Transition Year - Portmarnock Community School

Transition Year - Portmarnock Community School

Transition Year 2017 - 2018 PORTMARNOCK

COMMUNITY SCHOOL exploring aptitudes and abilities

research sampling subjects maturity

work experience social and personal developmen TRANSITION

YEAR 2011 - 2012 Transition-year

Teacher says! The opportunity of a lifetime to be used with the lifetime of the opportunity Student says! get involved in as many things as you can, the year will be so

much better T.Y. Year Head : Ms OToole and Ms Dixon Tutors: Mr Moran, Ms Dolan, Ms

OConnor, Ms Cronin, Ms McGlynn T.Y. Co-ordinator: Ms Molamphy Internal programmes Various Talks e.g. Garda road-safety

DATS Aptitude Tests Thinking Outside the Box ISPCC Other Activities

Mini-companies, mentored by Fingal Enterprise Board Bank of Ireland An Gaisce Award (10 extra) The Play 2016 Pride and Predjuice

Fundraising Walk in my shoes/ RNLI/ Portmarnock Association Arch Club Other Activities

Create-school movie/video making and performance workshop Compute TY DCU Department of Foreign Affairs Law library

GAA coaching with local Primary-school Pupil participation in the Arch Club Song School Variety show

Links with Third-level DCU Compute TY (thirty places 2014) UCD Physics workshop (one place) RCSI Mini-Med (one place) Physics Department TCD nanotechnology / Astrophysics (1 place

each) DIT Computing academy (five places) Sports programmes emphasis on Coaching

emphasis on skills development Scuba Diving (extra cost) Certificate Unscripted opportunities Film

Gardening Student Council Fundraising Community Care

Fortnight starting Monday 11th of December Deadline to have your placements and the information to your tutors is Friday the 6th of October.

Get organised early. Be ahead of yourself. What about working outside these dates? Work Experience Fortnight starting Monday 29th of January.

Deadline to have your placement details to your tutor is Friday the 1st of December. Students going to Lesotho only need to get Work Experience from Monday 29th, Tuesday 30th and Wednesday 31st

January. Thursday 1st February is preparation day. Garda vetting There is now a legal requirement that if

you are over the age of 16 when completing a placement you must be Garda vetted. Working in a creche, primary school, students with disabilities.

Vetting must be completed by you, your parents and the school must sign forms. Forms

It is your responsibility to get your forms, get them filled in and returned to your tutor at the appropriate deadline date set by your tutor. Return of forms past this date you

will lose 3% per week. Portfolio The Portfolio is the purposeful collection of your work

To show your effort, progress and achievement in ten areas of learning You will select the pieces of your work that best show learning, not necessarily the best pieces

The Portfolio is a reflection of your Transition Year and your participation within that year. Any piece of work, event attended, work

completed etc.. place into your Portfolio. Your report on your 5 novels MUST be included. The Portfolios will be presented to all parents on the Presentation Evening.

Portfolio Interview Portfolios submitted to Tutor on Friday 12th May Interviews: By tutor and module teachers

on Wednesday 17th May ECDL Now part of your assessment marks for

the end of the year. 100 marks is assigned for ECDL same marks given for Work Experience and Community Care.

Notice outside my door and my office in B of the times when you can knock at my door. Under no circumstance are you permitted to leave Irish, Maths or

English or your foreign language for any reason.

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