What is an IB Education? - Peel District School Board

What is an IB Education? - Peel District School Board

International Baccalaureate Programme (IB): MYP and DP at Turner Fenton Secondary School What is an IB Education? Insert video from IB Digital Toolkit 3

The IB Learner Profile Inquirers curiosity independence in learning love of learning Knowledgeable concepts, ideas and issues in-depth understanding Thinkers

apply skills critically reasoned, ethical decisions Communicators two languages confidence and collaboration Principled integrity, honesty, fairness, and justice

Open-minded open to others perspectives, values and traditions Caring empathy, compassion and respect service Risk-takers

courage to explore new ideas, roles and strategies Balanced intellectual, physical and emotional balance Reflective thoughtful consideration about their own learning

Difference between AP and IB AP IB Opportunity for advanced Opportunity for advanced placement in university placement in university Taken on a course-bycourse basis

Offers a complete program and diploma Mark is based solely on an end of term AP exam Marks determined by both internal assessments and final IB exams

IB at Turner Fenton Grades 11 & 12: Diploma Programme (DP) Grades 9 & 10: Middle Years Programme (MYP) WHY IB?

IB Community/Culture Well rounded learners 21st Century skills Internationally recognized credential Success at university Student Voices

Diploma Programme (DP) Model 6 Core Subjects Extended Essay ToK Approaches to Learning CAS 3 Standard Level (SL) courses 2 semesters over 1 or 2 years 2 exams written in grade 11

1 exam written in grade 12 3 Higher Level (HL) courses 3 semesters over 2 years 3 exams written in grade 12 TOK 1 semester course in grade 12 10

Diploma Program Course Options Group 1 English Literature Language & Literature Group 2 French

Group 4 Biology Chemistry Physics Group 5 Mathematics Mathematical Studies

Group 3 Business & Management Economics History Information Technology in a Global Society Group 6 Visual Arts

11 Middle Years Programme (MYP) Grades 9 and 10 8 Core Subjects Approaches to Learning Conceptual education Personal Project MYP Course Options

Grade 9 English French Geography Grade 9 Math Grade 10 Math Science HPE Art Option

Grade 10 English French History (gr. 10) Grade 11 Math Science Civics/Careers Option 1 Option 2

Assessment Teachers assess according to criteria set for each subject discipline by the IB Assessment Centre Ideal IB Candidate Profile: Maintains a successful academic record Participates in many aspects of school life Has good time management skills

Has a positive attitude toward learning Works well with others Is willing to take initiative Programme Fees The IB Diploma Programme at Turner Fenton requires fees for all four years of the program: Grade 9 $200 Grade 10

$200 Grade 11 $1250 Grade 12 $1250 Middle Years Programme Application Process for September

2016 Application Criteria Live in Peel north of the 401 and south of Bovaird Drive/Castlemore Road Currently a grade 8 student NB. Bussing is not provided 01 January 2012

For Students that are currently in a Peel District School Board Elementary School 1. Go to the PDSB Regional Program Application site for Turner Fenton IB 2. Create an Applicant ID and password 3. Fill in all of the fields with the application information 4. Complete the written response section of the application 5. Submit your completed application by November 20th

6. $40.00 application fee Parts of the Application Basic Info Grade 7 Final Report Card this will be uploaded from Peel Board On-Line Written Response For Students that are not currently in a Peel District School Board

Elementary School 01 January 2012 1. Go to the PDSB Regional Program Application site for Turner Fenton IB: -Create an Applicant ID and password 2. Fill in all of the fields with the application information 3. Bring the following document to the South Hall Office at Turner Fenton S.S ( by November 20th at 3 pm) An original copy of the grade 7 final (June) report card

No other documentation will be accepted 5. Complete the question response section of the on-line application 6. Pay the $40.00 application fee 7. Ensure your application is complete by the deadline: November 20th Selection Process 1. Applications are reviewed and scored based on: Grade 7 Report Card Written Response

2. Applicants who make it past the application process will be entered into a lottery for a spot in the program Offers of Acceptance Offers will be emailed to successful applicants Feb. 8th Offers must be accepted by no later than Feb. 12th Second round of offers will be made on Feb. 16th Once students make program decisions, they cannot change their minds and accept spots in different regional programs.

Accepting an offer To accept an offer, you will need to reply by the deadline. You will need to reply to the offer email you receive. When you confirm program participation, you will be asked to pay your program fees ($200), directions will be provided. Students will only be officially admitted into the program once program fees are received.

Fees will be paid for online using a third-party service provider. Education for life

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