M AY 2 3 , 2 0 1 8 | H O LY O K E , M A DRA Meter Issues Review & Notification Process Trista Ristvedt A N A LY S T, A S S E T R E G I S T R AT I O N & A U D I T I N G ISO-NE PUBLIC Topics Review of DRR/DRA operational status requirements Process for indicating and clearing meter issues

Additional data review items ISO-NE PUBLIC 2 DRR Operational Status Requirements Must be mapped to a DDE Must be mapped to an RTU At least one modeled DRA in the same DRR aggregation zone must be mapped to the DRR *Note: Cutover assets are

already mapped to DRRs; search with an as of date 6/1/2018 to view. ISO-NE PUBLIC Demand Designated Entity Demand Response Resource

Remote Terminal Unit Demand Response Asset 3 DRA Operational Status Requirements It is in the Monthly Communications Model (registration) Approved by ISO in CAMS

Telemetry is installed & operational Mapped to an operational DRR It has a baseline built for the day-type (only done once) Meter issue flag is set to N in CAMS Has no scheduled curtailments in CAMS for the operating day If any of these criteria are not met the DRAs status is automatically non-operational and it will not contribute DRR reduction values ISO-NE PUBLIC to

4 Meter Issue Flag Flag Selection Yes No Meaning Yes, there is a meter problem. My DRA is not operational.

No, there are no meter issues. My DRA is operational. ISO-NE PUBLIC 5 Meter Issue Flag Considerations Either the ISO or Lead Participant can set the meter issue flag to Y Flagging is effective for the following day Flagging remains in place for a minimum of 1 day Status of the DRA will change to non-operational

on the day the meter issue flag takes effect ISO-NE PUBLIC 6 Data Quality Issues: Internal Monitor Monitor the telemetry data of your DRAs regularly Be proactive Set the meter issue flag to Y when you detect problems Setting this flag will also change the DRA status to non-operational starting the day the flag is

effective ISO-NE PUBLIC 7 Data Quality Issues: ISO Monitor ISO will review real-time telemetry data for operational DRAs on Mondays & Thursdays, completed by noon If we detect bad data we will notify you via Ask ISO issue Participants will have until 3:00 PM to respond Acknowledgment requested, but not required

After 3:00 PM flags will be set to Y, effective the next day Ask ISO issue will be updated with actions taken ISO-NE PUBLIC 8 Ask ISO: DRA Meter Issue Ask ISO issues will be sent to all individuals associated with the DRAs Lead Participant with the CAMS contact type Demand Asset Maintainer Ask ISO issues will have the summary line DRA Meter Issue

ISO-NE PUBLIC 9 Ask ISO Example ISO-NE PUBLIC 10 Clearing a DRA Meter Issue Only ISO may set a meter issue flag back to N

ISO will only review telemetry data of non-operational DRAs if we are informed of a repair If ISO determines real-time telemetry data is of good quality we will change the meter issue flag to N effective the following day If all other requirements are met, DRA will return to operational status as of the effective date chosen above ISO-NE PUBLIC 11

Request ISO Review: Ask ISO Request review of repaired DRA telemetry by submitting a request via Ask ISO: Reopen the original Ask ISO issue and add a comment with your request, or Create a new Ask ISO issue. To ensure fast processing: Select Asset Registration & Capacity Auditing as the category Enter the text DRA Meter Issue in the summary line We recommend requesting a review prior to 3:00 pm to allow for processing time ISO-NE PUBLIC

12 Monthly Review ISO will conduct monthly checks to identify: DRAs that exhibit meter issues for extended periods DRAs do not advance to the operational status for an extended period after registration You may be asked to retire these DRAs ISO-NE PUBLIC

13 Process Development As we become more familiar with the new systems, we may make changes to this process New Ask ISO system launching this summer ISO-NE PUBLIC 14

Controllable Generation DRA enrollment: Be sure to correctly set the controllable generation flag many registrations have come in with this flag incorrectly set to N If you are able to synchronize to the grid and can pushback you must enter a Max Net Supply MW value, or any positive load values will be flagged as bad quality Telemetry data for controllable generators at DRAs must be provided prior to the final customer data submission deadline ISO-NE PUBLIC

15 Additional Items BLTS bad quality flag criteria are as follows: MW values exceeding 125% of Max Load or Max Net Supply Zeros Null/latent EMS values ISO-NE PUBLIC 16


Select: Asset Registration & Capacity Auditing Enter: DRA Meter Issue ISO-NE PUBLIC 19 Meter Issues - CAMS ISO-NE PUBLIC

20 Setting the Meter Issue Flag in CAMS ISO-NE PUBLIC 21

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