Welcome To 3rd Grade - Jackson School District

Welcome To 3rd Grade - Jackson School District

Welcome To 3rd Grade! Mrs. Erickson Room 201 1.Please sign in on the ATTENDANCE SHEET next to your childs name. 2.Please PICK A LEAF to help stock our class supplies, if you can. 3.The Class Birthday/Party List is being passed around; please fill it in if you wish. This list will be shared with all names on the list. 4.While waiting, please read and enjoy your childs letter to you, and write a

response to him/her on the lined paper. Welcome To 3rd Grade! Mrs. Erickson Room 201 As we begin Tonights Objectives: To introduce myself. To present an overview of the third grade curriculum, our classroom procedures, assignments, and activities, and to provide general information. To give a brief tour of Mrs. Ericksons Class Page, which is an important means for parents to view announcements and

notices. To answer parents questions of a general nature (not for individual conferences.) *If you wish to talk about your child in particular, please contact me by email, and I will respond as soon as possible. Thank you. Remind 101 You are invited to sign up for text messages to your cell phone from my cell phone about important news, events, and reminders about class activities. It is a great convenience, totally private, safe, and adfree.

Text TO: 81010 With the message: @mrsjoane More sign-up info is available by logging onto: www.remind.com/learn-more Mrs. Ericksons Class Page Please visit our Class Page on a regular basis for important updates and school/classroom information, such as upcoming events, announcements, and Test Alerts. To access our Class Page: (Also on your Welcome Note) 1.

Go to: https://www.jacksonsd.org/site/default.aspx? DomainID=11 2. Click on Teacher Pages on the top to find our Class Page; 3. BOOKMARK OUR CLASS PAGE and check it regularly. Assignment Books/Planners Students write Homework in planners each day. Parents are asked to REVIEW AND SIGN THE PLANNER EVERY DAY.

Planner is the main communication tool between school and home. Parents can write messages to the teacher here. Planners provided by PTO. Homework Students write HW in Planners. Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday -- No written HW on the weekend! Your child should complete work independently.

HW is designed to reinforce concepts taught in school each day. HW is due the following day -- Completed HW Charts earn one No HW Pass! HW that is incomplete, late, or missing can affect marking period grades. Jackson School District Reading Log To promote the love of reading and based on parent survey feedback, the Literacy Department introduces the reading log that we will use in third grade. 1-5 District Reading Log The reading log is designed to support the JSD

Homework Policy which encourages daily independent reading. Students are encouraged to read nightly and record their reading in order to strengthen the connection between home and school. Birthday Celebrations Please note that we have allergies to milk this year. Please carefully check ingredients. Birthday snacks are given out during lunch; you may leave the snack with the Receptionist before 11:30, or your child may

carry it in to school, if he/she is able. Must have enough for the entire class; current class count is 25 children. Each child with a summer birthday will be given their own day in June to celebrate with the class. Students may not hand out invitations for private parties and other events in the classroom. Parents, please fill out the Birthday email/address form, if you wish. Curriculum Literacy Balanced Literacy program comprised of reading (Readers Workshop), writing (Writers

Workshop), spelling, (Words Their Way), vocabulary, grammar. Math enVision Math (Pearson/Realize). New Edition 2.0. Science, Social Studies, Health Whole-class activities on content along with small group work/projects; Classroom activities are project-based and student-centered. Pearson enVision Math Login Info Here you will find extensive practice and daily lesson review online, as well as

assessment data. Go to Mrs. Ericksons Teacher Page, and on the SYMBALOO, click on the Pearson Realize tile. Then log in as follows: Username is: Students I.D. # Password is: Firstname03 (that is, Name zero 3, capitalized, no spaces. E.g., Joan03.) Readers Workshop Students choose books from the classroom library that interest them, within their independent F & P and/or

Lexile range. Students read independently, focusing on specific comprehension skills, daily. The teacher will conference with students individually or in small groups to monitor and assess their reading comprehension skills. Periodically, students will be tested on the focus reading and grammar skills as well as vocabulary. Reading Log Students are expected to read every night for at least 20 min.

and to complete a log of their daily reading. Books should be on or near the students just-right level, not too easy or too difficult. The purpose of the Log is to increase reading comprehension. Writers Workshop Writers

