The Poultry Industry - University of Tennessee

The Poultry Industry - University of Tennessee

The Poultry Industry Dr. Michael Smith U.S. Poultry Industry Broilers

Eggs Turkey U.S. Poultry Industry

Highly specialized and efficient set of enterprises. Leader in trends of industrialization in agriculture over the last 50 years. Started on family farms in the Midwest grain production plentiful. Broilers small flocks; eggs grocery money. Spread to east coast Maine & Delmarva California

South labor plentiful, inexpensive housing, mild climate Commercial Production Today

95% w/20,000 growers 85% of eggs are produced by 2,000 large companies 20,000 growers provide 18% of production Importance Poultry convert feedstuff to food efficiently. As indicated below, Boilers have the most favorable

PER and FC ratio. Species Cattle Sheep Swine Broilers Turkeys Feed/ Grain

6.5 7.9 6.3 7.1 3.1 3.9 1.8 2.2 2.5 3.2 Importance

Poultry industry is dynamic Short period required for growth and marketing Can adjust rapidly to changing economic factors feed, availability, cost, number of birds on feed.

Other livestock industries require longer length of time from birth to market (e.g. cattle). Importance By-product feeds fed to poultry:

blood meal, fish meal, meat and bone, distillers grains. Not used for human consumption Importance Layers provide a continuous source of food.

Meat animals must be fed for a long period of time before a usable product is obtained. Layers produce several times its weight

in eggs. Products from meat animals are restricted to final market weight. Importance Vegetarians consume eggs.

In some countries meat eaters are the minority. Religion. Egg consumption acceptable. Importance

Poultry products are relatively inexpensive. Poultry meats are one of the best meat buys in the supermarket. Importance

Poultry manure as fertilizer. Organic farming Premium price? Rich in Nitrogen and organic material.

By-product feed for ruminants Present Status of the Industry Broiler Production Broiler Production

Egg Production Egg Production Turkey Production Turkey Production Production Figures

Production Figures World Poultry Distribution Important that producers have a global perspective Potential competitors Potential markets World Poultry Distribution

Retail Price Washingto n D.C. Mexico City Paris

Rome Stockhol Tokyo m Broiler 1.03 s .55

1.34 1.83 2.86 2.26 Eggs

.54 .84 1.29 2.30 1.74

.77 Figure 1. Per Capita Consumption of Poultry in Canada and the United States$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/pou4181 Future of the Industry 1.

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Increased biotechnology. Embrex Inovoject

Increased mass production- year round availability of products. More contract and integrated production. Larger integrators. Increased labor- saving device. Sustainable agriculture. Increased attention to poultry behavior and welfare. Increased food safety. Increased quality of products.

Increased consumption. Careers In Poultry Visit /careers/ /poucarer.htm careers.htm

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