The Battle of the Somme - LT Scotland

The Battle of the Somme - LT Scotland

The Battle of the Somme There were many important battles during World War One. Two of the notable ones of 1916 were the Battles of Verdun and The Somme. The Battle of Somme is

probably the most famous battle of all. Lesson starter: Copy out the box to the left. Today we will Understand the events of the Battle of the Somme

Assess the British battle plan for the Somme By 1916, Generals knew they had to try and make a breakthrough The British Generals decided to attack the Germans near the

River Somme They hoped this big push would finally win the war They planned to do it in August 1916, but the French asked them to do it earlier since they were being beaten at Verdun

Lord Kitchener Many men volunteered to join his army Many of these men fought at the Somme Field Marshal Douglas Haig- in charge of the battle

Haig likes cavalry and thinks that can win the war He doesnt think machine guns and tanks are very important 1.

Haigs plan for the Somme Bombard 30 km of German trenches for a week solidly 2. Use British planes to spy on German artillery then try and destroy them 3. Use shells to destroy barbed wire in front of German trenches 4. Once machine guns and trenches were destroyed, British soldiers

would walk across No-Mans land and capture the German trenches He felt it would be an easy victory for Britain Haigs plan for the Somme 1. 2. 3. 4. What can you remember?

What do you think were the problems with Haigs battle plan? Problems 1. German trenches were damaged but not destroyed they also had deep dugouts 2. Foggy weather made aerial spying very difficult

3. Shelling did not cut the wire, and n o s many shells were faulty am r g a i 4. British troops were mowed down

by d 4 e 4 h t e machine gun fire as they at advanced ag

ok o L p Important vocabulary Battle of the Somme a joint push by the British and French near the River Somme

General Haig leader of the British forces Kitcheners Army British volunteer soldiers Beat the teacher! Your teacher will speak to you about what you have already learned BUT they will make a few mistakes. Put your hand up as

soon as you hear one The Battle of the Somme Lesson starter: Who was Douglas Haig? Today we will find out what happened at the Battle of the Somme

Today we will Understand why Douglas Haig has been a subject of debate Assess his leadership of the British in 1916 On 21 July, British soldiers fixed their bayonets and went over the top

They had on huge packs of ammunition and supplies One general gave his troops a football and told them to try and be the first to get the ball across to the other side of No Mans Land What Happened?

The Allied bombardment had not been enough to destroy the Germans Thousands of British soldiers ran straight into machine gun fire By the night of 21 July, 20,000

British were dead Only some of the empty shell casings from 21 July 1916 A demolished trench and dugout British dead awaiting burial The first day of the Somme

was the biggest ever loss of British life The Battle of the Somme showed the end of enthusiasm for the war Men realised there was nothing glorious about a long slow death on No Mans

Land War Fever was definitely over Somme - Pals Battalions Dulce et Decorum Est Somme Remembrance The Battle of the Somme:

Factfile Date: Battle between: Leader of British Forces: Battle Plan (four stages): Battle Reality (problems of four stages:) 5 Battle end: 4

4 4 k First day casualties: s o e bo g Pa ext t

General Haig has been criticised for his Somme battle plan He has become known as the Butcher of the Somme Can you think why people might see him in this

way? After the war he was made an Earl for his good work serving his country He was also given 100,000 Do you think the government was

right to do this? After Britain lost so many men at the Battle of the Somme, many people described the Battle as Lions led by Donkeys Haig has been widely criticised for his leadership

at the Somme This caricature shows Haig as being needed like a hole in the head Source 1)Positive / negative 2)evidence?

A B C D E Copy this table and fill it in using the sources on the following slides

Source A It was clear that the plan to shell the German barbed wire had not worked. Hundreds of dead bodies hung from the wire in front of the German trenches. Written by a British soldier from the Somme

Source B It was pure bloody murder. Douglas Haig should have been hanged for what he did on the Somme. Top class young British men were sent out to their inevitable death Private P. Smith, July

1916 Source C To have refused to fight at the Somme would have meant abandoning the French who were fighting at Verdun. From a book about Haig, written in

1936 Source D The Somme was successful. The pressure was taken off the French and the German strength was worn down. Haig was right to send them in to battle. Death is

always a result of war. From a book about the Battle of the Somme Source E Haig was called the butcher because he didnt care about sending thousands of men to their death. It was a waste of human life. He

didnt care about those boys because they were ordinary working lads. All he cared about was winning medals for bravery. You didnt see him going over the top, did you? A British soldier who fought at The Somme, speaking in 1993

General Haig 1.Glue the picture of General Haig into your jotter 2.Using the green box on p45, write a detailed summary of General Haig next to the picture

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