WELCOME [1.cdn.edl.io]

WELCOME [1.cdn.edl.io]

WELCOME PARENTS & STUDENTS September 2017 CLASS OF5, 2021 PRINCIPAL Dr. Ben Dale Administrative Team Principal Dr. Ben Dale

x5000 [email protected] Vice-Principals Dr. Deborah Hofreiter x5025 [email protected] Jessica Bledsoe x5028 [email protected] Stephanie Hall x5009 [email protected] Tara Grings x5006 [email protected]

Public Schools. Why Private Dollars? Four main factors that impact our school funding 1. California Funding for Education is Inadequate. California is: 44th in per-pupil funding nationally, when adjusted for cost of living. 50th in student-to-teacher and counselor ratios.

MBUSD is the 4th district from the bottom in all of California 2. MBUSD is a Revenue Limit District and Does Not Retain Property Taxes. Manhattan Beach Hermosa Redondo Palos Verdes Peninsula Beverly Hills Unified Palo Alto Unified Irvine Unified Newport Mesa Laguna Beach

Prop 13, implemented in 1978, limits property taxes to 1% of assessed home value. Assembly Bill 8, CAs property tax allocation system, is based on the education allotment in the 70s. At that time, MBUSD was a K-8 District, and only 20% of our property taxes went to schools. As a result, MBUSD is a Revenue Limit district and does not retain excess property tax dollars. Most of the revenue for our schools comes from fluctuating funding sources, such as sales tax, business and income tax, not property tax.

3. MBUSD Students do Not Qualify for Supplemental Funding Through LCFF. Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), implemented in 2013, gives supplemental funding to schools with higher percentages of students who: Qualify for Free/ Reduced Lunch Are English Language Learners Are in Foster Care MBUSD has the lowest number of students who qualify for supplemental funding in LA County. As a result, we receive less state funding than any other district in LA County, and we are 4th from the bottom in the state.

4. Manhattan Beach Does Not Have a Parcel Tax. Parcel taxes are a flat tax assessed per parcel to increase revenue for educators and ongoing school expenses. Prop 13 requires a two-thirds supermajority in local elections to implement a parcel tax. All of the above school districts have Education Foundations that provide anywhere from $1M-$6M of funding each year, in addition to their parcel tax revenue. How does our Funding Compare to School Districts with Similar Student Populations? Palo Alto is Basic Aid, has a parcel tax and Education Foundation. Laguna Beach is Basic Aid

and retains property taxes. Piedmont has a parcel tax that covers 25% of total funding. At this time, MBEF is our ONLY District-wide resource available to fund teachers and enrichment. MBEF District-Wide Funding $6M in the 2017/18 School Year - 73 Educators K-12 MBEF Funding at Mira Costa $6M in the 2017/18 School Year - 73 Educators K-12

MBEF Annual Appeal We are asking every family to support the Annual Appeal. Our suggested donation is $1750 per child, but please make a donation that is meaningful for your family. You can Give Today on our website, make a Pledge and give before June, or pay in installments throughout the year. If you work for a business with a Matching Gift Program, please let them know about your contribution. Need help? Please dont hesitate to call us at 310.303.3342 Visit our website at mbef.org Email [email protected] PTSA Parents, Teachers & Students! Our Mission: Create an engaging and positive learning

environment for all Mira Costa students through the support of our families, teachers and community every child, one voice Our Vision: Support a spirited environment and provide our children with a high school experience they will remember for a lifetime to come. Our Goal: Greatly increase Parent, Teacher and Student PARTICIPATION! The PTSA isn't just about fundraising; it's about getting involved for our children, and even making a few new friends in the process. Dolly Boden, Co-President [email protected] Robyn St. Germain, Co-President [email protected] Engaging & Positive

Environments PTSA Provides: A Voice to Create a Family-School Partnership Classroom Technology & Supplies Curriculum Software and Support MCHS Website & Weekly Newsletter After School Library Hours Teacher Appreciation Events College & Career Center Support Honor Roll Lunches Pride Day and Campus Improvements Student Recognition Awards Senior Scholarships Education Advocacy We need your support! Join us for food, fun and

