The Crisis Deepens - Jasper City Schools

The Crisis Deepens - Jasper City Schools

The Crisis Deepens Chapter 10 Section 3 The Republican Party Whigs split over Kansas-Nebraska Act The Republican Party formed from Former Whigs and Northern Democrats. Chose name of Jeffersons party intending

to revive spirit of Revolution Agreed only that slavery should be kept out of territories The Know-Nothing, American Party, party of nativitists Encountered same fate as the Whigs, Republican party absorbed them. 1856

Republicans nominated John C. Fremont Little political experience Democrats nominate James Buchanan Long history of public service, believed in making concessions to the South. Wins the election over Fremont and former president Millard Fillmore

Dred Scott v. Sanford, Chief Justice Roger B. Taney ruled that Scott had no right to sue in court b/c African Americans were not citizens Taney also said the Missouri Compromise was void under Constitutional Law This ruling became a political issue in itself. Democrats cheered but Republicans called it an obiter dictum (incidental opinion) and not binding

Lecompton Constitution Buchanan encouraged Kansas to apply for statehood Proslavery forces called a constitutional convention, antislavery forces boycotted it Each side held a referendum (popular vote) but Buchanan chose to accept the proslavery vote, Senate accepted, House

blocked it Decided to allow another referendum in KS, Southerners thought they would win, didnt and delayed statehood until 1861 Lincoln-Douglas Debates 1858, Republican chose Abraham Lincoln to run for senate seat against Douglas House Divided speech launched campaign The Little Giant accepted Lincolns proposal of a series of 7 debates. He was confident.

Lincoln put Douglas on the spot asking if a territory could legally exclude slavery before statehood, Douglas in turn proposed the Freeport Doctrine, that he accepted Dred Scott decision but there must be laws to govern slavery or it could not exist Douglas won the election but Lincoln achieved some notoriety and was able to make the Republican message clear.

John Browns Raid on Harpers Ferry outraged Southerners and gave Northerners a martyr

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