Why Study Computers?

Why Study Computers?

Chapter 12 Digital Society, Ethics, and Globalization Please discontinue use of cell phone and turn off ringer Succeeding with Technology Living Online

Freedom of Speech Privacy Issues Ethics and Social Responsibility Globalization Conclusion Our Connected World Technology supports an increasingly distributed workforce, where portions of product development may be accomplished in different parts of the world. IBM employees coordinate teams of project workers from around the globe over high-speed network connections in the Global Services Network Center in Boulder, Colorado Succeeding with Technology

12.1 Living Online Key Terms Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) Ergonomics Succeeding with Technology Computers and Community Virtual space is the environment that exists in the mind rather than in physical space. Navigating virtual space and real space simultaneously can lead to problems.

Succeeding with Technology Computers and Community A flash mob is organized via Internet and cell phone for the purpose of some public demonstration. http://www.flashmob.com/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flash_mob Succeeding with Technology Flash mob at the Louvre, Paris in 2004.

Health Issues: Keeping a Balance Balancing time spent in virtual space with time in real space can avoid health issues: Carpel tunnel syndrome is the aggravation of the pathway for nerves that travel through the wrist. Excessive computer use can lead to stress, and addiction. A Balanced Life Virtual space Real

Space Alone time Social time Indoor time Outdoor time Ergonomics Ergonomics is

is the the study study of of the the design design and and positioning positioning of of computer computer equipment equipment for for aa healthy healthy work work environment. environment.

Succeeding with Technology 12.2 Freedom of Speech Key Terms Consumer generated media (CGM) Censorship Content-filtering software Succeeding with Technology Challenging the Establishment and Traditional Institutions

The Internet has been grasped as a tool to empower those who have traditionally been without a public voice. Consumer-generated media is challenging and complimenting traditional mainstream media. Succeeding with Technology Laws and Censorship Censorship is when a government or authority controls speech and other forms

of expression. Protestors at Stanford against Googles compliance with censoring in China. Succeeding with Technology Top 10 Censored Countries 1.North Korea 2.Burma 3.Turkmenistan 4.Equatorial Guinea 5.Libya 6.Eritrea 7.Cuba

8.Uzbekistan 9.Syria 10.Belarus Chinese army officer oversees internet usage. Laws and Censorship Content-filtering software works with the Web browser to check each Web site for indecent materials (defined by the installer of the software) and only allows decent Web pages to be displayed Succeeding with Technology

Laws and Censorship Dangerous Information: Some information is censored because it is deemed to be dangerous to the public. U.S. shuts Web site said to reveal nuclear guide Fri Nov 3, 2006 5:11pm ET By David Morgan WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Bush administration closed a government Web site set up to publicly display pre-war Iraqi documents on weapons of mass destruction after experts said its content included details for building a nuclear bomb, officials said on Friday. Succeeding with Technology 12.3

Privacy Issues Key Terms Surveillance Succeeding with Technology Surveillance Technologies Surveillance is the close monitoring of behavior. Wiretapping Video Surveillance Audio Surveillance

Satellite GPS RFID The Internet/ Web Computer-controlled surveillance technologies combined with ubiquitous networks and powerful information processing systems have made it possible to gather huge quantities of information, video, audio, and communications signals and process them to reveal personal information. One of thousands of

Chicagos Police Cameras Succeeding with Technology Surveillance Technologies Companies like ChoicePoint collect and combine information from the credit bureaus; public records of numerous local, state, and federal government agencies; telephone records; liens; deeds;

and other sources to develop detailed information about individuals, businesses, and organizations which it then sells to other individuals, businesses, organizations, and even government agencies. Succeeding with Technology 12.4 Ethics and Social Responsibility Key Terms Ethics Computer ethics

Succeeding with Technology Computer Ethics Computer Ethics deals with what is generally considered right or wrong in regards to computer use. personal computer ethics are highly subjective except in issues of local, state, and federal law, where ethical issues are clearly defined Professional computer ethics involve the ethical issues faced by professionals in their use of computer systems as part of their jobs. Governmental computer ethics include the added responsibility of guiding the influence of technology on the population.

Succeeding with Technology Government Computer Ethical Issues Accessible Computing for the Disabled Retailers rethinking Web sites with blind in mind Tue Oct 24, 2006 11:10am ET By Angus Loten, Some online retailers are rethinking their Web sites in light of a recent federal court ruling that says they must be more accessible to the blind. In a class-action lawsuit filed in Berkeley, Calif., by the National Federation of the Blind, a federal district court judge ruled that the Target online shopping site, which has no audio component, violated

the Americans with Disabilities Act and could be sued. http://www.w3.org/TR/WAI-WEBCONTENT/ Succeeding with Technology Government Computer Ethical Issues Socioeconomic Digital Divides If humans are to utilize the Internet to build a global community, it is clear that the more affluent neighborhoods in this community cannot ignore the needs of the less fortunate. http://www.weforum.org/en/initiatives/itafe/ITAccessForEveryone

Succeeding with Technology 12.5 Globalization Key Terms Globalization Outsourcing Off shoring Succeeding with Technology Globalization Globalization refers to changes in societies and the

world economy resulting from dramatically increased international trade and cultural exchange. The largest contributors to globalization are computers, a global telecommunication infrastructure, and the Internet. Succeeding with Technology Shanghai, China Globalization Outsourcing is a

business use of an outside company to take over portions of its workload. Off shoring is a business practice that relocates an entire production line to another location, typically Bangalore, the city at the heart of India's in another country, in orderbooming information-technology industry to enjoy cheaper labor, lower taxes, and other forms of lower overhead. Succeeding with Technology 12.6

Conclusion Succeeding with Technology The Torch The torch is technology. The torch is information. The torch is power, freedom, and responsibility. You may take up this torch to propel yourself forward to meet your personal and professional objectives, to achieve more than you ever thought possible, to impact those around you, your government, your culture, and the world. You may take up this torch to propagate negativity, hate, and dissonance. Or, you may leave this

torch for someone else to pick up. The choice is yours. Succeeding with Technology Chapter 12 Questions? Dont forget to turn your phone on!! Succeeding with Technology

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