Football! Friday, September 22, 2017 5pm-6:30pm Waller Stadium Tickets can be purchased online www.miracostahigh.org/store/green&gold Tips from fellow parents The Guidance Team Guidance Counselors Ms. Jennifer Wildenberg [email protected] Ms. Corrine Lee-Iwai Ms. Brittney Oystrick Mr. David Beck

Ms. Emily Sommer A-Da x5023 Db-Hoo Hop-Mh Mi-Se Sf-Z x5034 x5022 x5021 x5024 [email protected]

[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] College and Career Counselors Ms. Caryn Ramirez x5187 [email protected] Ms. Shalyn Tharayil x5252 [email protected] Educational Support Counselor Ms. Eliza Santarosa x5027 [email protected] Ms. Keshia Fields x5010

[email protected] Offerings from the guidance team:

Social/emotional support Student Academic Support (SAS) Student Study Team (SST) Coffee with the Counselors Substance Abuse Counselor/Impact Licensed Therapist Parent Education Student goal setting/4-year plans Course selection guidance College applications College and Career Center (CCC) Graduation Requirements

English = 4 years Social Studies = 3 years Math = 2 years (must include Algebra 1) Science = 2 years (must include a biological & physical science ) Foreign Language or Art = 1 year

P.E. or Sport= 2 years Health = 1 semester NEW this year: health can be completed through fitness and nutrition for nonathletes. Electives = 17 semesters or 85 credits A-G Requirements *Must earn a C- or better A-History/Social B Science

2 years 4 years 3 years (4 rec) -English C-Mathematics - Including Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2 D- Lab Science 2 years (3 rec) - Including Biology and Chemistry E- Foreign Language 2 years (3 rec) F- Visual & Performing Arts 1 year G- College Prep Electives 1 year

Ninth Grade Curriculum English 9 Math Physical Science or Biology Physical Education or Athletics 2 Electives (e.g. World Language, Art, Health/MUN/ AP Human Geography)) Must have at least 6 classes in schedule Strategies for Success/ Parent Tips

Get familiar with our website www.miracostahigh.org Mustang Newsletter- sign ups are on the MCHS website Read the Daily Bulletins on MCHS website Use the daily planner to stay organized

Keep folder for all awards, certificates, and community service Get involved Aeries online: Check attendance regularly: Attendance is crucial to student success! Check grades regularly (Aeries every 5 weeks, Canvas daily)

Tutoring in the Library after school Monday-Thursday *FYI: All school correspondence will be done through your students MBUSDAPPS email they should get used to checking that email! Coming up in spring: 4-year planning sessions where 9th graders meet one-on-one with their counselors

Spring 9th grade parent meetings Individual scheduling meetings between students and counselors CCC classroom presentation 9th Grade Vice Principal, Tara Grings School Policies & Procedures

Ethics Policy/Rules of School Attendance clear absences within 3 days Communication Office Hours Grade Notification: Aeries/Canvas

Grading reports and report cards are not mailed home. All grades are posted on Aeries every 5 weeks. You can also monitor attendance, historical grades, etc. Athletics Physical

Education Requirements/Needs PE until student passes state physical fitness exam Athletic Period (0 for 9th; 6th for 10th,11th,12th) GPA Requirement Commitment Student Athletes & NCAA

Any student-athlete who thinks they may play at the collegiate level, it is very important that you follow the guidelines to ensure eligibility. Below you will find a link to information regarding student-athletes and NCAA eligibility. Please note that these requirements change and it is important that you have the most up to date information. www.NCAA.org Officer Jesse Garcia, MBPD On campus Tuesday-Friday

310 318-7337, ext. 5249 Work #: 310 802-5130 [email protected] MCHS WEBSITE Current information about the school and all major events and announcements: www.miracostahigh.org www.mbusd.org

Useful Links Mira Costa HS website http://www.miracostahigh.org/ MBEF website http://www.mbef.org/ Manhattan Beach Unified School District website http://www.mbusd.org/ MBX website https://www.mbxfoundation.org/ Questions/Answers Please use the sticky notes to write your questions and leave them on the Parking Lot boards as you leave. We will answer all questions and send out answers via Principals Email.

Thank you so much for coming!

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