TEAS Test Prep - Minnesota Literacy Action Network

TEAS Test Prep - Minnesota Literacy Action Network

TEAS Test Prep for Health Professionals Teachers Kathy & Kelly From: Metro North ABE Anoka Technical College site (full names & contact info. in the handout packet) Todays Handouts We are not handing out PowerPoints, but you may access our PowerPoint online later with the other conference materials. We are, however, providing a paper to take notes and

all the important reference sheets you should need. **Feel free to ask questions as we go along if you need clarification. There will also be a chance for questions at the end. TEAS Requirement TEAS is a standardized online exam that is used as an admissions tool for several programs at local community and technical colleges including: All MANE (MN Assoc. of Nursing Ed.) nursing programs in Minnesota Several private colleges like Rasmussen and Herzing Misc. programs like OTA at Anoka Tech.

History of Classes to Meet this Need First class was developed as part of a grant awarded to Anoka Ramsey Community College Class began at ARCC (Coon Rapids & Cambridge) in 2013 and was taught by Caroline Nerhus The pilot project results indicated that there would be sustained community and college interest in continuing the project In early 2014 a TEAS class was started at Anoka Technical College taught by Kathy & Kelly Since then a few other ABE programs have started classes Scoring

See handout Practice Test Results Sample of a students official practice test results and recommendations for further practice. See handout - Score Explanation Overall scores are percentages College Requirements Nursing Program at ARCC. Accepted Applications GPA TEAS Fall 2015

286 2.75 4.0 (3.36) CC 2.75 4.0 (3.35) CR 64 87 (74.27) CC 67.3 94 (79.35) CR LPNS Total Admission Score (GPA + TEAS/10= Ranking Score 10.27 11.95 (10.78) CC 10.4325 13.17211 (11.29) CR SPRING 2015

211 2.75 4.0 (Av. 3.43) CC 2.91 4.0 (Av. 3.50) CR 66.67% - 84.67% (Av. 74.91%) CC 70% - 91.30% (Av. 78.58%) CR 1 CC 5CR 10.4 12.4 (Av. 10.925) CC 10.58 12.8 (Av.11.36) CR FALL 2014 313 2.92 4.0 (AV. 3.699) CC 2.91 - 4.0 (AV. 3.56) CR

70.67% - 90% (Av. 80.14%) CC 74% - 91% (Av. 81%) CR 4 CC 5 CR 11.067 13 (Av. 11.71) CC 11.10 13.133 (Av. 11.659) CR Students can apply to ARCC (Cambridge or Coon Rapids) when the have completed the following courses and taken the TEAS test: Anoka Ramsey Courses ENGL 1121 PSYC 1110 BIOL 1106 CHEM 1050 Equivalents at Anoka Technical

ENGL 1105 PSYC 1500 BIOL 1106 See Advisor @ ARCC College Requirements - ATC LPN Program Minimum score of 45 to be considered changing to 50 for next application period Applications accepted in order from highest to lowest science score is a tiebreaker OTA very competitive Overall percentages averaged in the high 60s to low 70s.

College Requirements -Other Locations Herzing 58 on TEAS minimum GPA of 2.5+ Rasmussen Average around 65 on TEAS North Hennepin 350 applicants last time for 85 slots accepted students were in the upper 70% range Class Results Over 200 learners have completed TEAS test prep classes since their inception in 2013. An average of 65% of eligible participants showed a TABE level gain in the 48-hour class. *July-Oct. 2014 87.5 retention/64% level gain *Sept.-Nov. 2014 79% retention/26% level gain

*Oct.-Dec. 2014 60% retention/71% level gain *Jan.-Mar. 2015 69% retention/60% level gain Class Set-up *What kind of population will you be serving? Our population was different from ARCC and needed to gain more knowledge -ARCC: majority of participants already enrolled in college classes -ATC: majority of participants not enrolled in college classes and many non-native speakers Class Set-up Decisions we made as we set up the class: cover as much as possible - a lot to cover and

intense (book doesnt cover all on test or provide enough practice) two co-instructors - students like variety and not as great a load on one teacher direct instruction with checktest reviews was chosen (original class was a review model) Reading Requirement? According to the publisher, the exam is written at a 10th grade level. Originally we had a reading requirement of 8.0 Now we allow anyone who wants to join we do advise students with lower TABE reading scores that the class will likely be very challenging and

it would be to their benefit to build their reading first in our Study Lab before attempting TEAS Ads Orientation/Intake 4 orientations 3 Monday nights & 1 Wed. Limit of 15 at each orientation Students sign up at Metro North web site for a spot in one of the orientations First 3 orientations students guaranteed a seat in class. Last orientation is for waiting list unless seats arent filled at that point

