WELCOME TO TechNet Asia-Pacific 2009 - AFCEA

WELCOME TO TechNet Asia-Pacific 2009 - AFCEA

Chapter Training Webinar: Membership Growth Tuesday, January 12, 2016 1:00 pm EST Membership Growth Member and Chapter Services Team Moderator Tina Jordan: Vice President, Membership Corporate Membership Julie Lama: Director, Corporate Membership

Katie Helwig: Manager, Small Business Individual Membership Sean McGowan: Director, Individual Membership Susan Emert: Manager, Chapter Services Sarah Christensen: Young AFCEAN Outreach Corporate Membership Belong to an Association with a rich heritage and be a part of the legacy for the future Have a voice in the exchange of ideas and continuing advancement of thought leadership Participate in thought leadership positions at the

international, national and chapter level, helping identify trends, find solutions and address member needs. Corporate Membership Marketing Resources Online Corporate Directory Listing Corporate Member Only New Corporate Member Listed in SIGNAL Magazine Sustainers listed monthly

Capability statement listed Press Releases posted on website AFCEA Corporate Member logo Corporate Membership Discounts Advertising discounts and priority positions in SIGNAL Magazine and on the AFCEA Website Exhibits, Sponsorships, and Registrations Priority placement with exhibits Corporate member only events

Complimentary associate memberships Small Business Why Small Businesses NEED to be corporate members Free Marketing Resources Listed under corporate member benefits Deeper Discounts for Small Business Registrations, exhibits, sponsorships at International conferences and symposia SBA-certified Small Businesses qualify for discount.

When in doubt, ASK! Small Business Direct Access to Primes and Government Decision Makers Contracting Courses Government/Industry Panels Small Business Workshops &Matchmaking TechNet Augusta Homeland Security More coming in FY16

Soft introductions to chapter liaisons, industry and government Small Business Influence AFCEAs Business Focus and Direction Small Business Committee Sub-Committees Include: Programs Awards/Scholarships Chapter Outreach Research & Education Training & Education

Social Media Membership Marketing Individual Membership Chapter Membership Growth Two Key Strategies (Equally Important!) Recruiting Retention Leverage AFCEA HQ Tools and Resources Chapter Officer Tools AFCEA Member Portal Membership Best Practices

Membership Care Packages 70 Day Membership Growth Campaigns Young AFCEANs Women Government/Military Individual Membership Individual Member Recruiting Promote Membership from the Podium Membership Table at All Events Laptop and Volunteer at Membership Table Recruit New Members On the Spot

Member vs. Non-Member Registration Fees Enhance the Value Proposition Member-Only Events Each One, Reach One Programs at the Chapter Level Contact AFCEA HQ Discuss Recruiting Strategies with MCS Staff Request Membership Brochures, etc. to Assist With Recruiting Efforts Individual Membership Individual Member Retention Easier to Retain an Existing Member Than to Recruit a New One!

First Step in Retention Outreach to New Members Follow Up to the Your Membership emails sent from HQ (6 Months into a New Members First Year) Chapter Officer Tools List of members eligible to renew/recently expired Focus on Individual Members Julie and Katie are actively working with Company POCs for Corporate Member retention Government/Military members Targeted 70 Day Growth Campaign at the end of FY16 Value Proposition is Much Different Than for Industry

Focus on Building a Professional Network to Assist with Transition to Private Sector Work with AFCEA HQ to Offer Continuing Education Content at Chapter Events Documentation of Attendance is a Member-Only Benefit Maintain Relationship with Government/Military Leaders in Your Area Women members Women in AFCEA HQ group run by volunteers

Working with women-focused groups at chapter level Women in NOVA (WIN) CMDs Women in Intelligence Group (WIIG) Identified 17 Women Outreach Leaders at chapter level Womens Awards Womens Appreciation Event at WEST Full program including awards presentation Women members Female statistics

Number of members is rising slowly 15.9% women members in 2015 15% women members in 2013 Number of speaking slots at AFCEA International events also rising 5% women keynote speakers in 2012 24% women keynote speakers in 2015 High percentage of volunteers are female 24% of chapter officers are women Compares favorably with percentage of female members

Women members Recruiting Women Sell your chapter events to them! Encourage current female members to bring a friend Gives them opportunity to network at an individual level with other women in similar career fields AFCEA involvement means the opportunity to mentor future female academic/military/industry leaders Provides a path to further educate our nation's females by supporting the AFCEA Educational

Foundation's scholarship programs at the chapter level Women members Retaining Women Engage them as a chapter officer Recruit them as a speaker/panelist at chapter events Nominate them for a Womens Appreciation Award Create a local womens group at the chapter Women in AFCEA can assist

Young AFCEAN members General Points BIG focus this year! Highlights in general Networking- this is key! Mentorship Leadership

Professional Development Social Young AFCEAN members Recruiting Ideas Find out what the individual is interested in, and then tell them how your chapter fits his or her interests Tell your story of how AFCEA has helped you Tell them how they can be involved now Connect right away Have current members bring potential new members to events

Young AFCEAN members Retention Ideas Nominate them for awards Give them leadership opportunities Have a variety of events, and hold events consistently Be open to trying their ideas! DONT just make them bag stuffers- give them meaningful work Have high-level individuals attend happy hourtype events Questions ?

Contact us Tina Jordan, VP of Membership [email protected] Corporate Membership (Julie, Katie) [email protected] Member & Chapter Services (Sean, Susan, Sarah) [email protected] Archived webinars www.afcea.org/training

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