Using Data - Affino

Using Data - Affino

Strategic Asset Management David Gleeson Managing Director

Where did we start from Very low base point Significant lack of data (reliable or otherwise) Inadequate software systems

Lack of: Strategy Informed investment decisions Very poor governance Lack of accountability Total Council owned stock 11,500 incl. 1,000 sheltered units

7 priority estates of 3,500 council owned properties (same number again in private ownership) identified as in 15% most deprived nationally (IMD)

Historic Position HRA treated as a cash cow No formal HRA Business Plan (but lots of spreadsheets!!) Investment decisions based on low hanging fruit

Kicking the can down the road Contractual arrangements not very favourable to Milton Keynes Council A spend chase ensued Layers of waste, duplication and inefficiency Lack of transparency and ineffective cost control and budget management

If no Strategic Asset Management massive risk to HRA Procurement Solutions sought through OJEU Competitive Dialogue process to deliver a range of outcomes as follows:

Strategic asset management function R&M service (reactive, voids & planned) Regeneration delivery vehicle Preference to create new brand identified through CD process YourMK was formally incorporated in February 2016 Went live April 2016 to deliver R&M service with 110 TUPE staff

Change management process (culture, behaviour, strategy, vision) Today Done: Acquired Keystone Asset Management System and supporting modules

New stock condition survey commissioned and delivered 80% of assets now validated and in database 5 year stock investment programmes being assembled 60 year life cycle adopted Investment vs. Divestment Red-Amber-Green

Did not foresee: o Poor overall quality of the stock o Rent cut o Lack of strategy/clarity from Central Government e.g. social housing = affordable housing!! o Brexit

o Grenfell Today Where are we: Objectives delivery score 6/10

Not bad for 15 months We have a way to go yet A lot more to deliver & realise potential End

. Using Data Andrew Fanning Asset Manager Dave Pearce - IT Business Manager

CIH Housing 2017 Think Tank Business Intelligence The Journey so far Data

The Journey so far Tools The Journey so far People 3 Lessons to share .. Focus on what you have not what you dont.

Have a question you are looking to answer. Every dead end should have an improvement for next time.

Data in YourMK Data collected for a number of sources: MCM Keystone Northgate

Excel enhancing information Had to develop flexible structure for data to allow for continuous evolution Void Analysis

Void Analysis Outcomes Void Analysis Outcomes: Pilot assisted moving scheme Move to solid core doors

Reviewing our pre-inspection process to try and deliver better outcomes Expand data capture for reasons for void Maximising the use of gas operatives post service transfer to capture information As part of the proposals metrics to measure outcomes have been developed & savings have been forecast based on data collected

Informing Capital Investment Where do we need to focus expenditure to reduce responsive demand? How does our stock condition data compare with our repairs intelligence? How can we develop metrics to measure the success of our investment? Informing Capital Investment

Informing Capital Investment Other Examples Other Examples Productivity

Other Examples Pre Inspections Other Examples Service Improvements Whats Next

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