Welcome Evergreen Middle School

Welcome Evergreen Middle School

5th Grade Information Night Welcome! February 6, 2018 Will my child survive Middle School? Overview Who Is Evergreen? Core Academic Programs Elective Offerings Athletics and Activities

Counseling and Registration PTSA Next Steps Website Phone

https://ems.lwsd.org 425-936-2320 Hours 7:30 AM 3:00 PM Robert Johnson Principal Dr. Cindy Lundvall Associate Principal

Stuart Prince Associate Principal Felicia Casolary Office Manager Office and Administration Who is Evergreen? Comprehensive ~1200 Middle School

students Academics Activities Athletics Arts Celebrations School of Distinction and WA Achievement Award Winner SBA Scores >90% nearly every category

>70% Staff with Masters Degree National District Board Certification Programs Quest Behavior

Intervention Transitions ELL SPED Culture and Environment What do we strive to create? Personalized Learning Where Everybody Belongs (WEB) Differentiation Enrichment

& Extensions Intervention Homeroom & Remediation and Homework Lunch (HoWL) Student-Centered Collaborative Content Grade

planning teams level teams Community Culture-building Assemblies Spirit Days Activities Example 6th grade schedule

Period Content Area Time Minutes 1st Literacy LA/SS block 8:00am-8:50am 50 minutes

2nd Literacy LA/SS block 8:55am-9:45am 50 minutes 3rd Science 9:50am-10:45am

55 minutes *morning announcements and snack Lunch HoWL/Library 10:45am-11:15am 30 minutes 4th Math

11:20am-12:15pm 55 minutes 5th Fitness Elective 12:20pm-1:10pm 50 minutes 6th Elective/

Elective 1:15pm-2:05pm 50 minutes Homeroom Academic support/ Clubs 2:05pm-2:30pm 25 minutes Evergreens Middle School Design

Student Speakers Tayla Belikoff Ethan Kim Core Academic Program Math, Language Arts/Social Studies, Science, Fitness Mathematics Math is everywhere in life! 6th Grade Math Teachers are Collaborative Supportive

6th Grade Math Classrooms are Rigorous Engaging Practical (real world connections) Curriculum: Glencoe Math (3rd year) Aligned ALEKS to Common Core Standards (online tutoring system)

Evergreen Math Courses/Pathways Geometry Algebra 1 Math8 Math7 Math6 = Math Prep support class available Criteria for Qualifying for Algebra in 7th Grade (may change) 1) Score of 42 or higher on the Algebra Aptitude Test (Form A)

2) Math SBA: Scale Score of 2610 and Grade of A on the semester 2 report card for 6th OR grade math Math SBA: Scale Score of 2650 on the and Grade of B+ on the semester 2 report card for 6th grade math What if my kid does not make it into Algebra in 7th grade? Language Arts and Social

Studies Transition & Integration Year-at-a-Glance Quarter Social Studies English/Language Arts Writing 1st

2 nd 3 rd 4th Geography Mesopotamia Personal Brochure Egypt

Explanatory/ Informative China Reading Units 1 & 3 of Literature Book Poetry Schooled Argument Writing The Giver China CBA

Narrative Greece DIG simulation Spiraled writing (other (explanatory, countries of argumentative study) and narrative) Drama Greek Theater Reading Selections

The Giver by Lois Lowry Theme Character Development Socratic Seminars Schooled by Gordon Korman

Reading Strategies In-Text Citations & Analysis TCI History Alive Online Textbook Full history text online Instructions on how to

access September Key words Read-aloud option Review games

Enrichment Characteristics of Civilization Current Events What historical events have shaped the world today and why are these current events happening?

What events are currently unfolding that may shape the worlds future? Extensions/Challenge Science Critical Content Developed to meet The NEXT GENERATION SCIENCE STANDARDS

ANNUAL Water, SCIENCE MODULES Weather, Natural Resources, Plants, and Ecosystems! Doing Science Inquiry and Experimentation

Engineering and design projects Research projects Modeling/ drawing to show thinking Phenomena driven Science: Hands on learning! Water and Weather! Physical Science Natural and Synthetic

Resources Earth Science Plants and Ecosystems! Life Science Physical Education Fit for life and feeling good! Weekly Routine 3 days of unit activities

1 day 16 min Fun Run 1 day Fitness Workout How to be Successful in a Fitness Class Give your best effort regardless of your skill or fitness level. Display

good sportsmanship and show respect to everyone. Display a positive attitude and be that role-model for other students to follow. Have fun! Electives Program Family & Consumer Sciences, Art,

Woodworking, Technology, Leadership, Drama, Music Family and Consumer Sciences Cooking, Sewing, and other valuable life skills taught Activity based class Teamwork Focused Art

