Welcome to St. Michael's Catholic School

Welcome to St. Michael's Catholic School

WELCOME TO ST MICHAELS CATHOLIC SCHOOL Aylesbury Campus Open Morning/Evening 2018 Dear God, OPENING PRAYER We thank you for creating this beautiful world and for St Michaels Catholic School within it. We are so diverse, yet each one of us is precious in your eyes and you have faith in us. All our gifts and talents and all that we achieve in life, comes from you. May we always use what you have given us wisely and fairly so that we can really shine both at school and in the wider world.

We may face issues and problems in life, but we are never alone when we invite you in. We humbly ask you to help grow our spirits, plant the seeds of faith in our hearts and water them with traits of love, so that our St Michaels community will bloom, achieving your glory. AMEN Striving for excellence in all that we do Recognition that each and every child is made in the image and likeness of Christ and blessed with unique God-given talents which must be nurtured Striving to meet the individual needs and aspirations of each and every child, whatever their ability and

background By keeping Christ at the centre of our learning experience, we are able to prepare the children for their adult life so that they can fulfil Gods mission as citizens steeped in the gospel values of love, truth, compassion and forgiveness. STRENGTH IN OUR DIVERSITY A ST MICHAELS PUPIL IS.. Dedicated to achieving the best academic outcomes they can as a result of a broad curriculum

Aware of their faith and the faith of others Demonstrates love and positivity to other members of our school community. Committed to representing our community as a positive and loving place for pupils to learn, staff to teach and support and parents to feel confident about their child's progress. ST MICHAELS IS ALWAYS

STRIVING TO BE A BETTER SCHOOL St Michaels continues to be an improving school. GCSE Results improved by 12% in the last 3 years. Many of our subjects performed above the national attainment levels. St Michaels pupils work hard, and are rewarded with good outcomes.

Qualification Name NAT 9-4 (2018 ) SMCS 9-4 % (2018) English Language English Lit French History Maths Music 70% 73% 70% 64% 70% 75% 78% 78%

75% 75% 79% 92% Religious Studies 71% 69% Combined Science 55% 69% Triple Science Biology 89% 100%

Triple Science Chemistry 90% 96% Triple Science Physics 91% 100% Computer Science 61% 81% PROGRESS 8 The main school measure is

based on the progress pupils make rather than just their attainment. This is based on their best 8 GCSE outcomes. Progress 8 has a floor of -0.5 St Michael's 2018 progress 8 score is yet to be ratified by the DFE but we expect are currently demonstrating 0.32 which is above average.

From this we know pupils made good progress at our school from their KS2 Outcomes. THE ST MICHAELS APPROACH TO KEY STAGE 3 Our KS3 Curriculum is built around the idea of the big 5 These are the big 5 skills pupils need to master to be GCSE ready.

We will assess pupils to see if they are Working Below Working Towards Working At Working Above The level of skill required for their year.

VISITING OTHER SCHOOLS Please visit a range of schools. Please do not choose a school you havent visited or to fill up the choices, you may be allocated it. If St Michael's is your first choice, put it on the form as your first choice.

When visiting schools ask questions! Tonight, ask lots of questions! AYLESBURY SATELLITE SCHOOL SMCS AYLESBURY A new Admissions Criteria has been added to the county site and to the SMCS Website.

The Aylesbury Admissions Criteria is locally focused and names St. Louis and St Edwards as feeder schools. There will be a separate St Michaels Wycombe and St Michaels Aylesbury option on the application form. PLEASE ENSURE YOU CHOOSE THE CORRECT ST

MICHAELS FOR YOUR NEEDS ADMISSIONS DEADLINE County Admissions deadline is: 31st of October 2018 ST. MICHAELS IS HEAVILY OVERSUBSCRIBED St Michaels is over subscribed in year 7, each year and we currently still

have students on our Year 7 waiting list. St Michaels Aylesbury will accept 150 pupils in 2018. If St Michaels is your first choice, make sure you put it on the form as first choice or you may not be allocated a place. http://www.stmichaels.bucks.sch.uk/secondary-ayl esbury/aylesbury-admissions /

https:// services.buckscc.gov.uk/school-admissions/s chools/999001 SUPPLEMENTARY FORMS As a Catholic School we require you to complete a Supplementar y Information Form SUPPLEMENTAR Y INFORMATION FORM The form for this year is on the

school website and available from the county admission team. When completed the forms should be returned to the school. Not Bucks County Council. If you do not want to give us the original Baptismal Certificate, please come into school and we can copy it and certify the copy at school. Please remember to ensure your Parish Priest or celebrant

completes the form, signing and stamping it with the Parish or church Stamp SUBMITTING YOUR SUPPLEMENTAR Y FORM FOR THE AYLESBURY CAMPUS Address: Mrs S Whitton (Administrative Officer) 3, Bierton Road Aylesbury HP20 1EE Please address your Supplementary Form as

Admissions Supplementary Form FAO Attention Mrs S Whitton (Administrative Officer) This should be with us at St. Michaels, Aylesbury by 4pm on the Wednesday 31st of October. If you are posting the forms to us it must be posted before the 31st or your application will be considered as late.

REMEMBER Dont send your supplementary form to Buckinghamshire county council Do apply online via the Buckinghamshire County Council Website. Have a great tour

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