Welcome! To the Belmont Hills Elementary Media Center

Welcome! To the Belmont Hills Elementary Media Center

Welcome To the Belmont Hills Elementary Media Center Tour ! e m Co and in, hi! say The Narrator

Hi! My name is Media Mike, and Ill be taking you on a tour of the Belmont Hills Elementary School Media Center.

I hope you have When Can I Go? The media center operates on a flexible schedule. This means students and teachers are welcome to access

the media center at any time during the school day. Whole class How do I get there? Politely ask your teacher for a pass at an appropriate

time. Make sure the pass states the reason for your visit. Special Areas Group Instruction

Area 1 Large groups of students or staff can gather here to listen to a speaker or sit while reading or studying quietly. Group Instruction Area 2

Students can select a circle and participate in technology instruction or enjoy a read aloud activity ! Computers & Technology Area Grab a seat and search

Destiny to look for a great book! or Explore educational software, research tools, and games! Book Checkout & Return Desk Say hello to Ms. Launey,

Ms. Valenzuela, and Zoey! They are here to help you checkout materials, conduct lessons, and answer any questions you might have! Sections Professional Development

Teachers use these books and materials to make learning exciting! Fiction Fiction books are made-up

stories. Look here for some of your favorites! Nonfiction Non-fiction books are stories that include facts. This is a great

place to research for an assignment. Everybody Not ready for a chapter book? Students of all ages can enjoy these books

Reference Reference books are to be used in the media center only. Look for the tall shelves! Big Books Great when

reading to a group! I love the large print and pictures! Happy Birthday! Hooray!!! You get to pick a book!

Goodbye! I had fun! I hope to see you at the media center soon! Wait!

PROCEDURE S? What do you mean, Dewey Dan? Shabby job Media Mike!

You forgot the PROCED Selecting a Book Students must know the rules for selecting a book.

This is important, so books are in order and easy to find! Procedure #1 Students must first drop off

their old books! This happens before selecting a new book. Procedure #2 Get a book

marker! I dont want my books out of order! Procedure #3 Mark your place with the book

marker. Then pick your book. Procedure #4 Find a good book! Look as much as you like,

but always use your marker! Thank You e p o Ih u

yo joyed r! en tou the ou y e Se n! o so

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