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PFS Local Authority Update 15th Mar 2017 London UK Local Authority Stats 22 Projects Delivered in UK in 2016 Surrey Young Carers Hertfordshire Council Torbay & Southern Devon NHS and Court of 25% Protection Wandsworth Client Affairs Nottingham City NRPF Wolverhampton Care Leavers Portsmouth IPC & Care Leavers Grant Leicester Childrens DP Wolverhampton ISF & ISR Worcestershire Carers DP Kensington & Chelsea Adult and Childrens DP Westminster Adult and Childrens DP Bexley Respite

Bedford Enfield Childrens DP Hammersmith & Fulham Adult and Childrens DP 8 Projects Delivered in UK in 2017 Hillingdon Childrens DP Rochdale Isle of Wight Buckinghamshire Sunderland (First NEPO Client) Wokingham Islington (first APS Client) Camden Youth 16 New Councils in Delivery Newcastle, North Tyneside, Stockton, Gateshead, Northumberland, Bournemouth, Cumbria, Oxfordshire, Plymouth, Havering, Denbigshire, South Tyneside, Bedford, Worcestershire, Greenwich, Birmingham CCG

European Stats 10 Projects Delivered Outside UK in 2016 France Dijon Hospital 25% 3 Projects in Delivery in 2017 Finland Rise Finish Prisons Migri Asylum Seekers Greece CRS Red Cross Samaritans

Oxfam Mercy Corps Care United Nations Ministry of Justice Finland United Nations Branded Solution IRC Greece Loading Historical Loading Year on Year 25%

2013 - 11.6 Million 9 Clients 2014 - 26.2 Million 22 Clients 2015 - 75.5 Million 49 Clients 2016 - 185 Million 63 Clients 2017 300+ Million - Projected load APS Migration 37 Different Council Clients

10 in Delivery with PFS Buckinghamshire already live All will go live before 30th April First migration from APS next week - Bournemouth Aquarium Migration 24 Different Council Clients/Managed Account Partners 3 in Delivery 90% of the remainder at contract stage Other Items 2 Aquarium Staff have joined PFS Staff numbers have been increased in Project Delivery and Account Management 140+ staff servicing prepaid clients Open New Office in Cheshire New MIS Reporting Platform Tenders Going Forward Our commitment to Local Authority Clients is now stronger than ever

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