Click here to download the Administration Guide (Re quired for completion of this training) Kentucky Alternate Assessment Transition Attainment Record (TAR) 2013-14 Part II Timeline Pg. 5 Download the TAR upon completion of quiz. You will be prompted to log into the OTS.

Complete the TAR between download and due date. Recommend completing the TAR in conjunction with Transition Planning meeting or the Annual Admissions and Release Committee (ARC) meeting if possible, all TARs must be completed by May 23, 2014. TAR scores must be submitted in the Student Registration Database (SRD) by May 30, 2014. Administrators Pgs. 5-6

Certified staff members Part or all of the instructional team Primary special education teacher General education teacher Related service providers, guidance counselor, school psychologist, etc. Paraprofessionals (may provide information but may not score) Steps to Completing the TAR Pgs. 6-7

1. Lead team member completes the online training and online quiz. 2. Sign a Code of Ethics and file in AAAF. The lead team member Any certified staff assisting with the assessment Anyone assisting with the TAR who is not a school employee must sign a non-disclosure form and file it in the AAAF. 3. Review all standards and possible documentation locations. Steps to Completing the TAR - Continued

4. Consult with team members Determine student performance on each item Use team consensus (pg. 8) When team members cannot agree upon performance rating the lower of the two ratings must be used. Steps to Completing the TAR - Continued 5. Respond to every item and record documentation

location. 6. Develop an assessment activity when unsure of students current performance (pgs. 8 9 of Administration Guide). 7. Review the TAR to ensure everything is completed. 8. Make sure the student and team interviews have been completed. Items Rating Scale Pgs. 7-8 0 Does not demonstrate skill 1 Developing/Prompted

If an item contains two parts (e.g., Mathematics item 3 at grade 10: The student is able to identify the origin and choose the appropriate scale to graph given data) and the student completes only one part, then the student would receive a 1. 2 Independent/Mastered Click here for Pa rt III

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