TOK Presentation - Commack Schools

TOK Presentation - Commack Schools

TOK PRESENTATION THERE ARE 3 PARTS TO A WELLSTRUCTURED PRESENTATION: 1. Start with a real life situation 2. Develop a knowledge question from this (KQ) 3. Explore the KQ through inquiry Parts 1 and 2 should be covered fairly quickly. Part 3 should make up the bulk of the presentation. PRESENTATION CRITERIA The TOK Oral Presentation is a 10 minute presentation you must give in class on a topic of your choosing. As long as you have identified a proper knowledge issue, and have chosen an appropriate case study, there are few limitations on the format of your TOK

presentation. It must address a real life situation It must focus on a well formulated knowledge question The knowledge question must be effectively explored within the context of the real life situation Counterclaims must be addressed Appropriate AOKs and WOKs must be addressed with effective links being made to the knowledge question and the real life situation. MUST HAVES FOR THE TOK PRESENTATION! Well-formulated knowledge question! Exploration of KQ through TOK concepts AOKs, WOKs, perspectives, uncertainties Provide counterclaims! All students must complete PPD (this is what examiners see)

REMEMBER!!! This is not a presentation on your topic, its a presentation on your knowledge question!!!!!!!! OUTLINE FOR TOK PRESENTATION Topic Knowledge question(s) to be addressed Areas of Knowledge where you will place your focus (at least 2) Ways of Knowing to be referenced (at least 2) Examples to be used to support your side and present your perspective Counter claims: Examples to be used to support the other side Implications seen in other areas OK Presentation Structure Other RLS Real Life Situation

Other RLS Ap pli ca tio n extraction Real World TOK World Knowledge Issue(s) (recognized)

progression Knowledge Issue(s) (developed) OK Presentation Structure Other RLS Himba tribe perception of colors Real Life Situation The Canadian extraction

anthem changed in all thy sons command to in all of us command ap pl ica tio n Other RLS Using they to accommodate for gender fluidity Singular "they," the genderneutral pronoun, has been

named the Word of the Year by a crowd of over 200 linguists at the American Dialect Society's annual meeting in Washington, D.C. Real World TOK World Knowledge Issue(s) (recognized) How does language shape our understanding of the world?

progression Knowledge Issue(s) (developed) Does language limit our senses? Does language limit our perception? OK Presentation Structure Other RLS American Civil War taught in the South vs the North Real Life Situation

The protests in extraction China against Japanese textbook ap pl ica tio Other RLS Accounts of causes of WWI

n Real World TOK World Knowledge Issue(s) (recognized) What is the nature of historical truth? What are the functions of history? progression Knowledge Issue(s)

(developed) Who should decide the accuracy of the history taught in schools? SOME POSSIBLE IDEAS RLS: Accusations of plagiarism in Rachel Dolezals artwork. KQ: How do personal and shared knowledge interact in processes of artistic creation ? RLS: Ideological arguments regarding historical analyses of the causes of the First World War. KQ: What are the potential biases when we regard history as a series of human actions ? RLS: The growth of Black Friday Christmas Shopping Sales. KQ: How do personal knowledge and shared knowledge interact in the construction of the economic actor ? RLS: The apparent increasing narcissism of humans (e.g. rise in body dysmorphic disorder, taking selfies, eating disorders etc). KQ: How can we increase objectivity in human sciences when we are studying ourselves ? RLS: Scientists claim that they observed particles travelling faster than the speed of light. KQ: How do subjective human motivations influence apparently objective scientific measures ?

RLS: Scientists claim that they have statistical evidence for racial differences in intelligence. KQ: Should ethical consideration be taken when designing scientific research ? or KQ: Does avoidance of confirmation bias lead to disregarding Poppers Black Swan ? RLS: A psychologist joined an end of the world cult. KQ: To what extent can we observe, and understand, phenomena without influencing the object of study ? RLS: Priests and Clergy who dont believe in God. KQ: What type of evidence would convince you that God does not exist ? RLS: Factory closes and local economy collapses. KQ: How can we develop frameworks to judge long term good over short term loss ? RLS: Hormones are the basis of love and attraction. KQ: Does looking for causes in human sciences necessarily reduce the free will of the individual ? SAMPLE VIDEOS

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