The Glass Menagerie

The Glass Menagerie

THE GLASS MENAGERIE TENNESSEE WILLIAMS BACKGROUND Tennessee Williams born Thomas Lanier Williams in 1911, Mississippi. His mother, Edwina Dakin, was

daughter of a minister. His father Was a violent and aggressive Traveling salesman (Gussow). He was very close to his sister Rose who suffered from mental illness and was forced to have a lobotomy, which altered her personality Hive-like conglomerations of

cellular living-units that flower as warty growths in overcrowded urban centers . . . He wrote to escape from his mundane existence as a clerk with a shoe company. There are autobiographical parallels in the play The Glass Menagerie CHARACTERS Laura

Wingfield - She is the crippled and very shy daughter of Amanda who nags Laura about finding a husband. Tom Wingfield The narrator and actor As Lauras brother, he

is also pressed by his mother to find his sister a gentleman caller and to keep the job at the shoe factory to support the family. Amanda Wingfield She is the mother of Tom and Laura and often digresses back to memories of her former days on the southern

plantation farm and her night with 17 gentleman callers. Jim OConner He is a friend of Tom from the factory who Tom invites to dinner and Amanda treats as Lauras first gentleman MINOR CHARACTERS

Mr. Wingfield - He is Amandas husband who deserted the family about 16 years ago and is only seen in the play as a large photograph hung on the wall, but he is often referred to. SETTING 1930 St Louis (Great Depression) The Wingfield apartment- This takes up most of

the stage and the different room are separated by curtains. There is the living and the kitchen. The fire escape - This is on the side of the stage and is what the characters use to get into and out of the apartment. SYMBOLS Victrola Jonquils

Fire Escape Symbols Magic Show Glass Menagerie Blue Roses Symbols Unicorn Candelabrum

Scarf SYMBOLS gentleman caller - fathers portrait - Topics what themes develop around these

topics Escapism/Imprisonment Dreams and reality Responsibility / duty

Family dynamics Abandonment Method of Narration 1. 2.

Tom is narrator and a main character. He tells the story as memory. What does this technique contribute to the play? How does this technique help to convey Williams message and ideas? Describe his character

in the play. Describe his traps. What are his means of escape? Describe his relationship

with Amanda. Describe his relationship with Laura. Respond to how the play ends in relation to Tom.

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