Title of talk

Title of talk

American Statistical Association IAOS conference Shanghai October 2008 The role of national statistical societies Professor Denise Lievesley ISI and Kings College London Three parts American Statistical Association The roles and activities of the three largest statistical societies (ISI

(incorporating IAOS) , ASA, RSS) The role of the ISI in relation to the developing world Establishing new statistical societies across the world All three societies have missions, visions and strategic plans ASA mission American Statistical Association Support excellence in statistical practice, research, journals, and meetings Work for the improvement of statistical education at all levels Promote the proper application of statistics

Anticipate and meet the needs of our members Use our discipline to enhance human welfare Seek opportunities to advance the statistics profession RSS purpose American Statistical Association Nurture the discipline of statistics by publishing a Journal, organising meetings, setting and maintaining professional standards, accrediting university courses and operating examinations. Promote the discipline of statistics by disseminating and encouraging statistical

knowledge and good practice with both producers and consumers of statistics, and in society at large. Provide effective and efficient services to our members which support their professional and academic interests and their endeavours to advance the other objectives of the Society. The ISI will pursue its mission by promoting excellence in statistical research and research training; promoting excellence in statistical education; promoting excellence in the practice of Statistics; supporting the international statistical community in promoting the establishment and maintenance of American sound statistical institutions; Statistical fostering the appreciation in governments and the

Association public at large of the true value of Statistics and statistical methods to all aspects of human endeavour facilitating collaboration among diverse groups of ISI members, and among statistical societies and other national and international organisations having statistical interests; providing coordinating services, such as a broadbased website, the biennial Sessions, appropriate publications, promotion of professional standards, outreach programs, and affiliation with other international bodies; continually evolving and developing new initiatives to maintain leadership of an evolving discipline in changing environments. Sources of funds American Statistical

Association individual membership fees institutional and corporate fees sales of journals and books conference registration grants and subventions sponsorship rental of accommodation examination fees charges for professional services gifts and legacies sales of souvenirs interest on investments in kind support Main categories of expenditure

American Statistical Association staff salaries/ pensions other staff costs accommodation costs IT, telephone etc office costs printing and postage for journals and newsletters translation simultaneous interpretation conference accommodation legal costs support for volunteers support for poorer members challenges

American Statistical Association Finance Lack of flexibility over expenditure Electronic journals who pays? Continuity and sustainability when

depending upon volunteers Greater support for developing country statisticians Involving younger people in the societies Tension re. people representing organisations v. being there in their own professional right How to reach isolated statisticians The term statistics itself can be restricting Integration of statistics Across users and producers Across educators and employers Across practitioners and theoreticians American Statistical Association

Through Newsletters Journals Integrated conferences Regular scientific programme Social activities Balance between general and special activities, and between national and local activities Education American Statistical Association - providing training - running exams

- certification of statisticians - authentication of courses - meetings of young statisticians - holding competitions - awarding prizes, and scholarships - mentoring systems - career fairs - publicising job opportunities Professional activities American Statistical Association Ethics committees/ committees on issues of public interest Professional ethics/ codes of conduct

Training on ethics Environment in which people can discuss problems Mentoring Public statements on issues of public interest Condemnation? Elimination of members? ISI declaration on professional ethics http://isi.cbs.nl/ethics American Statistical Association highlights the tensions, even inherent conflicts, between the different goals sensitises statisticians to the issues

informs the debate advocates the discussion of ethical dilemmas encourages openness in relation to the decisions Discusses obligations to society funders and employers colleagues subjects of our research Currently being reviewed Route to users? American Statistical Association

Affiliated Users Forum Specialist user groups Consultation mechanisms Nominating representatives to committees outreach American Statistical Association Training for journalists Prizes for good media coverage of statistical issues Press releases Training in communication for

statisticians Production of statistical magazines Press office Scientific spokesman Other activities American Statistical Association Proving information about new statistical products and services Providing lists of potential consultants Web developments for networking Building relationships with sister societies Role of the ISI vis vis developing countries

Representing the profession at the UN and UNESCO Reduced fees for developing country participants (but still expensive can pay in UNESCO coupons) American Statistical Association Competitions/prizes for developing country statisticians Mahalanobis prize Regional committees Improving membership from developing country statisticians Increasing participation of developing country statisticians in conferences, committees etc Ensuring the topics addressed are of relevance to developing world Hosting meetings and conferences in developing

countries Women in statistics committee Briefing sessions for heads of NSOs Mainstreaming developing country statistical issues ISI family American Statistical Association ISI elected body Sections Survey Statisticians IASS Official Statistics IAOS including SCORUS Environmetrics TIES Statistical Computing IASC

Statistical Education IASE including statistical literacy Business and Industrial Statistics ISBIS Bernoulli for theoretical statistics and probability Committees Risk Life sciences Women in statistics Agricultural statistics Sports statistics Tourism statistics Financial statistics (Irving Fisher) Ethics History of statistics Young statisticians ISI wants to do more American Statistical

Association Proposal to organise and support a meeting with other societies to help New statistical societies in developing countries get established in a sustainable way Existing statistical societies to expand activities, and enhance their influence Network these societies and explore what needs to be done at regional level Review how this network relates to the ISI and other international, regional and national societies of relevance to statistics What more should the ISI do? Blank slide for your ideas? American

Statistical Association

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