The Rhode Island DataHUB

The Rhode Island DataHUB

Democratizing Data in Rhode Island The RI DataHub Story 8 1 WHY? USDoE Safe and Drug Free Schools (SDFS) grant Integrate data to improve the management of drug use and violence prevention HOW? History of stalled attempts (and excuses) 8 1 WHO? Credibility, Capacity, Competence 8 1

Proven, established, private non-profit Think and Do Data Partner Established data sharing agreements National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership Unique Governance Structure Like-minded missions, goals and objectives Democratizing data refers to a combination of policy and technology innovations that make government data available to those who need it,

preferably on a real-time basis, plus tools that allow users to interpret and use that data. (W. David Stephenson: "Democratizing Data: To Transform Government, Business and Daily Life) All Open Source Postgres Database - Django Web Framework Weave Visualization tools Open Indicators Consortium (OIC) 8 1 Open Indicators Consortium (OIC) Goal: Enable data visualization of any available data, anywhere, by anyone. Proprietary Consortium - Open Source User accepts tools and features as built. User community creates the software tools and features they need.

Development is dependent on owner at their price. Development opens up new possibilities for feature development. System has limitations on the coverage with expanded coverage costing more. Expansion limited only by the ability to obtain, process and upload the data. Hosting and updates in owners control. Hosting and updates in our control. Followers: We utilize tools someone else developed to 8 1 Leaders: We own the web mapping and data visualization

An Early Warning Data Story: Appeal to the Novice User Increase multi-audience buy-in Encourage Let use of data through stories the user interact with data 8 1 RI DataHub Demo Bridging Data Silos to Inform Policy Hub

Overview How the Hub works Reports, 8 1 stories, catalog, Weave, Users guides Data Sharing Agreements Executed: RIDE, Providence Schools HEALTH Dept. Children Youth, Families (DCYF) Higher Education (RIOHE) Dept. of Corrections Providence City Agencies (Police, Assessor, etc.) Dorcas Place/Full Service Community Schools Providence After School Alliance (PASA) In the works: Family Court Dept. of Labor and Training RI Department of Human Services

How does the DataHUB work? Sample Data Feeds R I D E Statewide Student ID District Student ID First Name Last Name Date of Birth Gender Grade School # Days enrolled # Days attended # Suspensions Etc. D C Y F

DCYF ID First Name Last Name Date of Birth Date of first entry Currently in foster care (y/n) Etc. H E A L T H KIDSNET ID First Name Last Name Child - Date of Birth Mom Date of Birth Lead test result Lead test date Etc. Database &

Administrative Application Maintained by The Providence Plan Automated data feed & cleaning Website User Accounts Multiple User Levels Public Version Linkage Deterministic Pass Probabilistic (fuzzy) Pass Twin/special case reports Agency-specific unique IDs maintained Flexible Data adapter Indicator calculations Aggregation HIGHLY SECURE

AGGREGATED DATA (NO INDIVIDUALLEVEL DATA ACCESSIBLE BY WEB PORTAL) RI DataHub 2.0 8 1 Weave 1.0 (Preview) Role-Based Training User Functionality and navigation Using Data to Leverage Policy (OHE)

Return on Investment Analysis (UCOA) Different cultures around data sharing, use Hard to illustrate benefits at early stage Some data get very complicated very quickly 8 1 Interface design for different user levels Trust, Collaboration

Training, Capacity Building Vendor vs. Partner RI DataHub Bridging Data Silos to Inform Policy Peg Votta, RI Department of Education [email protected] Rebecca Lee, ProvPlan - [email protected] 8 1

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