THEATRE AND FILM A Comparison Two related entertainment genres sharing common themes: 1. The telling of a story

2. The revelation of character Experiences Theatre the influences of theatre Theatre, like all performing arts, takes place in time as well as space.

We use the word theatre to describe activity in daily life. Theatre vs. Theater Acting is part of our everyday lives: we describe our behaviors in our professional and personal spheres as if

we were performers on the stage of life. Theatre also informs rock and roll in a variety of ways . Current rock concerts are often highly theatrical events, using live

performers, lights, sound, costumes and props that are multimedia stage presentations. We have come to expect theatricality as part of popular entertainment Why go to the theatre

and why study theatre? 3 reasons: 1. Historical - Theatre is the foundation of all drama. The ancient Greeks established the categories of tragedy and comedy 2500 years ago that are still used today.

They also developed dramatic structure, acting, and theatre architecture (at least for the Western world). Each time we see a performance we are participating in theatre history. 2. Theatre is different from all other forms of theatrical presentation because it is live.

In many ways, the presentation of drama in theatre, film and television are much alike: Both offer a story told in dramatic form an enactment of scenes by performers who speak and act as if they were actually the people they represent. There is a fundamental difference when we contrast theatre to movies (and it has nothing to do with technical differences) it is in the relationship of the performer to the audience. The experience of being in the presence of the performer is more important to

theatre than anything else. At the heart of the theatre experience is the performer audience relationship: the immediate, personal exchange whose chemistry and magic give theatre its special quality. 3. Theatre has a twofold appeal: Sheer excitement or amusement of a theatrical event. Theatres unique ability to incorporate into dramatic

material profound, provocative, timeless observations about the human condition. Elements of Theatre Performers Audience Director Theatre Space

Design Elements Dramatic Action embodied in a Text Structure in Drama Essentials of Dramatic Structure - The structure of a play is analogous to that of a building.

Plot Action Conflict Opposing Forces Balance of Forces Unities Theatre vs. Film -

Theatre: Origins in ancient religious ceremonies. Western Theatre as we know it today directly descended from the Greek festival of Dionysus. Performance is live. Intimacy Connection with the audience.

Spectacle may be present. Each performance is unique and different. The playwright is sacrosanct. There is respect for the authors work. A highly specialized cadre of creative and technical positions. Film:

Originates in the early 20th century. Performance is recorded. Intimacy is gained through camera angles and close ups. No direct connection with the audience. Each performance is identical. Spectacle is often present. Technical effects are often cutting edge.

The screenwriters work may be continually reworked throughout the filming process. A highly specialized cadre of creative and technical positions that may number in the hundreds.

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