Using SchoolNet in the Classroom - Midland Independent School ...

Using SchoolNet in the Classroom - Midland Independent School ...

Using SchoolNet in the Classroom TEACHING EXCELLENCE 1. Go to the MISD website 2. First click the Staff tab and then Staff Links. 3. Click on SchoolNet link. 4. Sign in to SchoolNet. Click here for User Name and Password. Welcome to SchoolNet! From the Classroom Assessment Monitor, you can drill into student data. Just click on a name.

Any baby blue item is clickable After clicking on (blue) student name, the Students Profile page will appear. Clic kf help or

Anytime you see this, you can make a PDF doc from the profile. Tab 1-Student OverviewStudents: personal information current enrollment

(attendance) current academic record (report card) current year academic performance all subjects (district assessments)

Tab 2Standardized Tests This tab shows most recent: STAAR/EOC TELPAS scores, By changing the

year in the filter, historical scores can also be accessed. Tab 3Benchmark TestsThis tab displays the results of all subject tests given. This is viewable by: Test

Standard (TEK) Click on the blue test title to access more information. Tab 4Classroom TestThis tab displays test created by teacher

or campus. Tab 5 Enrollment and Academic RecordThis tab displays: Enrollment

Attendance Report cards Hovering over the baby blue numbers will provide detailed dates and reasons for absences.

Tab 6Disciplinary Incidents This tab displays discipline infraction and response record if applicable. Tab 7ProgramsThis tab displays student classification

At risk 504 SPED

ESL Bilingual Cohort All programs are shown with

enrollment and withdrawal dates. Tab 8 Learning Plan and Teacher Notes This tab displays: student groups

parent contact logs student strengths opportunities for improvement

strategies and concerns student work and other evaluations (IEP, behavioral plans and testing

information) Back to the Classroom Assessment Monitor, click on Item Analysis Item Analysis Scroll over the item number 1,2,3 and so on

Click on the item number This section provides:

Correct answer TEK Standard How many answered correctly including school and district

Back to the Classroom Assessment Monitor, click on Standard Mastery Click on Standards MasteryThis tab will let the teacher know which student(s) still needs extra help in a target/small group and what skill(s) they missed.

By clicking on the blue numbers under each category, the students for that category will be listed. Understanding the TEKs Numbers associated with the Standards Generating Basic Reports

For help with generation of reports in SchoolNet, watch the videos supplied. When logging in, use the username and password given on your home screen. Generating a basic report on student data 1. On homepage tool bar select

Report Builder under the School & District Data heading 2. Use Pre-Formatted Report to search for all students. 3. Use Custom Report to select certain students and specify the report 4. To select all students for a specific teacher select

course/section lists Making a Custom Report for one teachers students 1. Select Course/Section Lists 2. Choose the information you want 3. Select all on page or specific classes

5. Choose the type or report An Analysis Spreadsheet will allow you to choose specific information you want to compare 4. Select Initiate reports for selected students 1. Define each column

by selecting the information you want on the report 2. Select the specific information you want 3. Select the Add Column button and you can then create an additional column

1. This shows the information that will be shown in the column you have defined 2. When you are ready to generate the report select the format you want Hints: - SchoolNet spreadsheet will allow you to

save the report in SchoolNet - Exporting to Excel will allow you to manipulate the spreadsheet, add information, and save to your computer Back to the Welcome Page, click on Educator Development Professional Educator Development

You can search for your professional development activities here. Calendar shows all the professional development for each month Double click on class to

registe r. Click to register Your upcoming Professional Development classes will show up on your PD Overview once you are registered. 2012-2013 Student Data Committee Elementary Representatives

Secondary Representatives Kathy Eggins Stacey Fivecoat Judith Criner Janet Reed Lori Hostas Lizette Franco

Daphne Rhoads Ginger Schantz Connie Traylor Lisa Washington Briana McDonald

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