The Correctional Program Assessment Inventory -2000

The Correctional Program Assessment Inventory -2000

THE CORRECTIONAL PROGRAM ASSESSMENT INVENTORY -2000 Gendreau and Andrews, 2002 CPAI-2000 The present version of the CPAI, the

CPAI-2000 (Gendreau & Andrews 2002), has incorporated a number of new items. The current version assesses eight dimensions of a correctional program. Principles of Effective Intervention

Programs should be intensive and behavioral in nature. Programs should target known predictors of crime. Behavioral programs will use standardized assessments to

identify the risk level, need level, and responsivity issues of offenders. Programs should match the characteristics of the offender, therapists, and program. Program contingencies and behavioral strategies should be enforced in a firm but fair manner. Programs should have well-qualified and well-trained staff

who can relate to the offenders. Programs should provide relapse prevention strategies. Programs should adhere to a high degree of advocacy and brokerage with other agencies in the community. CPAI-2000Organizational Culture The CPAI examines over a three year

period the programs organizational process. CPAI-2000-Program Implementation/Maintenance The CPAI examines program Need, Context and other areas of program

design. CPAI-2000-Management/Staff Characteristics The CPAI examines staff/management Qualification as it relates to PEI and Best Practices.

CPAI-2000-Client Risk/Need Practices The CPAI examines client services and supervision based on the PEI. CPAI-2000Program Characteristics

The CPAI examines the program and determines the application and use of PEI. CPAI-2000-Core Correctional Practices Newest addition to the CPAI that

observes therapeutic relationship as identified in the PEI. CPAI-2000-Inter-Agency Communication The CPAI examines levels of

cooperation and investment on behalf of clients. CPAI-2000-Evaluation The CPAI examines the programs use of evaluation and feedback as a means of program improvement.

CPAI-2000 in Indiana Grant, Whitley, Hamilton, Delaware and Lawrence Counties SB 340 11-12-2-4, (3) a method to evaluate each component of the program to determine the overall use of department approved best practices for the program;

CPAI-2000- Questions The CPAI 2000 is being used across the country as a means to evaluate, promote and improve program integrity. Indiana Team

CPAI-2000 William "Chris" Cunningham, Director Grant County Community Corrections 501 South Adams Street Marion, Indiana 46953 765-668-6528 ext. 107 [email protected]

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