Welcome to the ICA Open day

Welcome to the ICA Open day

Welcome to the ICA Open Day Andy Clarke Course Director What shall I study? Whats my current role? Whats my aspirational role? What is my experience, where should I start? Senior Manager/

Director Analyst/officer Manager/ Senior Manager Certificate Advanced Certificate Diploma

PPG Dip Understanding Doing Managing Leading Prof. Member (MICA)

Fellow (FICA) New Entrant/ operations Affiliate Associate (AICA) Your learning experience Course format

Level 2 Certificate qualification Level 4 Advanced Certificate qualification Level 6 Diploma qualification Level 7 Professional Postgraduate qualification

(3 months) (6 months) (9 months) (6 months) Online Two workshops or virtual classrooms Four workshops or

virtual classrooms Two residential weekend workshops 25 multiple-choice questions completed online Two 2500 word assignments Three 3500 word

assignments Eight 1000 word masterclass commentaries 3 hours for CDD examination (exam only) 2-3 hour competencybased oral interview How do I study?

Self study Virtual classroom s Workshops Tutor Support Assignment(s ) End of course examination

(certain courses only) Exercise example: Advanced Certificate in AML Inputs Outcomes CDD Customer Profile Customer

Identification Customer Identification Prospect Customer Relationship Sof/Sow Beneficial Owners & Controllers Screening Sanctions,

Peps, Media The CDD Process Risk Factors Rating & Assessment Acceptabiity of The Relationship Structured KYC File

Accepted Customer US Global Reach US Dollars Anti- facilitation Use of US infrastructure Cloud computing Global accounting systems and databases General Licence H Practical skills We keep you current

Your professional community Courses starting soon Advanced Certificate in Business Compliance Advanced Certificate in Anti Money Laundering PPG Diploma in Governance, Risk and Compliance PPG Diploma in Financial Crime Prevention ICAs 11th Annual Conference: The BIG Compliance

Conversation 11 April 2019, Central London Q&A Over to you

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