The Edges Of Cyberspace - Cybermissions

The Edges Of Cyberspace - Cybermissions

Internet Evangelism For The Unreached Call2All Los Angeles 2011 These slides will be available online at: The Trebuchet or The Howitzer? Punkin Chunkin : small teams to build Trebuchets to throw pumpkins a couple of thousand yards. They are quite content to improve Roman Empire methods Most church work is still incremental improvement of Roman Empire methods The Howitzer 30 times further throw than the best trebuchet.

Win the war with the latest technology! Internet Evangelism far greater reach, far greater spiritual power.. The Advantages of Internet Evangelism Global reach at an affordable cost The ubiquity of technology and its trusted place in modern global lifestyles No visas required, low physical security risks Can deploy virtual teams with multiple geographic locations, ages, skills, health levels and lifestyles. Tends to only contact inquirers who are already somewhat interested, those who have found a website via a search say in Bing or Google.. Can be easily directed toward a particular

interest group, ethnic group or language group You Can. You can get saved online You can get discipled online via Skype Go to church online & find great sermons online Study and do your theological degree online Meet a Christian wife/husband online Get ordained online and become a Reverend Start an online ministry & get 501c3 status for it Write a print-on-demand book and also get it on Kindle and become famous. Send money to orphans in Africa by Paypal and Have an online bible college and issue diplomas Without ever going to a local church. Some Obvious

Problems Baptism, Lords Supper, Laying on of hands The 23 one-another commands: love one another, encourage one another, share with one another, pray for one another, exhort one another etc require a living community that interacts face-to-face People can hide, fake and deceive online and assume false identities to evade accountability People can readily terminate any discipleship relationship as soon as it becomes personal or uncomfortable. The Bicultural Principle

Online Linking via workers who know two or more cultures Paul: Jewish, Greek and Roman; Silas: Jewish and Dalmatian; Timothy: Greek and Jewish; Barnabas: Jewish & Cypriot, John-Mark: Jewish Cypriot etc. Linking Bi-Cultural Workers: John to Jose Keegan to a pastor in Venezuela to a mission station in an Amazon tribe. No one has to learn a new langauge, or culture that they do not know already If we start with workers in English plus (one or two of) the 10 or so major languages on the Internet (accounting for 82% of Internet users) we can "chain out" to reach the world. The Internet "creates" and gives us access to, many bicultural and multicultural individuals. Part One

The Technology The Traditional Internet Has Peaked The traditional Internet = desktop PC + landline (or cable) in a home or workplace The number of traditional Internet subscribers is now very close to the number of landlines

Landline growth has stalled Growing The Edges Now the logistical task is to get Internet access to people who do not have landline or cable and who may be earning $500 a month or less The spiritual task is to share the gospel with these new users on the edge of cyberspace. Many

of these are in developing nations such as China, India and the Middle East where gospel proclamation is most needed The next billion (s) will come online in the next two to three years and the Internet will DOUBLE in size!!! Things May Be Different. The next billion Internet users will not be Westerners The next billion Internet users will not have computers connected to landlines

They will not speak English as their first language Most of them will not come from Christian religious backgrounds The God they seek may be very different from what we expect But first lets look at the technology they will be using.. Communities of Delivery Master Repository Level - centralizedcollection / library, meta-tagged, multiple languages legal and copyright issues are the main challenge. National Level large collections, materials selected by national level leaders, cultural relevance important

People Group Level language groups Denominational / Large Network theological groups and affinity groups, careful about heresy & suitability Association / Clergy Conference colleagues, leaders Local Church / House Church grass roots Technology For Each Level Master Repository Level 10TB+ databases, searchable, meta-tagged, able to create national level collections from the Master Repository, National Level 1-2TB databases, ability to create relevant training media from this collection People Group Level Internet/ satellite, viral media, video, language specific resources

Denominational / Large Network large website, digital library, DVD collections Association / Clergy Conference USB, DVD, wireless hotspot, SD cards Local Church / House Church Bluetooth, USB drives, email attachments, church website, MP3 players etc Mobile Statistics Over 5.3 billion mobile phone accounts Over 1 Billion smartphone accounts (18%) 76% of the global population have mobile phones 68% of even developing nations population 6.1 TRILLION text messages sent in 2010 Many mobile Web users are mobile-only, i.e. they

do not, or very rarely use a desktop, laptop or tablet to access the Web. In Egypt and India this is 70 percent and 59 percent of mobile Web users are mobile-only. Even in the US its 25 percent. By 2011, over 85 percent of new handsets will be able to access the mobile Web. Please note that this does not mean smartphones you do not need a smartphone to access the mobile Web (but it does make for a richer experience). Starting In Mobile Platform Ev. - the mobile evangelism page on the Internet Evangelism Day website MobileEV - a mobile evangelism wiki - a 4 week training course in Mobile Ministry Mobile Ministry Magazine Mobile Advance website (good video for mobile hints) SMS In the Muslim world SMS messages are the PREFERRED method of responding to

the gospel Text 2 Email gateways are now becoming a critical part of evangelism! Soon crusades will have a number you can text to indicate a decision to follow Jesus. A URL for follow-up can be sent by return SMS

