Troubleshooting BGP Disruptions in a Large IP Network

Troubleshooting BGP Disruptions in a Large IP Network

BGP Anomaly Detection in an ISP Jian Wu (U. Michigan) Z. Morley Mao (U. Michigan) Jennifer Rexford (Princeton) Jia Wang (AT&T Labs) 1 Goal Identify important anomalies Lost reachability Persistent flapping Large traffic shifts Contributions: Build a tool to identify a small number of important routing disruptions from a large volume of raw BGP updates in real time. Use the tool to characterize routing disruptions in an operational network

2 Capturing Routing Changes tes BR BR C BR BR C Bes iBGP t ro ute s BR BR C U st Be BGP CPE

Monit or iBGP P iBG GP B e iBGP Upd a eBGP eBGP Large operational network (8/16/2004 10/10-2004) BR BR C tes u

o r tes a d p BR BR C P eBG P iBG iBG P BR BR C eBG P P eBG 3

Challenges Large volume of BGP updates Millions daily, very bursty Too much for an operator to manage Different than root-cause analysis Identify changes and their effects Focus on actionable events Diagnose causes only in/near the AS 4 System Architecture BGP 6 BR E Updates (10 ) Events (105)

Typed Events Large Disruptions (101) Clusters (10 ) 3 BR E BGP BGPUpdate Update Grouping Grouping BR E Persistent Flapping Prefixes (101) Event Event Classification

Classification Event Event Correlation Correlation Frequent Flapping Prefixes (101) Traffic TrafficImpact Impact Prediction Prediction Netflow Data BR E BR E BR E 5

Grouping BGP Update into Events Challenge: A single routing change leads to multiple update messages affects routing decisions at multiple routers BR E BR E BGP Updates BR E BGP BGPUpdate Update Grouping Grouping Persistent Flapping Prefixes Events

Solution: Group all updates for a prefix with interarrival < 70 seconds Flag prefixes with changes lasting > 10 minutes. 6 Grouping Thresholds Based on data analysis and our understanding of BGP Event timeout: 70 seconds 2 * MRAI timer + 10 seconds 98% inter-arrival time < 70 seconds Convergence timeout: 10 minutes BGP usually converges within minutes

99.9% events < 10 minutes 7 Persistent Flapping Prefixes Surprising finding: 15.2% of updates were caused by persistent flapping prefixes, even though flap damping was enabled! Causes of persistent flapping Conservative damping parameters (78.6%) Protocol oscillations due to MED (18.3%) Unstable interface or BGP session (3.0%) 8 Example: Unstable eBGP Session ISP AE DE Peer BE CE

p Customer Flap damping parameters are session-based Damping not implemented for iBGP sessions 9 Event Classification Challenge: Major concerns in network management Changes in reachability Heavy load of routing messages on the routers Change of flow of traffic through the network Events Event Event Classification Classification Typed Events Solution: classify events by severity of their impacts 10 Event Category No Disruption

p AS2 AS1 DE No Traffic Shift EE AE BE No Disruption: eachISP of the border routers has no traffic shift. (50.3%) CE 11 Event Category Internal Disruption p AS2 AS1 DE

EE AE BE Internal Disruption: ISP all of the traffic shifts are internal traffic shift. (15.6%) CE Internal Traffic Shift 12 Event Category Single External Disruption p AS2 AS1 DE external Traffic Shift EE AE

BE Single External Disruption: only one of the ISP traffic shifts is external traffic shift. (20.7%) CE 13 Statistics on Event Classification Events Updates No Disruption 50.3% 48.6% Internal Disruption 15.6% 3.4% Single External Disruption 20.7%

7.9% Multiple External Disruption 7.4% 18.2% Loss/Gain of Reachability 6.0% 21.9% First 3 categories have significant variations from day to day Updates per event depends on the type of events and the number of affected routers 14 Event Correlation Challenge: A single routing change affects multiple destination prefixes

Typed Events Event Event Correlation Correlation Clusters Solution: group events of same type that occur close in time 15 EBGP Session Reset Caused most single external disruption events Check if the number of prefixes using that session as the best route changes dramatically Number of prefixes session recovery session failure time

Validation with Syslog router report (95%) 16 Hot-Potato Changes Hot-Potato Changes P AE 11 9 BE ISP 10 Hot-potato routing = route to closest egress point CE Caused internal disruption events Validation with OSPF measurement (95%)

[Teixeira et al SIGMETRICS 04] 17 Traffic Impact Prediction Challenge: Routing changes have different impacts on the network which depends on the popularity of the destinations Traffic TrafficImpact Impact Prediction Prediction Clusters Large Disruptions Netflow Data E BR E BR E BR Solution: weigh each cluster by traffic volume

18 Traffic Impact Prediction Traffic weight Per-prefix measurement from Netflow 10% prefixes accounts for 90% of traffic Traffic weight of a cluster Sum of traffic weight of the prefixes A few clusters have large traffic weight Mostly session resets & hot-potato changes 19 Performance Evaluation Memory

Static memory: current routes, 600 MB Dynamic memory: clusters, 300 MB Speed 99% of intervals of 1 second of updates can be process within 1 second Occasional execution lag Every interval of 70 seconds of updates can be processed within 70 seconds Measurements were based on 900MHz CPU 20 Conclusion BGP anomaly detection

Fast, online fashion Operator concerns (reachability, flapping, traffic) Significant information reduction Uncovered important network behaviors Persistent flapping prefixes Hot-potato changes Session resets and interface failures 21 Detecting Peering Violations Consistent export requirement Detecting violations

Peer should advertise prefixes at all peering points, with the same AS path length Allows the AS to do hot-potato routing Using iBGP feeds from the border routers Some inference tricks to identify inconsistencies Results of the study 22

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