The Ten obligatory acts (Shia Islam) - Hodge Hill College

The Ten obligatory acts (Shia Islam) - Hodge Hill College

2.1 Marriage When a man has married he had completed half his religion (Hadith Tirmidhi) Marriage is important to Muslims because: It is their religious duty to follow Muhammad and marry. The purpose of human life is to have children which Muslims believe can only happen in marriage. Provides an Islamic environment for couples to bring up children. Prevents casual sexual relationships ensuring sex is kept special. Many Muslim marriages are arranged but forced marriages are against Islam. You who believe, it is not lawful for you to inherit a woman against their will (Surah 4:19) Nikah contract between bride and groom. The bride must give her consent. Fewer people get married today compared to the past. Many couples choose to cohabit - live together as a couple without being married. Marriage is important to non-religious people because: It is public declaration of love Provides emotional and financial stability for the family. Shows commitment But It often leads to divorce Weddings are expensive and many people cannot afford getting married. A couple does not need a wedding to show commitment and love. Religion and Ethics - through Islam: Marriage and the Family 1

2.2 Sexual Relationships Islam teaches that sex is an expression of love and means to having children. A sexual relationship fulfils physical, emotional and spiritual but sex is only acceptable within marriage. The Quran and Hadiths forbid pre-marital sex and adultery. stay well away from committing obscenities, whether in open or on secret (Surah 6: 151) Do not go anywhere near adultery: it is an outrage and an evil path (Surah 24:2) Islam teaches that homosexuality is a sin. Muslims believe that he purpose of human creation is to reproduce. Some Muslim countries like Iran homosexuality is a crime Non- religious attitudes to sexual relationships. Attitudes have changed towards sexual relationships and people should be free to make their own choices. Gay marriage is legal in the UK. Gay couples can adopt children and have families Adultery is not illegal in the UK. Opposing homosexuality can lead to intolerance and homophobia. Contraception means people can make sensible decisions about their sex life. Islam sees the rise in sexual relationships outside marriage threatens the stability of marriage and is bad for society and Islam. Religion and Ethics - through Islam: Marriage and the Family 2 2.3 The Family Family is at the heart of the Muslim community and the foundation of society.

It ensure that children grow up as good faithful Muslims and generations care for each other. The best of you is the one who behaves best towards the members of his own family (Hadith Trimidhi) Muslims are taught to pray for their parents. Lord, help me to be grateful for your favours to me and my parent (Surah 46:15) Raising children in a Muslim family is a way of strengthening the ummah and upholding Muslim values. Muslims are strongly against Same sex parents as Allah created man and women to be together. Muslim responses to different types of family today Nuclear Family when a mother, father and children liver together as a unit. Extended Family includes a nuclear family but other family like grandparents, uncles, aunts or cousins live nearby or together. These two families are valued most as this is how Prophet Muhammad lived. Single-Parent Families When one parent dies or parents get divorced. Blended Families Formed when parent remarry and there are stepbrothers or stepsister. Muslims would prefer that the parents do not remain single as they believe both a mother and father are required so prefer a blended family to a single parent family. Religion and Ethics - through Islam: Marriage and the Family 3 2.4 Support for the Family

How does the ummah support families? Worship Regular attendance at prayers helps everyone feel part of the community Classes for parents many mosques offer classes where adults can learn about Islam and study the Quran. Visiting speakers offer advice. Parents maybe have opportunities to discuss challenges in raising children. Classes for children Children are taught about Islam and study the Quran. Mosques may also run sports teams or arts and crafts activities for the family. Counselling Mosque leaders maybe involved in resolving family problems many Mosques have counselling services and shariah councils. Rites of Passage Birth When a baby is born the adhan is recited in to the babys ear by the father. This means the first words the baby hears are the words of Allah. Aqiqah usually on the 7th day after birth. The babys scalp is shaved, this represents cleanliness and dedication to God. Animals are sacrificed and meat given to family, fiends and the poor. A dinner is given to welcome the new baby. Khitan The baby boy is circumcised (removal of foreskin). This is based on a religious tradition started by the Prophet

Ibrahim where he promised to circumcise all baby boys. Death The body is washed and shrouded in white, prayer are said for the dead. When the body is buried it must face Makkah. Religion and Ethics - through Islam: Marriage and the Family 4 2.5 Contraception Contraception is used to stop pregnancy. If it is used in Islam the couple have to be married Muslim teaching on contraception: Some Muslims are against contraception because they regard children as a blessing and part of Allahs plan. He creates whatever He will He grants female offspring to whoever he will, male to whoever he wills (Surah 17:13) In a Hadith when Muhammad was asked his opinion about coitus interruptus (withdrawal method) an early form of contraception he did not forbid it so some Muslims see this as accepting contraception that is not permanent. Many Muslims agree with using contraception within marriage that is not permanent. Especially if: Mothers life is in danger Hereditary illness from a parent Couples should be able to make their own decisions Non-religious attitudes to contraception Contraception and family planning allow a couple to express their love without having children

Allows couple to prepare financially and emotionally before having children Stops the spread of sexually transmitted diseases Religion and Ethics - through Islam: Marriage and the Family 5 2.6 Divorce of all the things that Allah has made lawful. He hates talaq (divorce) the most Hadith Abu Dawud In Islam divorce must be the last resort but the reasons a Muslim can divorce are: If someone has an affair Abuse Leaving Islam A Muslim man must say I divorce you three times. Shis and most Sunnah Muslims believe there must be a Iddah; waiting period between the announcements. A Shariah court will look into divorce for the wife. Islam encourages divorced Muslims to get remarried. Some Muslims maybe against divorce because Allah does not like it. Non-religious attitudes to divorce Many non-religious people get married and believe it a life long commitment but will accept divorce many reasons: Marriage does not always work People should be free to make their own decisions about their relationship. People should be given a chance to find love again Religion and Ethics - through Islam: Marriage and the Family

6 2.7 Equality of Men and Women In Islam men and women are equal and will be judged equally on Judgement day Role of Men The Quran teaches men should marry and they have financial responsibility to provide for their family. Husbands should take good care of their wives Surah 4:34 The Prophet Muhammad is a role model and he often did housework. Role of Women Many Muslims believe the most important role is for a women is to be a wife and mother. Paradise lies at the feet of your mother Hadith Traditionally women run the home and teach Islam to their children but they also have a right to work. Muhammad's first wife Khadija was a business women. Role of men and women At the time of Muhammad it was common to kill baby girls as they were thought of as inferior. Muslims parents are responsible for teaching their children respect and equality. Islam teachers equality and that: Men and women have clearly defined roles that are natural to them and Allahs plan Men and women are equal even though they have different roles Religion and Ethics - through Islam: Marriage and the Family 7

2.8 Gender prejudice and Discrimination In the past women were not always treated equally in the UK Women couldnt vote until 1918 Divorced and single mothers were treated badly Islam teaches that men and women are equal and judged equally. For men and women who are devoted to God God has prepared forgiveness and a rich reward Surah 33:35 Men are expected to treat women equally in Islam. You who believe, it is not lawful to treat your wives harshly Surah 4:19 Gender equality in the world Many Muslims believe women cannot be religious leader because the Prophet and Khalifahs have always been men. There are a number of Muslim women who have had positions of power: Benazir Bhutto prime minister Pakistan Megawati Sukarnoutri president of Indonesia Many Muslim women are important business women and are well educated. In Islam women have always had a high status and they played an important role in the early days and the read of the ummah. Religion and Ethics - through Islam: Marriage and the Family 8

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