Unmasking Disabilities

Unmasking Disabilities

Disabilities Unmasked Its all about the people Introductions Texas Workforce Solutions Vocational Rehabilitation Services (TWS-VRS) We exist to: put people with disabilities to work help people with disabilities retain their jobs provide consulting services to business deliver disability awareness training to the community

Definition No universal definition Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): An individual with a disability is a person who has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities; has a record of such an impairment; or is regarded as having such an impairment. Its not always what you see Invisibl e

Visible Dyslexia Blindnes s Lupus Paraplegi a

What would you do? You meet Dan for an interview. You ask him a question and notice he has trouble speaking and you are having difficulty understanding him. People First Language Not Acceptable Acceptable

Disabled/Handicapped Person with a disability Autistic Person Person with Autism Mentally Retarded Person with an intellectual disability

Wheel Chair bound Person who uses a wheel chair Stats of Texans aged 18 - 64 1.6 million have a disability 85,000 are actively seeking employment 440,000 have a bachelors degree or higher Are more likely to be self-employed Reality Check Myth

Too expensive Too many sick days Not as productive Have more accidents Higher turnover Fact

Costs are quite low, if any 86% average or better 90% rate average or better 98% rate average or better Retention is 72% higher As an employer, consider Processes For:

People with: Pre-employment Requests for accommodations Vision impairments/blindness Hard of hearing/deafness Accessibility of technology Escape routes/plans Learning disabilities

Autism Verbal and written communication Disabilities due to disease (This is what we do!) What would you do? You notice that Sandy is having trouble walking

with her cane, and are afraid she might fall. Mental Illness Myths Facts Mental Illness is a sign of weakness due to laziness and lack of willpower Mental disorders cannot be willed away

People with mental disorders are violent Healthy people arent affected by traumatic events People with mental illness can not get better and often need to be institutionalized More likely to be victims of violence 11 times more likely Trauma can affect anyone People with mental health issues can and do lead productive lives and enrich

our communities Awareness Keep aisles and ramps clear and accessible Be aware of reach limits Provide ample benches for resting Remember, not all disabilities are visible Lights and sounds can affect people differently Avoid using chemicals when people are present What would you do? You are carrying some things

and need to put them somewhere to use your hands. Your friend is in a wheelchair and her lap is empty. Etiquette in General People first language Ask before you help Be respectful of their equipment Speak directly to the individual Use a normal tone of voice Same level communication (chair) Be inclusive when having activities!

Etiquette for Autism Spectrum Disorder Structure is the key to success Break tasks down with clear direction Preparation can ease anxiety Exercise patience Encourage consistency or routine Write or demonstrate instructions Etiquette for the Blind Identify yourself before making physical contact

Dont take their arm without permission Give specific, non-visual information noting obstacles Dont touch the persons cane or service dog Offer to read written information Count out paper money so that they know which bill is which Remove inedible items, describe food in clock orientation Lets talk Service Must be a canine Not only for the blind Wherever the public is allowed No identification papers or designation needed

2 questions you can legally ask Never pet without permission Must be controlled and on a leash Etiquette for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Effective Communication is key Speak directly to the person Use visual cues to gain the persons attention Body Language and Facial Expressions Enunciate clearly No obstacles in front of face Use Assistive Technology

Email, Voice to Text Apps, Texting, ProDeaf/Mimix3D Paper and Pen From one of our Customers What can we do for you? TWS-VRS Provide services to people with disabilities Eligibility based Assistive Technology Vocational Rehabilitation Provides Services to businesses

Diverse pool of candidates Retention for employees who have sustained a disability Disability Awareness Training Counterparts across the entire state! Questions? Contact Us Anne Cozart Fernando Rivera Business Relations Coordinator

Business Relations Coordinator Texas Workforce Solutions Texas Workforce Solutions [email protected] [email protected] 3800 Paluxy Drive, Suite 325 510 Park Street, Suite 100

Tyler, TX 75703 Beaumont, TX 77701 Office: 903-279-0982 Office: 409-600-2669 Cell: Cell:

903-216-7950 409-617-1369

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