Tutorial #1 - Department of Civil Engineering | Department of ...

Tutorial #1 - Department of Civil Engineering | Department of ...

CUFSM and Matlab CUFSM CUFSM3.12 3.12 The Matlab version of CUFSM allows much greater flexibility than the standalone version. Within the Graphical User Interface you can use mathematics, anything you could enter on the command line in Matlab you can use in the GUI examples: entering 1:1:10 in the Lengths section will be interpreted as 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 to evenly space 30 points in log space between 100 and 103 enter logspace(0,3,30) in the Lengths section to shift a member over 2 in. just add +2 to x the nodal coordinates of all nodes etc.

CUFSM and Matlab The real power of the Matlab version is the ability to access all the features of the program from within your own programs (m-files.) In your m-files you can call the CUFSM routines to do your pre- and post-processing as well as perform the analysis directly and perform parametric studies, optimization, etc.. Useful CUFSM Matlab functions Plotting and Post-Processing

Model Building crossect.m: plot the cross-section, node numbers, springs, etc. strespic.m: show the stress distribution thecurve2.m: buckling curve plot thecurve3.m:buckling curve plot, and also modal classification plot dispshap.m: plot a 2D buckling mode shape dispshap3d.m: plot a 3D buckling mode shape templatecalc.m: Generate finite strip model from centerline dimensions of a C or Z doubler.m: double the number of elements in a model

cutwp_prop2.m: calculate the properties (A, I, J,Cw,etc.) for a model yieldMP: given fy calculate the yield loads and moments for a model stresgen.m: given a load and/or moment calculate nodal stresses for a model warp_stress.m: given a torque calculate nodal warping stress for a model Analysis strip.m: Perform finite strip calculations for a model Matlab Example An example of performing a batch code analysis in Matlab using your own files is provided The example m-file is: batchcode4cufsm312.m The example runs and post-processes an example from within a matlab mfile. Extensions to parametric studies, optimization, batch post-processing require only simple modifications.

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