Waste Permits - Process Demo - Digital Transform

Waste Permits - Process Demo - Digital Transform

Waste Permit Scheme Mobile, CRM and integration. Chris Melia Customer Experience Manager Who are we? Cheshire West and Chester were formed as a Unitary Authority in April 2009 as part of a Local Government reorganisation. (Formed from the former Cheshire County Council, Ellesmere port and Neston, Vale Royal and Chester City Council)

329,500 residents and covers 350 square miles Mixed demographic Customer Service Access Points Customer Services Strategy Customer First Value for Money Service Innovation

(Best Practice) Gain efficiencies through common processes and reduce waste Shift to single view of the customer Maximise use of self service & mediated channels Equip staff with the right tools and ensure they are appropriately trained

Widen the services provided by Customer Services and charge appropriately Adopt best practice and make it better Plan resources effectively to meet the fluctuations in demand Service Innovator and drive change for first line customer

Innovate to control demand effectively (to both reduce demand and drive demand appropriately) Maximise use of Social Media Channels Community Involvement devolve where appropriate Waste Permit Scheme Overview of scheme Cheshire West and Chester Council have operated a Waste Permit scheme for several years The scheme prevents Traders entering the Household Waste Recycling Centres and disposing of their waste illegally

Residents with Vans, Pickup trucks and vehicles with Trailers are required to apply for a permit to gain access to the HWRC Customers are entitled to six visits within a six month period Customers can apply over the phone or online Why update the scheme? All permits had to be posted to the customer regardless of how they applied, creating a delay. The Permit consisted of seven sheets of A4 paper, resulting in a lot of Admin work, and large print and postage costs.

If a Customer lost their permits, they had to wait for another set to be posted out. Due to printing limitations, customers were unable to collect their permits in person from a council office. The scheme produced very little information on actual permit usage. Loopholes in the scheme could be exploited by Traders. New Waste Permit Scheme The new Waste Permit scheme has been introduced to improve the Customer experience and streamline

the process for the Customer Services and Waste teams. Staff at the HWRC use handheld Devices (Motorola MC65s) to scan the customers permit and record information about usage. Which feeds back to our CRM (Lagan) Demo Overview of the scheme Mobile Device

The following slides demonstrate the information provided to the site staff when they scan a permit which is pulled from our CRM (Lagan): Screen 1

How many visits customer has left Valid from and Valid to dates Is it Household Waste Whether Waste contains Asbestos Customer Name and Address Mobile Device Screen 2 Vehicle details

Trailer details Distinguishing marks on the vehicle Mobile Device Screen 3 Types of waste being disposed of by the Customer Trailer details Ability to add additional Waste types Site staff can also view details of any

previous site visits Mobile Device Screen 4 Customers are required to sign to state they accept the scheme terms and conditions of the Waste Permit scheme Mobile Device Screen 5 At the end of the process the site

staff can tell the customer how many visits they have remaining. Application Follow Up Customers can visit their online profile or contact the Council to track their permit usage, order another set, or change their details. Benefits to the Customer Improvements to the Customer Experience: Allows Customers to self serve Gives instant access to permit information and usage history

Ability to update permit details following a change of vehicle Easily replace lost permits Multiple Channels now available for application, Online, Telephone, Face to Face, I-connect Video Kiosks, Libraries Customers can apply for permits and visit the site on the same day Benefits to the Council More efficient process for both Customer Services and Waste staff Reduced Admin time to process applications Reduced printing and postage costs

Fewer calls received via our Contact centre Better tracking and reporting of permit usage Closes several loopholes that could have been exploited under the previous scheme Signature is stored in lagan and can be used by other services within the Council Signature also allows us greater legal powers against traders attempting to defraud the scheme So what does this mean?

Hi from 2015! I am now able to personalize my contact with my local Council. I can contact them wherever I am and whatever time I like, receiving a prompt response and resolution via the same channel. This now fits in with my busy workload and work patterns as well as juggling family responsibilities. Regards Jo Public

In summary Without any Channel Shift a saving of approx 12,940 per annum through reduced call length, admin time, paper usage, and halved postage costs With Channel Shift expected savings: Year 1 approx 25k Year 2- approx 50k Further savings on un-necessary waste recycling for the organisation. To be quantified by back office.

Greater access to the Waste Permit Service Major improvement to the Customer Experience Re-use of technology to incorporate future savings Supplements our strategy

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