Using data in the classroom - dhs-learning-interventions ...

Using data in the classroom - dhs-learning-interventions ...

Using data in the classroom DATA, LITERACY AND NUMERACY WORKSHOP Thinking About Differentiation Answer the following questions on a post-it note and posting your answers on the charts on the wall. Q1 To me, differentiation is ______________________ Q2 In my classroom, one way I differentiate is _______________

Types of Data - NAPLAN - PATr/PATmaths - On Demand - Exams - SACs/SATs - AusVELS & Reports - Topic Tests

- Informal Testing - Classroom Observations - Motivations & Interests If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its entire life believing it is stupid. Albert Einstein Guttman

Charts Zone of Proximal Development Vygotsky defines the Zone of Promimal Development (ZPD): a state of readiness in which a student will be able to make certain kinds of conceptual connections, but not others; anything too simple for the student will quickly become boring; anything too difficult will quickly become demoralising.

What is a Guttman chart? Louis Guttman was an Israeli mathematician and Professor of Social and Psychological Assessment. He found that, when analyzing test data, if you determined the difficulty of each test question, and then ordered the student responses from highest performing to lowest, and the questions from easiest to hardest, a typical triangle pattern emerged, along the hypotenuse (the longest edge) we see the Zone of Proximal

Development for each student. Please Log In to the Following SITE 1. 2. Username: Your teacher code, eg. CHAE 3. Password: datagathering1! Click GROUP report

ENTER the data Enter the data as relevant to the class group you have identified you wish to look at Make sure that you change the time period, so that the first date is the start of February Select Generate Report * Teachers looking at VCE data

can either select a house group or leave the tags area blank to see the whole year level. This data will only be able to be normed against Year 10. What next?? Select a group to compare results to, the screen shot is looking at year 7 data, but from the beginning of the year, so the results are being

compared to year 6 results. Exploring the data You can now start to explore the report, any of the circled sections below, allow you to sort the data by the given heading, in this example the data is sorted by Scale score Arrange the results by question difficulty and student

performance Click on the scale score difficulty level to arrange the questions from easiest to hardest Click on percentile to rank the students

View the ZPD Zoom Out What does this tell me? By looking at the nature of the question the literacy skill that it is testing - you are able to identify a pattern of the literacy skills that the students are more capable answering, and other skills that students are weakest in. This begins to give you an idea of the literacy that you need to be aware

of when teaching these students. What is the value of a Guttman chart? Guttman charts can be used at the start, middle and end of learning sequences to; Differentiate the Learning By identifying the needs of your students individually and as a group, you are better informed when targeting specific learning outcomes for each student or group.

The Guttman chart will also support your ability to create groups that are reflective of the skills and understandings that the students need to achieve Support close analysis and interpretation of the key learning areas and standards that are being assessed in the CAT By establishing the skills that you are assessing against at the start of the learning sequence, you are better equipped to assess in a manner which accurately reflects these skills and understandings.

Further reading Many of you have already been using Guttman Charts, or are interested in creating charts that are a reflection of the skills and understandings taking place in your learning sequences. The following may be of interest to you; How to create a Guttman Chart Using excel to create Guttman Charts Microsoft

Microsoft Excel PowerPoint Presentation Worksheet Exit Slip State how you can use a Guttman chart in your teaching and learning over the next three weeks. Complete the feedback wheel and hand it to your presenters.

Optional extension create a Guttman Chart which relates to the implementation of aspects of your learning sequence for term 4.

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