The Role of Early Tertiary Underplating in Epeirogenesis on ...

The Role of Early Tertiary Underplating in Epeirogenesis on ...

What our students have to say about VLEs Palitha Edirisingha, Richard England & Mike Lovell University of Leicester, UK [email protected] Supported by the University of Leicester Teaching Enhancement Fund

Department of Geology Student profile c. 70 students per year taking a variety of first degrees in Earth Sciences 15 % mature (22+) students 60% male 40% female Traditional teaching Lectures Practical classes

Fieldwork Technology based science Project Aims Provide Blackboard resources for all modules Assess student use of Blackboard and their

views of e-resources Questionnaire (44/52) Interviews/discussions Target use of e-resources to meet student and staff perceptions Student access to and use of technology All students have access to a computer but not all have an MP3 player

Internet use Internet use 40 36 33 35 30

30 25 22 20 15 10

12 11 10 8 5 0

Podcasts YouTube Flickr Blogging Chat rooms

Shopping eBay Gaming you have photo documentation of what you did, and where you went and physical evidence of what you saw. And youve got it and can actually print it out and put it in

your reports or within your notes, so that it links to get a bigger relationship. MP3 players and phones From interview: are interested in using MP3 players and phones to upload audio and visual media for revision

Uses of Blackboard Communication Bb Discussion forum It takes a while to find some things I suspect it might get used a bit more.

Communication Most students see each other every day Summary Students value Blackboard - particularly for revision Students are using the internet for exchanging photos and discussion

Scope for using discussion facilities in Bb Dept needs to make this more accessible but students see each other regulary VLE is not a substitute for face to face communication Action Students are using Flickr include similar online resources into Bb modules Develop module/topic specific wikis student led learning environment? ? Develop online communication it might

be used if it were more accessible (Bb page design)

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    IN OTHER WORDS - Stronger battery = more electricity = more gas produced (and faster, too) Faraday's laws continued Faraday's 2nd Law of Electrolysis - For a given quantity of electricity (electric charge), the mass of an elemental material altered...
  • Introduction - Georgia Institute of Technology

    Introduction - Georgia Institute of Technology

    Morgan Kaufmann Publishers. 29 January, 2019. Chapter 4 — The Processor. Instruction Execution. PC instruction memory, fetch instruction. Register numbers register file, read registers. Depending on instruction class. Use ALU to calculate. Arithmetic result.
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    Product Training Date - Allogy

    Product Training HemCon ChitoGauze® PRO * ChitoGauze® PRO Overview #1018 / #30-0049 ChitoGauze PRO 3in x 4yds NSN# 6510-01-591-7740 #1017 ChitoGauze 4in x 4yds FDA: 510(k): K102546 FDA Indication: ChitoGauze PRO is a hemostatic dressing for the external, temporary control...
  • Titanic Vocabulary - KATE

    Titanic Vocabulary - KATE

    Titanic Vocabulary Binoculars A pair of small telescopes fastened together; used with both eyes to see things far away Boiler A tank in which water is heated to make steam for power Coward A person who runs from danger or...
  • Hammett Parameters - CCHF

    Hammett Parameters - CCHF

    The Hammett Plot is a type of Linear Free-Energy Relationship (LFER) analysis designed to model the electronic effect of substituents on aromatic systems (in the para and meta positions only). Information gathered can be used to probe the mechanism of...
  • Dell Marketing - ROK EC overview

    Dell Marketing - ROK EC overview

    WS OS - Windows Server Operating System. BIOS lock - an anti-piracy technology where the OS image is designed to only operate on a specific OEM hardware platform. COA - certificate of authenticity. ... French. Spanish. German. Turkish.
  • Litir Phearsanta (30 Marc) - Corran College

    Litir Phearsanta (30 Marc) - Corran College

    Tá a lán áiseanna sa baile mór. Ina measc siúd tá club óige, páirc imeartha, leabharlann, lárionad pobail, siopaí agus bialanna. Tá an teach nua i bhfad níos mó ná ár dteach sa chathair. Creid é no ná chreid tá...
  • The MYP at SCJ

    The MYP at SCJ

    IB World-wide - 3295 . schools in. 141 . countries. 58 PYP . 146 MYP. 141 DP. ... Name two MYP Global Contexts. Can you name the criterion by which you are assessed in each subject area? ... Explain how...