Podcasts & Audio Blogging odcasting.php - outreach potential of podcasting / - iTunes podcast directory http://www.podcastalley.c om/ - Podcast Alley thousands of podcasts... http://www.christiantuner. com/ - - Short

audio clips (under ten minutes, preferably under 3 minutes) can be a powerful witness Audio is personal and persuasive Audio better than video in low bandwidth areas. Can be streamed as Internet radio Testimonies, gospel presentations, music, prayers etc. Internet Cafes Internet cafes can be found in most cities in

the developing world They are and will continue to be a main source of the Internet for many They often have restricted bandwidth How can we reach their users for Jesus? X-Treme Locations VHF store and forward (singleside band COBAN radios) Stored Internet (on a local area network) plus email, as hard-drives have 2TB+ storage capacity this becomes

quite feasible Satellite and microwave links Technological advances are allowing detection of weaker signals and increased range WiMax WiMax is: Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access Crudely put it is a long-range version of WiFi

It can use both licensed and unlicensed spectrum WiMax towers are becoming popular in developing nations Audio Constraints Mobile For voice e.g. bible teaching you can go as low as 8kbps but this is marginal, a good setting is 11,025 Hz, mono, & 16 or 32 kbps

MP3 format is supported by most mobile devices Audacity is a good free audio editor, you will also need to install the LAME codec for MP3 file output. Format Factory will convert files among various mobile audio formats. Mobile Video Constraints

Video accounts for 69% of mobile data traffic Small screens on most phones - therefore should not have busy or crowded screens Head and shoulders shots are good Remember network speed and keep within the bounds of your viewers Shorter is generally better Stories, quirky, humorous, human interest PowerPoint To Video works well in many cases Share via Bluetooth Format Conversion Format Factory (convert audio & video to various

mobile formats) FFCoder (for the heavy lifting, tweaking and converting audio & video) SUPER audio and video converter (MajorGeeks pick) NEXT Video Converter MobiPocket Creator (mobile ebooks etc) Calibre Ebook Creator (frequently updated so v. good) Audacity high quality, free audio editing and file conversion software Ispring converter (PPT to Flash) OpenOffice.Org (PPT to Flash can be done w/in OO) professional quality, converts PPT to many video formats Mobile Apps

Great variety in usage, much higher in Japan than in USA Native apps (on your phone) Internet apps (online apps) Internet apps still dominate Android platform is catching up fast Flash & HTML5 may change the field Free & fast app development Long tail : specific apps work well App development SwebApps BuzzTouch free mobile app builder for iphone & Android velopment Building Android apps Android developers guide W3schools How to create an iPhone web app tion_platforms_for_mobile_devices More Apps Stuff

Sencha AJAX Tool Suites Sencha Touch - Mobile AJAX jQuery Touch (Mobile for jQuery AJAX) PhoneGap - Compiles mobile AJAX apps to 9 mobile platforms Support mulitple AJAX libraries including Sencha Touch PhoneGap - mobile device supported features Thanks

to Tony OHagan for these links.. Bluetooth uses the 2.4 GHZ spectrum The technology is useful when transferring information between two or more devices that are near each other in low-bandwidth situations. Just starting to take off in Asia Common in Middle East & Europe Has serious security & interference issues Proximity Marketing: have people w. Bluetooth

find your content / product Bluetooth Blaster serves content by Bluetooth and is mobile, supports 21 simul. connections. The Mobile Bible College Curriculum on an SDHC card A mobile phone + speakers Does not need reliable electricity Does not require Internet access

Portable, secure and looks normal Can train up to 25 people Useful for house churches Works with most types of phones SDHC SDHC cards: cards: 8Gb 8Gb will will hold hold up up to to 500+ 500+ hours hours of of reasonable reasonable quality quality

audio audio 30 30 hrs hrs lecturing lecturing == one one bible bible college college subject subject (with (with some some class class discussion discussion of of the the material) material)

So So therefore therefore 500 500 hrs hrs == 16 16 subjects subjects == 44 semesters semesters of of 44 subjects subjects == 22 year year course course on on aa fingernail-sized fingernail-sized chip chip

Mobile Evangelism Kiosks Model A) Physical kiosk with SD card duplication capabilities Model B) A 2TB HDD loaded with content plus a PlugPC and wireless router so gospel can be downloaded directly to phones. Highly mobile, does not require an Internet connection, can even be used on buses etc. Audio bibles in numerous languages as well as key teaching materials

Being developed by Stephen Keel in Virginia with assistance from Lightsys, MAF-LT, ICCM, GRN, and Cybermissions Orality & Mobile Use mobile phones to reach oral learners up to 70% of the population are primarly oral learners Put audio bibles on SDHC cards or on .mobi websites

Listen to the bible stories in a group (using a mobile phone w. speakers etc.) and discuss. Use with Way of Righteousness and other oral storying materials being developed Creating Contextualized Content Collect indigenous Christian music, sermons, teaching and stories using mobile phone video and audio recording and note-taking capabilities

Upload to a website or online repository, add metadata then make searchable Duplicate collections (say in a particular language) e.g. on SD cards Share via Bluetooth Say Goodbye To Privacy.. The Internet is being watched.

