Welcome to Curriculum Night!

Welcome to Curriculum Night!

WELCOME TO FIRST GRADE CURRICULUM NIGHT! Monday, August 8, 2016 Jann Johnson, Valerie Nikolaus, Lori-Jo Peters, Alicia Tunstall Procedures Drop Off and Pick Up Emails (change in pick up plans no later than 12:00) Students being checked out early

Things being dropped off in the office Parent Portal/Infinite Campus Conferences (August 31st & September 1st and February 15th & 16th) Volunteers All adults welcome (parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles) Check/Sign in Please no drop-ins Training Privacy Policy No younger siblingsthanks for understanding

Field Trips Tax Credit All field trips are dependent upon tax credit donations All donations are made online through Infinite Campus Parent Portal Extended family or friends may still make tax credit donations using the web address: https://chandlerdonations.org/

Harkins Theater Tempe Center for the Arts Pizza Farm Phoenix Zoo Birthdays No sugary treats allowed Healthy treats OK Frozen Go-Gurts Sugar free/fruit popsicles Granola Bars Non-food items are encouraged

Bouncy balls Pencils Bubbles Play-doh Grading/Report Cards Grading Assessments Formal/Informal Assignments Teacher Observable Participation grades for Social

Studies/Science Report Cards Percentage Grades Cumulative Score per subject Quarterly Grades Grades not cumulative Check Infinite Campus for assessment/assignment description Behavior/Participation Indicators E = Excellent S = Satisfactory I = Improving

N = Needs Improvement Homework Expectations Weekly Spelling List Sent home Mondays Due Fridays Nightly Reading Bags Initial Reading Log Nightly Math homework will start after Labor Day. Classroom Behavior

and Management Positive reinforcement is our approach to promote respectful behavior inside and outside the classroom. Individual Behavior Charts Each student will receive a daily self-assessment sheet at the beginning of the week, called their Jacobson Jets Chart. Their behavior will be recorded on this sheet and go home each night and must be brought back the next day with parents initials! Help make the connection between school and home and talk about your childs behavior that particular day with them.

JETS Choices Check and initial your childs chart daily Stamp or Sticker = Soaring day!!! J = Loss of recess E = Loss of Fun Friday T = Office Referral S = Communique (3 communiques = after school detention) Blue Communication Folder JETS Charts Completed work comes home nightly. Check completed work and REMOVE from the

folder. Celebrate/reflect upon complete (or incomplete) work. Language Arts Reading: Informational and Literature, Foundations - Key Ideas & Details - Craft & Structure Integration of Knowledge & Ideas Range of Reading and Level of Text Complexity Print Concepts, Phonological Awareness, Phonics & Word

Recognition, Fluency Writing Speaking and Listening - Comprehension & Collaboration, Presentation of Knowledge & Ideas Language(grammar) - Conventions, Vocabulary Acquisition & Use Reading 90 minute Literacy Block 30 minutes of whole-group on grade level

instruction 60 minutes of guided reading groups Ability level (assessments/running record) Reading strategies Comprehension Vocabulary Language/grammar skills Phonics Fluency Writing Daily Writing - Learn to love writing - Inventive spelling (developmentally appropriate)

- Using a Writers Eye (conventions) - Modeled writing/read alouds Types of Writing - Journal Writing - Personal Narratives - Friendly Letters - Imaginative Stories - Informative Writing (reports, how to books) - Functional Writing (list, posters, recipes, diagrams) Math Domains Numerical Operations in Base Ten

Using two digit numbers (ten more, ten less) Comparing two digit numbers Counting and writing numbers to 120 Using and constructing a number line Understanding ones and tens (place value) Measurement and Data Measure, order and compare three objects by length

Interpret and organize data with up to three categories Formulate and answer questions Math Domains Operations and Algebraic Thinking Use addition and subtraction to solve word problems Understand true and false equations Add and subtract numbers within twenty Understand the associative, commutative and identity properties Math fluency within twenty (math facts)

Determine unknown whole numbers in addition or subtraction equations (8 +_ =11) Adding three numbers Geometry Identify shapes by defining attributes Compose/decompose two dimensional shapes Social Studies American History World History Economics Civics/Government Geography

Social Studies Projects and Activities Family Tree Famous American/ Hero Timelines American Symbols State Symbols Science Inquiry Process Science Content: life science, physical science, earth and space

science Health Content: health promotion, human body, environmental health Space Living/nonliving things Life cycles Matter (solid, liquid, and gas) Animal and Plant

Relationships Habitats Rocks Inventions/ Inventors Scientific Method/ experiments Science Projects and Activities Inventor Reports Animals/Habitats Written & Oral Research Reports

Rotations (Team Teaching) Human Body Systems Habitats Thank You! Thank you so much for attending tonight! If you have questions, please fill out the question/comment paper and return it to your childs teacher.

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