Web 2.0 Presentation

Web 2.0 Presentation

Anastasia Terrell, Frank Ball, Jason Oxley, James Sheridon Ochoa WEB 2.0 TOOLS FOR LEARNING Introduction Social Dynamic Interactive Collaborative Technologically advanced

WEB 2.0 STEM EDUCATION National Science Foundation Where Discoveries Begin

Mathematics and Science knowledge and skills National Science Digital Library (NSDL) http://www.nsf.gov/news/classroom/ Engineering For Kids Developed exceeding STEM program

Inspires children 4-14 Problem solving iniciatives Watch Know Learn Online domain for educators

50,000 indexed videos Directory Free resource

Twiducate Twiducate http://www.twiducate.com/ Provides online learning network for students and teachers Network reserved for class members Gives teachers ability to post

Feedback Homework Readings Twiducate Twiducate Twiducate*

Simple, free registration User-friendly Twitter type format Provides outside the classroom interaction Teachers and parents can interact Chat room area

Link to instructional video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfbn8bfia24 https://prezi.com/ Prezi Prezis can be an effective tool for adult learning They are dynamic

They are engaging Prezis can be used In workshops To enhance courses For instructor-led or online training How a Prezi Works

Click here to start a new Prezi How a Prezi Works How a Prezi Works Editing controls at the top of the page let you add pictures, frames, and change themes Navigate between your screens using the panes to the left

Add text to each element Please use this link to view a sample Prezi: http://prezi.com/hzpskniehkw8/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy Controls to the right of the page allow you to share or download an offline

version Prezi: User-Friendliness Very engaging An intriguing split from the norm However

Navigation is not self-evident Can easily become crowded Animation can be disconcerting Proprietary format

Real-Time Learning NSF website and programs WatchKnowLearn.org Twiducate Prezis Conclusion

Digital enhancements Knowledge of programs Expansion of resources

REFERENCES Kharbach, M. (n.d.). Twiducate; Social Networking in Education. Retrieved February 22, 2014, from Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: A resource of educational web tools and mobile apps for teachers and educators: http://www.educatorstechnology.com/2011/04/twiducate-social-networking-in.html Prezi Inc. (2014). Choose your Prezi license. Retrieved February 21, 2014, from Prezi: http://prezi.com/pricing/ Prezi Inc. (n.d.a). Prezi - Be a great Presenter. Retrieved February 21, 2014, from Prezi: https://prezi.com/ Prezi Inc. (n.d.b). Ideas Matter. Retrieved February 21, 2014, from Prezi:

http://prezi.com/about/ Rouse, M. (2011). Web 2.0 (or Web 2). Retrieved February 21, 2014, from TechTarget: http://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/Web-20-or-Web-2 The National Science Foundation. (n.d.). Classroom Resources. Retrieved February 22, 2014, from The National Science Foundation: Where Discoveries Begin: http://www.nsf.gov/news/classroom/ Twiducate. (n.d.). twiducate. Retrieved February 22, 2014, from twiducate: Social networking for schools: http://www.twiducate.com/ WatchLnowLearn.org. (n.d.). About & Vision. Retrieved February 21, 2014, from WatchLnowLearn.org: Free educational videos. Organized: http://www.watchknowlearn.org/About.aspx

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