World Art 6-7 the grade Art projects based on Elements of Art and the Principles of Design ART Drawing and Painting

7th and 8th grades Two D visual arts Focus on techniques and artists styles Charcoal, acrylic painting,

watercolor, printing, Sumi, and so much more!! Art s a l g s Pottery Three D visual arts

Focus on techniques and technical terms. sk a M s Woodworking Some self direction Great for

creative students Activity based class Technolog y& Computer Application Tech skills s Graphics, digital video,

3-D Painting Leadership 1 & 2 Drama Performance Theatre Based skills including Improv, voice techniques, and script writing Annual Musical

d l r o W l u f r e d n o W of OZ

Music Performance: Band Beginner Band (NO exp.) Concert Band (1-2 Years) Symphonic Band (2-3 Years) Wind Ensemble (3-4 Years; High level of Ability and Focus) Jazz Band Music Performance: Choir National StandardsDistrict Power Standards Physical: Training to develop the skills Mental: Highest (Level 4) Thinking skills; presentation Emotional: What is Art, and How does it make us Human? Music

Performanc e: Orchestra Orchestra I Orchestra II Eagle Opportunities in Music: Festival Performances LWSD Honor Ensembles (best in District) Junior All-State (best in State) Solos and (small) Ensemble Festival Counseling Registration, Services

Counselors A-F: Sarah Parnell G-MEL: Christy Winter Mem-Raj: Rak-Z: Dylan Slatton Denise Ozeri

Registration Registration Registration/Scheduling New Student Orientation Needs Survey Academic

Planning and Success Classroom Conflict Crisis Guidance Presentations Resolution Intervention Community and Counseling Referrals

Counseling Services WEB Program Activities and Athletics Middle Level Seasonal Sports Program, Clubs Most club meetings and activities occur during the homeroom time

Environmental Club Math Club Multicultural Club National Junior Honor Society

Robotics Club WEB-Where Everybody Belongs Science Club Clubs Robotics Club September through March This is a Competitive Club - Students compete in a minimum of 2 VEX IQ

tournaments hosted at EMS Team requirements Must be composed of 4-6 students Must have a parent coach Requires 4+ hours of work per week including: 1 mandatory meeting per month and optional meetings the other weeks April through June: EMS only - Sumo-Bot Battle Competition Teams build a robot that can battle another robot and push it off of a 3 foot diameter, elevated platform Questions? Email [email protected] Robotics Club Expenses

Per Student Expenses: For a team of 4, each student will e $25 ASB Fee + $25 Robotics club fee up spending about $100 Per Team Expenses: $100 registration fee + $35 per tournament fee There may be more expenses for state and worlds To get started: Students should start forming teams over the summer and identify a parent willing to be their coach VEX IQ summer camps:

www.robotengineerscamp.org Questions? Email [email protected] More info Visit the EMS robotics page on our website Contact Mr. Steele [email protected] Questions? Email [email protected] Middle Level Seasonal Sports Program Sports and seasons subject to change in 2018-19 school year

Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Sept Oct Nov Dec Feb Mar Apr - June

Boys & Girls Cross Country Girls Basketball 7th & 8th Grade Boys and Girls Girls Volleyball Track and Field Boys Tennis 7th & 8th Grade Boys Basketball

Boys & Girls Wrestling Girls Badminton Girls Tennis 6th Boys Basketball 6th grade Girls Volleyball A four week intramural Sports Club is offered after school in January, minimum numbers required. Evergreen Middle

School PTSA EMS PTSA supports the success of every student! Join our PTSA and show your support for our students, our staff, and our school. Funds Granted to EMS Departments Digital Balances - Science Dept.

Glass & Supplies for fusing project Art Dept. Desk Dividers Math Dept. 200 Copies To Kill a Mockingbird L.A. Dept. Finishing Sanders Woodshop

Junior Scholastic Magazine for 6th graders Scholarships for students in need Collaboration with the EMS staff for the A.V.I.D. program Hands free phone headset Front Office

Safety Equipment for crossing guards and security We know that not everyone has time to be on the PTSA Board. We know not everyone can afford to donate money to Pass the Hat. But if you have a little time in your day to volunteer a few hours.you too are supporting our students and staff!! Support for EMS students and staff:

Laptop check out Back to School Dance Fun Run Vision & Hearing Screening Winter Festival Dance Schedule distribution Staff Lunches Next Steps Whats next?

Registration at Elementary Schools Rosa Parks Dickinson Tuesday, February 20 Wednesday, February 21 Alcott Friday, February 23

Wilder Friday, February 23 Blackwell Tuesday, February 27 Spring EMS student visit to elementary schools EMS 6th grade Orientation Thursday,

August 23rd 9am-11am (Tentative) First Day of School Tuesday, September 4th *Remember to check the EMS website for updated information Student Transition

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