Using Troublesome Words - WTPS

Using Troublesome Words - WTPS

Using Troublesome Words Correcting Commonly Misused Words and Terms Your portfolio Pretest Words, definitions, samples Text Lessons (WS) 17.1, 17.2, 17.3, 2 Grammar Reviews Revising with Style Lessons 3-7 Post-Test

Troublesome Words List 1 accept, except already, all ready altogether, all together beside, beside

between, among bring, take can, may choose, chose Troublesome Words List 2 fewer, less formally, formerly in, into its, its lay, lie

teach, learn loose, lose leave, let many, much precede, proceed Troublesome Words List 3

Quiet, quite Raise, rise Set, sit Than, then Theyre, their(s), there(s) To, too, two Whos, whose

Your, youre Farther, further Affect, effect Lets try some The comet rocketed (among, between) the stars. (Can, May) I use your phone? I have (already, all ready) completed my homework. Last year we (chose, choose) to go to Disneyworld for vacation. The students will (bring, take) (there, their, theyre)

science models home. (Beside, Besides) Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus have rings. and some more The teacher will (leave, let) us use the telescope. Desktop computers (proceeded, preceded) notebook computers. During the hurricane, many boats tore (loose, lose) from the docks. I carefully placed the turkey (in, into) the hot oven. The wreckage of the Titanic (lays, lies) on the bottom of the North Atlantic. (Its, Its) difficult to see Neptune without a telescope.

and just a few more. The weather turns (quite, quiet) cold in December. You have (to, too, two) many spelling errors in (your, youre) essay. The sun will (raise, rise) at 5:45 A.M. Please (sit, set) the laptops on the counter. Dave is a much better player (than, then) Steve. (Whose, Whos) responsible for cleaning the kitchen? Wait, I forgot these

The police will investigate the accident (farther, further). Exposure to the the sun can harmfully (affect, effect) your skin. I am (all together, altogether) confused by that math problem. Is everybody (already, all ready) to go ice skating? To train for the marathon, I ran (farther, further) each day. What (affect, effect) did the heavy snow have on rush hour traffic?

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