Keystroke loggers Splitting of fibre-optic cables Download monitoring Rapid reading and storing of website content by computers Any mention of politics or local organizing will get you instantly banned in over a dozen countries Wisdom is essential Part Two Understanding The Unreached The Global Middle Class Average income will be $2000 - $5000 a year Many will live in urban slums even teachers and

professors They will want HOPE They will want practical information as well as entertainment About 20 major languages will cover 95% of them. The Next Billion Demography They have cell phones and TVs but not cars or computers or telephone lines The Internet will be on a cell phone or icafe

They will probably want an SMS response They will be highly family centered and 80% will be under 30 Many will NOT be very postmodern Many will be single The Next Billion Aspirational

They will be highly aspirational & tech hungry Want employment and business opportunities (business as mission) Online business plans and online business mentoring as ministry? Online Christian franchises and micro-franchises and micro-finance? The Next Billion Holistic Holistic approach to life and ministry

Want to know how to do a wide range of community development tasks as part of ministry HIV / AIDS Education Water purification Simple church construction How to set up a Christian preschool The Next Billion Independent Proud of their own culture and own way of doing things Will not appreciate our denominations, Christian culture or national politics

Want equal partnership (not Western ownership) Want to make the on-theground decisions Have alternative church structures The Next Billion Ministry House church movements Will often be Pentecostal Christians Seekers from animistic backgrounds who need deliverance Extended families Shame based cultures Converts from Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism Pastors with little formal training needing mentoring

Prosperity teaching very popular Questions about corruption, poverty, and injustice: why are we so poor Part Three Our Best Response Now.. Technology Interactive Participative Experiential Non-computer based (cellphones, tablets, devices of all sorts..) Non-literate verbal / audio Brief & Compressed Holistic Tagged / RSS / Metadata

Multiple languages & cultures Multiple bandwidth versions Design Internationalize Clarity Reduce idiomatic expressions Be hopeful and aspirational Explain, explain, explain. We will have one billion+ newbies online within the next three years! It will be the total re-birth of the Internet and of web page design Offer a helpful handshake to the new Netizens Attitudes

Scripture rather than culture Spirit rather than method Compassion rather than just content Trustful connection rather than just customer service Come into our community rather than just pray the prayer and go away please Engaged with the whole of life rather than cerebral, engaged with a bunch of concepts Love Newbies! If the user is made to feel

dumb they just go away If their problems are ignored they will resent you But if people feel they are helped quickly they will become loyal If the user feels empowered they build enthusiasm If a user feels hey I am cool I can do this they build pride and tell others WWJD What would Jesus do? Sure these changes are hard but how many people will they help us reach? But I like the Internet the way it is!!

Why cant they just be like us? This is way too complicated? Get help Build teams Local Networks Develop in-country networks Cultivate local leaders Pay for translation, use locals, use the translation process to build relationships Give people an aspirational career pathway within your ministry Volunteer Senior Volunteer

Part-Time Paid Full-Time Paid Delegate real authority and the right to contextualize your ministry Be First To Market Be first to market be one of the first in a particular language group This gives you great prestige and influence It also introduces you to early adopters and to leaders in that culture Partner with missions agencies and churches overseas

Calling Home. There are huge international connections between migrants working overseas and their home communities They call home for news and in return can share the gospel The next billion Internet users will have friends and relatives in America We can recruit these people as volunteers Ethne To Ethne those people with the gospel reaching those without the gospel - via the Internet Partnering

Sharing translation resources Sharing follow-up systems Sharing strategic information on people groups Sharing good podcasts and other content Partnering for on-theground church planting Prayer The next billion will be a spiritual warfare context Ministering to animists, Hindus, Mulsims and Buddhists will require much prayer and

intercession Your computer will break down if you dont pray! You will break down if you dont pray! Conclusion The Internet will double in the next three years as cellphones become Internet capable The next billion users will be newbies from the developing world These are people for whom Christ died and that missionaries long to reach

If you get on board early you can be part of completing the Great Commission About Cybermissions John Edmiston (CEO) Based in Carson CA

Focused on delivering online training in developing world contexts. [email protected] +1-310-549-6791 These slides will be available online at: /

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