Workshop, which utilizes a writers notebook, is implemented on a daily basis to encourage the enjoyment and appreciation of the writing process, as well as for the instruction of writing and grammar skills. Students write every day. The teacher will conference with the students individually and in small groups to provide instruction and to assess the level of writing. Students will produce polished writing pieces for each main unit of writing instruction. Words Their Way We

are using Words Their Way for spelling instruction this year. Students are instructed on their own developmental level. In order to differentiate instruction, all students may not have the same spelling list; there may be several spelling lists implemented each week. We will begin this program next week. Parents will receive a packet of instructions for at home study. Assessment in Literacy Instructional reading levels (F & P and Lexile)

Reading Logs Reading/writing/grammar skills assessments Teacher/student conferencing Fluency levels Running records Readers Notebook Writers Notebook Words Their Way scores Vocabulary assessments Fast Facts Math Basic Facts and Timed Tests The District goal is that third graders should

master at least 80% of basic facts on a timed test, in addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Timed practice tests in all 3 operations will be given regularly. Students are eventually expected to achieve 80% accuracy. Periodically, students will be given timed tests on the facts. USE FLASH CARDS AT HOME FOR PRACTICE. PARCC Testing - Literacy and Math Test is administered nation-wide during

March/April. In the weeks prior to testing, we prepare for the math portion by presenting an overview of content that has not yet been covered in regular classroom instruction. In Literacy, we focus on writing and the practice/review of reading comprehension skills. Behavior Plans Star Coupons and Raffle Good Citizen Award

Star Student Team Charts Ready-To-Learn clip chart Specials Schedule Monday * Art Tuesday * Gym - Wear sneakers! Wednesday

* World Language Thursday * Music Friday * Computers/Tech Lunch: 11:40 12:10 daily Recess: 20 minutes daily Wear sneakers.

Helpful Supplies To promote organizational skills (Optional but recommended) 1 pencil box to fit inside desk. The pencil box should be able to hold all of the students desk supplies, including the following: glue sticks pencils with erasers, sharpened 1 red or blue pen for self-corrections 1 highlighter marker/pen 2 packs of 3 x 3 in. Post-Its a 24-pack of crayons 1 pair of child scissors 6 sturdy two-pocket folders 2 composition notebooks (sewn-in binding) 3 spiral-bound notebook, wide-ruled a box of tissues to share with the class a small bottle of hand-sanitizer

a pair of headphones or earbuds for use with the Chromebooks. Please place them in a plastic bag labeled with your student's name. No binders, please! (They do not fit in the desk.) Parent Helpers Class Coordinators 1 or 2 parents who are available to help coordinate class parties and other activities This year there will be a limit of 5 parties in the classroom There is usually a limit to the number of parents who may attend class activities/parties

Please fill out & return the Class Coordinator/Volunteer Survey. THANK YOU TO EVERY PARENT FOR ALL YOU DO! Extra Information Please contact me with any questions or concerns -- a note is best, or, call the main office & leave a message, or send me an email. Please have your child be on time each morning. Please do not take your child home early except for emergencies. *Please have your child use the bathroom at home before school.

Please send in any money for lunch or other reasons in a plastic bag or envelope with name on it, OR, remind your child to keep money safe in a pocket. Check our Class Page online regularly for notices and updates. Hard copies of notices may be sent home as well. Extra, EXTRA Information Scholastic Reading Club Optional program Online ordering is easy & safe: (See our Class Page for the link.) You set up your own personal login and password. Our Parent Code to set up an account is GT27Z. You may shop any time you wish; I place orders once a

month. You can still hand in orders in the classroom. CHECKS ONLY NO CASH. NOTE FROM THE PTO: Please look over and consider purchasing the Kid Stuff Book-- it is a wonderful fundraiser. Thank you! Joan Erickson B.S. from The College of New Jersey M.A. from The College of New Jersey N.J. State Certifications in Elementary Education and Student Personnel Services (Guidance Counselor) 25+ years classroom teaching and guidance counseling experience

Resident of Jackson for 30+ years 2 successful, adult children, both graduates of Jackson Memorial High School AND H.C. Johnson School (very proud of this :) d n E e Th Thank you for coming! Have a great night!

Im looking forward to a fantastic year!

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