The Roman Empire

The Roman Empire

The Roman Empire What do you think happened to the Roman Empire? Early Empire Following the 4th period of expansion came the Early Empire (14-180 A.C.E.) This period was a time of prosperity, internal

peace, and high levels of trade Christianity was created during this time At first, the empire saw the new religion as a threat Late Empire Next came the Late Roman Empire During this time, Constantine became the first Christian emperor

Following him, Theodosius the Great made Christianity the empires official religion Due to the large size of the empire, it was split in half: East and West The Western Empire kept the capital of Rome The Eastern Empire changed its capital to Byzantium which later became Constantinople The Fall of the Roman Empire

The Western Empire fell to several different Germanic tribes including the Visigoths but the East lives on as the Byzantine Empire The Western Empire was replaced by a number of states ruled by German kings

European Kingdoms and Feudalism What do you think the term feudalism means? The Church The church gained power when the Roman Empire fell In the Catholic church, the Bishop of Rome claimed to

be the leader, or the Pope Pope comes from the Latin word papa, or father Charlemagne Charlemagne, a Germanic king, expands his kingdom to create the Carolingian Empire once called the Kingdom of Europe

He was the first Germanic king crowned the king of the Roman Empire When this kingdom fell apart, it led to a need for local protection which created Feudalism Feudalism King Lord Knight Vass al

England In 606 William of Normandy conquered England and became King Monarchy- a form of government where all the power is an individual ruler, monarch or king/queen The King became too powerful so King John created the Magna Carta Monarchs power was limited, not absolute

English parliament also emerged Dealt with taxes, politics, and passed laws Representatives from all over the land Holy Roman Empire Germanic King, Otto I, crowned emperor of the Romans in 962 The empire tried to rule German and Italy because Italy was the center of the Holy Empire

Hence the name Holy Roman Empire But, the empire lost power in Germany while trying to rule Italy and then lost all power Byzantine Empire and Crusades What were the Crusades? What were they fighting for? Do you know any movies that talk about the Crusades?

Byzantine Empire Byzantine Empire lasted until 1453 It was a Christian and Greek state Spoke Greek; Religion was Christianity Created the Eastern Orthodox Church The empire had many

threats from abroad including trouble with Muslim empires Crusades The Byzantine Empire wanted to take back Jerusalem and the Holy Land (Palestine) Went on crusades to attempt to conquer this land Only the 1st crusade worked, it went downhill from there

The crusades resulted in increased trade, a weakening of feudalism, and a strengthening of the Kings power From this time three nation-states arose: Spain, England, and France

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