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Getting Started session Every Friday at 12:30 in Global Engagement Office Submit all forms by the deadline to the Global Engagement Office (March 1 for Fall, October 1 for spring) Clear with Dr. Hause Meet with Dr. Ren Padilla to discuss forms Get signatures for Study Abroad Course Approval Form Complete and return Glasgow application materials to Dr. Hause (April 1 deadline for housing) Complete STEP Registration and attend a PreDeparture Orientation

Housing 8 dorms from shared rooms to private suites Range from 1300 3000 (includes meal plan) The Scottish Enlightenment 20 Scotcat (Glasgow) credits out of 60-80

earned in the semester Fall & Spring offering Counts as 2 SAM courses Only interdisciplinary course 10 lectures, 10 tutorials, 2 papers 5 min presentations Cultural immersion with field trips Can take up to 20 credits Science offerings Can attend upper level courses (3rd year is called honors program and is year long)

Labs are integrated into the courses Functional Anatomy with human cadavers Studio Art also evening courses For more information on specific courses and course requirements at the University of Glasgow, visit their course offering guide:

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  • Welcome Back!

    Welcome Back!

    Retrieval Failure . Proactive Interference - Old information learned disrupts the learning of new information. Ex: FRQ's are formatted different in AP Psych than in a previous AP course. Retroactive Interference - New information disrupts the retrieval of old information.
  • General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry Fourth Edition Karen

    General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry Fourth Edition Karen

    100 Solution On the Fahrenheit scale, there are 180 F between the freezing and boiling points, and on the Celsius scale, there are = 100 C In the formula for the Fahrenheit temperature, adding 32 adjusts the zero point of...
  • Learning Non-Parametric Basis Independent Models from Point ...

    Learning Non-Parametric Basis Independent Models from Point ...

    If ell1 is already taken, what do we do? Density estimation. Examples: sparse mixture/kernel models with small sample size, nonparametric density estimation, aggregation of density estimators
  • CORPORATE PROFILE Company Profile PS Digitech-HR INDIA PVT

    CORPORATE PROFILE Company Profile PS Digitech-HR INDIA PVT

    We maintain a responsive and transparent relationship with our clients and meet their project challenges as one of our own. Our portfolio, in a very short period of operation, includes successfully completed projects in sectors such as Cement, Power, Iron...

    TOOLS/MODELS FOR ENGAGE NY Vanessa Walker PVSD [email protected]

    Tape Diagram (1st-5th) Number . Line (K-5th) Number Path/Towers (TK-1st) Place Value Chart (2nd-5th) Number Disks (2nd-5th) Here is a list of some of the tools/models used in engage ny. The area model, tape diagram and number line are all...


    Contribuţie în cercetarea neoplaziilor umane. REGULI GENERALE DE CLASIFICARE Toate cazurile trebuie confirmate histopatologic pentru a fi stadializate TNM. În cazul în care nu există biopsie sau citologie, tumora poate fi stadializată, dar trebuie analizată separat şi nu trebuie inclusă...
  • PILOT Slide Compendium

    PILOT Slide Compendium

    CT. CT (not HRCT) obtained on 10/23/07 is shown on the following slide. CT shows ill-defined reticular opacities (arrows) Because the scan is not high-resolution, some of the abnormalities appear to be of ground-glass opacity, but this is not likely...
  • Lead Facilitator Training - AVP Britain

    Lead Facilitator Training - AVP Britain

    Lead Facilitator Training. ... completion of team's workshop report and sending it to the regional coordinator and the Operations Committee, ensuring appropriate steps are taken regarding participants who show an interest in becoming facilitators. ... MANSELL, PAUL ...