The Internet & the World Wide Web

The Internet & the World Wide Web

The Internet & the World Wide Web Chapter 2 Exploring Cyberspace Chapter 2: Key Questions 2.1 What are the means of connecting to the Internet, and how fast are they? 2.2 What are the three types of Internet service provider, and what kinds of service do they provide? 2.3 What are the components of an e-mail address, and what are netiquette and spam? 2.4 What are Web sites, Web pages, browsers, URLs, and search engines? 2.5 What are FTP, Telnet, newsgroups, real-time chat, and e-commerce? To Access the Internet, You Need An

access device A physical connection An Internet Service Provider (ISP) Can you give examples of each? Physical Connection Telephone (dial-up) modem Several high-speed phone lines ISDN DSL T1 Cable modem Wireless

Data Transmission Speeds Upload data from local computer to remote Download data from remote to local Bandwidth Data that is sent through a communications channel in a given amount of time Data transmission speeds: Bps bits per second Kbps kilobits per second

Mbps megabits per second Gbps gigabits per second 8 bits = 1 byte = 1 character Telephone Modem See panel 2.3 on page 39 High Speed Phone Lines ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) Hardware

& software Uses traditional telephone lines (128 Kbps) DSL (digital subscriber line) Always on Transmission rate is consistent (1.5-8.4 Mbps) Must live within 3.3 miles of a phone company switching office T1 line (1.5 Mbps) Used by corporate, government, and academic sites

Cable Modems Connects a PC to a cable-TV system that offers Internet access Always on Competes with DSL Transmission rate may not be consistent during peak hours Speed:10 Mbps Wireless Systems Communications satellite Radio waves (microwaves) transmitted from earthbased stations

Receives data at 400 Kbps & sends data at 56 Kbps (with phone line) Other wireless connections Radio waves for cellular phones Sends data up to 155 Mbps Three Types of ISP Services Free-service providers NetZero, AltaVista,

Advertisements and personal info Basic-service Offer local connection Full-service AOL, providers providers Earthlink, MSN More technical support and international access How to Get E-mail Software? Purchase MS

Get Outlook express, Lotus Notes as a part of other package Netscape Provided Communicator by your ISP AOL Free

Email Services Yahoo, Hotmail E-mail Addresses User ID Domain Name [email protected] Domain Top-level domain Country (location)

(domain type) E-mail Attachments Attached to emails Formatting preserved Recipient must have software to read them Instant Cross messaging between e-mail and phone Message pops up instantly on the screen if user is logged on Netiquette

Use FAQs Avoid flaming Dont shout Avoid sloppiness Make attachments small Quote only relevant portion when replying Avoid spams World Wide Web Uses of the WWW

E-mail Entertainment E-commerce E-tailing, Why auction, online finance, on-line job hunting, B2B the WWW is inviting & easy to use Multimedia format : graphics, video, audio, text Use of hypertext Web Terms Web a

computer with a domain name is called a site Web a site pages document that can include text, pictures, sound, and video Browsers software URLs a that enables users to view Web pages URLs

(Universal Resource Locator) string of characters that point to a specific Web page Web portals Web sites that group together popular features Web Terms Multimedia graphics, HTML format

video, audio, text (hypertext markup language) A language used to specify document structure, formatting, and links to other documents HTTP hypertext transfer protocol rules that allow browsers to connect with Web servers Search Engine Types Human-organized

search sites subject experts (humans) do the indexing Yahoo!. AOL, MSN, Netscape, Lycos Computer-created search sites software "spiders" (software) do the indexing Northern Light, Excite, WebCrawler, FAST Search, Inktomi Hybrid search sties humans

supplemented by computer indexes AskJeeves, Direct Hit, Go,, Google, HotBot, Snap Metasearch sends sites query to other search tools and compile the results Go2Net/MetaCrawler, SavvySearch, Dogpile, Inference Multimedia on the Web Plug-ins & helper applications Multimedia development Applets, Text

Java, JavaScript, ActiveX and images Animation Video Audio More Internet Resources FTP a File Transfer Protocol program that can transfer files to one compute to another Telnet a

program that allows you to connect to remote computers on the Internet Newsgroups a giant electronic bulletin board on which users conduct written discussions about a specific subject Real-time chat participants have a typed discussion while online at the same time

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