemSession sessionWatcher = RemoteSystemSession.CreateWatcher(); sessionWatcher.Start(); // message between participants var info = await args.SessionInfo.JoinAsync(); if (info.Status == RemoteSystemSessionJoinStatus.Success)

{ currentSesson = info.Session; mainChannel = new RemoteSystemSessionMessageChannel(_currentSession, "Main"); mainChannel.ValueSetReceived += Channel_ValueSetReceived; await _mainChannel.BroadcastValueSetAsync(new ValueSet() {["Type"] = "Hello"}); Demo Quiz Game 17 Release Schedule

APIs Platforms Anniversary update Creators update Fall Creators update Remote Launch

Remote App Services Remote Systems +

+ Remote Sessions (PC <--> PC) User Activity (REST only) Windows SDK Android SDK

+ + iOS SDK MS Graph SDK

Windows 10 Insider Preview SDK | Project Rome SDK for iOS and Android Microsoft Graph REST APIs Thank you! mailto:[email protected] 20

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