Using Adobe Connect Pro CEIT Workshop 10/28/2010 Duane Lefevre Boston University School of Management 1 Adobe Connect is web conferencing software that allows you to conduct virtual classes You can securely present PowerPoint slides, conduct discussions via voice and chat, bring guest speakers into the classroom virtually and take polls to be sure students remain engaged It is technology like this that our students will be using to

manage in their increasingly global careers It uses a web browser and the Adobe Flash Player runtime, which is installed on more than 98% of Internet-connected personal computers The technology gives the faculty greater flexibility and the students valuable experience 2 Boston University holds a multiple-seat license that you can use at no charge just by registering You can host a class or meeting with participants from around campus, the country or the World You can bring far flung guest speakers into your classroom expanding your guest speaker options You can have special guests (hundreds of them) join a special

class You can teach class from a remote location if you are at a conference or unable to make class in person for some reason You can provide students with a taste of how they will increasingly interact in the new global economy 3 Adobe Connect Pro strikes a nice balance between simple and feature rich capabilities

Allows hundreds of people to attend from multiple locations Can share video feed -requires all have high speed Internet Can share PowerPoint, Word or your computer screen All participants can listen in and speak Chat room allows for more orderly discussions among a large group of people Polling feature allows you to get feedback and to track how many people are tuned in Break out rooms allow you to go into sub conference mode and divide the meeting up into working groups or teams (VOIP only) Can be set to record the session so others can listen later 4 Start here: www.bu.edu/tech/comm/conf/web/

5 Once registered and signed in, fill in the details of your web conference/class meeting 6 You can set access up a variety of ways from invite-only-with-password to open access 7 Once registered and set up, this is your dashboard to manage all your meetings and content

8 You have several telecomm options from VOIP to BU conference line; some free some not Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) BU Meet Me phone line 617-353-xxxx No telecom charges for you or your

participants Participants need a non-slow net connection for good voice quality Participants need at least a basic headset (mic and headphones) $25 Can mute all participants centrally Ability to record the session and post a URL so participants can go back or those who missed can attend later Capability to transfer the recording to your own PC or server. BU Telecom saves them for a while

No telecom charge for you or and your local participants Long distance charges for non-local participants (incl. International) Limit of 25 people A BU phone number must be the first on the call to open the line Participants can call from a cell or landline Limited ability to mute all participants Cannot record and post audio Cannot do breakout rooms; all participants will still be in one pool


There is a toll-free option and the charges are billed to you BU Telecom will give you an 800 number Charge is 2.9 cents per minute per participant International lines are available from 8 to 55 cents per minute When participants log in they get a pop up box asking for their telephone number and the system dials out to them Recording & posting as well as breakout room options are not possible 10

The equipment youll need is inexpensive and easily acquired - headsets start at under $10 11 Wide angle webcams will capture a whole conference table and they start as low as $50 12 Here are a few practical tips so you dont have to reinvent the wheel Demand is not so high now so you can access your conference days before and get set up Upload your presentations and things you want to share

early Practice using the features you want to use in the actual conference Turn off your email and instant messenger programs during the conference Try to get a TA or helper for the actual day; there are lots of moving parts to coordinate (ie: polling) 13 I can field basic questions. Contact Jason Pina at BU IT for more advanced questions

Duane Lefevre School of Management Boston University T 617-504-3819 [email protected]

Jason Pina Information Services & Technology Boston University T 617-353-6430 [email protected] http://www.bu.edu/tech 14

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