What were the key features of the slave trade?

What were the key features of the slave trade?

What were the key features of the slave trade? Learning objective to understand how the slave trade worked and its key components. I can describe the key

features of the slave trade. Level 4 I can explain the key features of the slave trade and how they

worked. Level 5 I can explain and begin to understand

why the slave trade worked. Level 6 Starter

What kind of questions would come to your mind if you saw this slogan in a shop in Marlowes? Reason one - The British Empire The British Empire grew throughout the 18th and 19th centuries covering almost a quarter of the globe and ruling 370 million

people. The empire provided Britain with a hue source of trade . this included trading people. Reason two Boom towns The slave trade made certain areas of Britain extremely rich particularly the ports of Bristol and Liverpool. Slave traders who

lived in these ports became extremely rich and powerful in those cities. Slave trade in action the triangular trade Slave trade in action the middle passage The Middle Passage involved

the transportation of slaves from West Africa to the Caribbean. Slaves were crammed in the hold of a ship in horrific, dirty conditions. Many died.

Slave trade in action the slave auction Once in the West Indies, slaves were taken to an auction and sold. Those who were too weak were left to die at the quayside. Those that were healthy were sold for huge profits to work in backbreaking conditions on cotton plantations.

Slave trade in action slave conditions Growing opposition to the slave trade William Wilberforce and Thomas Clarkson were two key members of the Anti-Slavery Campaign in Britain. While Clarkson collected extensive evidence against slavery,

Wilberforce, an MP, fought in Parliament for support to abolish slavery. In exactly 50 words describe how the triangular trade worked. Slave trade concept map

A concept map is a broad overview of a topic and links as many features and aspects together. Use the diagram and the example on the worksheet to help you. Plenary My Brain Subheading My Brain Draw an outline of your brain.

Fill your drawn brain with all the things you have learnt in this lesson. This can be in the form of key words, drawings, bullet points, lists anything you like so long as it summarises your learning and that others can understand it.

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