Understanding Your PLAN Results - Union County Public Schools

Understanding Your PLAN Results - Union County Public Schools

Understanding Your PLAN Results Cuthbertson High School Parent Night 2/8/2016 What is the PLAN? The PLAN was given to all 10th graders Think of the plan as a pre-ACT Helps students Measure academic development Explore career / job-training options Make plans for the remaining years of high school About the Test Students complete an interest survey and

report on their academic goals Students take 4 timed tests Subject Number of Questions English Time Allowed 30 minutes Usage/Mechanics 30

Rhetorical Skills 20 Math 40 minutes Pre-Algebra/Algebra 22 Geometry 18 Reading

25 20 minutes Science 30 25 minutes More about the sections: English Usage / Mechanics: punctuation, grammar and usage, and sentence structure

Rhetorical Skills: your understanding of the use of strategy, organization, and style in writing Math Pre-Algebra, Algebra and Geometry Reading referring to details in a passage drawing conclusions making comparisons and generalizations

Science The material includes topics in biology, chemistry, physics, geology, astronomy, and meteorology. What Your Score Report Tells You The PLAN Student Score Report contains four main sections Your Your Your Your

Scores Plans Career Possibilities Skills You can use this information to: make sure your remaining high school courses are the best ones possible to prepare you for college help you consider your options for after high school Your Scores: Your scores are between 1 (the lowest score you can receive) and 32 (the highest score you can receive). PLAN takes the number of questions you got right on each test and translates it into a number between 1 and 32.

Your Composite score is simply the average of your test scores in English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science (rounded to a whole number). Your Scores (cont.): The two scores directly under English and Math only range from 1 to 16. They tell you how well you did in two specific areas of each subject. These scores added together do NOT necessarily equal your English or Math Test scores. Your Scores:

Scores: How Do They Compare? Next to your scores, you'll find the percent of students scoring at or below your score. This shows you how your scores compare to those of students at CHS who took PLAN. Scores: Am I on Track? PLAN is designed for 10th graders and the ACT is designed for 11th and 12th graders. Over time, PLAN and the ACT measure your college readiness skills as you progress through high school. Your PLAN scores can be used to predict how you are likely to do if you take the ACT

as an 11th or 12th grader and keep working hard. Scores: Am I on Track? The estimated ACT Composite score range is a prediction about how you are likely to score on the ACT if you take the right courses and work hard in those courses. Keep in mind that these scores are only estimates, not guarantees. Improving your study habits and

taking more challenging courses are likely to improve your ACT scores. Current Composite ACT Ranges for Some NC Universities Appalachian State 23-27 Queens University 20-26 Davidson

College 28-32 UNC Asheville 24-28 Duke University 31-34 UNC Chapel Hill 27-32 East Carolina

Univ. 19-25 UNC Charlotte 21-25 Elon University 25-29 UNC Greensboro 19-24 Gardner Webb

Univ. 19-25 UNC Pembroke 17-21 NC A&T University 16-20 UNC Wilmington 22-26

NC Central Univ. These 16-19 Western Carolina are middle 50% ranges based on the20-24 entering Univ. freshmen classes of 2015. These ranges change from year26-31 to year! Wake Forest Univ. NC State 28-32* University

Skills: How Can I Improve? Check out the Yours Skills section on the back of the score report. This includes all of your answers from the test along with the correct answers. Each section also provides suggestions for how you can improve the skills related to that section. Skills: How Can I Improve? Your Plans: When you took PLAN, you answered questions about your future educational

plans. Your Plans: High School Courses When you took PLAN, you were asked about the courses you plan to take in high school. This section of your Score Report compares your plans to ACTs recommendations for "core" college prep courses. Your Plans: College Readiness Your PLAN results give you an early clue as to whether you will be ready for college-level work if you keep doing the

same things in school. ACT has also developed College Readiness Benchmark Scores. If you meet these benchmark scores, you are on your way to having the skills you will need by the time you finish high school. Your Career Possibilities: On the PLAN you were asked to complete a survey regarding

interests. This map highlights areas related to your interest. These careers may be a good place to start as you explore possible jobs. Four Basic Work Tasks: World of Work Map 4 Basic Work Tasks: People - People you help, serve, care for or sell things to. Data - Facts, numbers, files, business procedures Things- Machines, tools, living things, materials (food, natural resources, etc.)

Ideas - Ideas: Knowledge, insights, new ways of expression Explore Career Possibilities Online! http://www.act.org/planstudent - Go to the Thinking About Your Future section. Interactive Tools: Choosing Your College Major Your Career Possibilities Whats Next? All 11th graders will take the ACT at Cuthbertson during their spring semester. Format is similar to PLAN (but it will also include a writing section) Scores range from 1- 36

Scores will be college reportable! The test is FREE! It is recommended that students take the ACT in the SPRING of their JUNIOR year. How to prepare for the ACT: Online resources at http://www.actstudent.org / ACT Question of the Day Practice test questions Test tips Downloadable Booklet Preparing for the ACT This includes a full length practice test!

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