TEAS V Test Prep Class Anoka Technical College Instructors: Kathy Lundquist and Kelly Foltmer email: [email protected] phone: 763-576-7840 (voice mail only) (Metro North ABE) [email protected] I. Class Schedule Dates: Aug. 3 Oct. 5, 2015 (every Mon. & Wed. except Wed. 8/19, Mon. 8/24, Mon. 9/7, & Wed. 9/16) Times: 5:00PM-8:00PM Room: 211A at ATC II. Course Overview This rigorous course will prepare students to take all 4 parts of the TEAS V test - Science, Reading, Math,

and English/Language. Students will gain knowledge of the content and structure of the TEAS V Test, develop critical thinking, and reduce test-taking anxiety. The instructors make every effort to cover most topics in the study manual, but cannot predict which questions will be computer generated on the official test. A detailed syllabus will be provided on Day 1. III. Attendance Students need to make every effort to be present at all class sessions. Attendance is necessary for best comprehension of material. There will be no make-up classes. If you are unable to attend class, please contact an instructor before the class begins for the day, preferably by email. IV. Progress -Students will be given pre- and post-Reading, Math, & Language TABE tests to measure progress. -Please note, in order to score well on the TEAS tests, students will need to study materials outside of class time; attending this class with no additional studying will not guarantee a good test result. -A free official Practice TEAS Exam (paid for by Metro North ABE) will be available to those students who attend 90% of the classes and take the TABE post-tests. This is an excellent opportunity, as students who take the test twice almost always improve their scores the second time.

V. Professionalism Please be on time for class and make sure you have silenced your cell phone and electronic devices. Late arrivals and cell phones ringing are disruptive to other students and the instructor. VI. Required Text Text: Study Manual for the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS); Version V. Edited by Amanda Wolkowitz, PhD. ISBN 13: 978-1-933107-98-1 ISBN 10: 1-933107-98-7 A set of books will be available to use during class time, but students are encouraged to purchase a study manual for themselves. VII. Supplemental Resources Study Labs are available on Tues. & Thurs. evenings (5-8 PM) and T,W,Th mornings (10AM-1:30 PM) should you need extra assistance with work assigned or want to take checktests. In addition, class information and checktest links will be found at Schoology.com. Passwords to access these materials

and checktests will be provided during the classes. Attendance Agreement Students sign an attendance agreement. This is a commitment we expect 100% attendance and all non-emergency appts. to be scheduled during non-class time. Any one failing to show or contact us on the first night will be replaced by someone on the waiting list. Students with 90%+ attendance may take a free official TEAS practice test ($45 value) in our lab. First Class Go over proceduresSign-in (attendance recorded in MABE)

Logistics Restrooms, Smoking, Cafeteria Break about half way during teacher switch Name Tags Cell Phones Textbook may be borrowed during class only TEAS test contents & scoring Requirements at local colleges Schedule & syllabus Syllabus TEAS V Test Prep Class ATC Tentative Course Schedule (The schedule is subject to change at the instructors discretion.) Class 1 (8-3-15)

Class Information Study Strategies Science: Organism Hierarchy, Body System Overview, Circulatory & Respiratory Systems Math 1: Whole Numbers Class 2 (8-5-15) Reading: Vocabulary, Context Clues, Historical and Cultural Context, Medical Roots & Affixes Science: Anatomical Terms, Skeletal, Muscular, Nervous, and Integumentary Systems English 1 Class 3 (8-10-15) Reading: Speed (Skim/Scan), Labels, Ingredients

Science: Tissues, Digestive & Excretory/Urinary System, Nutrition, Food Chain Math 2: Fractions, Roman and Arabic Numerals, Positive and Negative Numbers Class 4 (8-12-15) Reading: Main Idea, Supporting Details, theme Science: Endocrine, Lymphatic/Immune, & Reproductive Systems, Population, Birth Rates English 2 Class 5 (8-17-15) Reading: Cause & Effect Science: Human Body Functions, Interrelationships of Body Systems, Review Human Body

Math 3: Decimals. Fractions Word Problems Class 6 (8-26-15) Reading: Conclusions/Inferences, Predictions, Fact & Opinion, Bias, Science: Scientific Method & Reasoning English 3 Class 7 (8-31-15) Reading: Compare/Contrast (Simile/Metaphor) Science: Taxonomy, Cells Types, Parts, & Functions Math 4: Percents, % of increase or decrease Class 8 (9-2-15) Reading: Sequence (Eras), Directions,

Time/Addition - Relationships I Science: Nucleic Acids, Cell Cycles Mitosis, Meiosis English 4 Class 9 (9-9-15) Reading: Definition/Example, Problem/Solution, Relationships II Science: Genetics Math 5: Ratios and Proportions Class 10 (9-14-15) Reading: Reading Visuals Science: Atoms, Periodic Table English 5

Class 11 (9-21-15) Reading: Authors Purpose Science: Periodic Table patterns, Chemical Bonds Organic Chemistry Math 6: Signed numbers, US and Metric Converstions Class 12 (9-23-15) Reading: Types of Writing, Genre Science: Mixtures, Chemical Reactions & Equations English 6 Class 13 (9-28-15) Reading: Summarizing, Paraphrasing Science: Acids/Bases, Enzymes Math 7: polynomials, translating expressions

Class 14 (9-30-15) Reading: Informational Sources Science: Energy, Photosynthesis/Respiration, Properties of Water, Phase Changes English 7 Class 15 (10-5-15) TABE post-test Review TEAS Test info. & Test-taking tips Class 16 (10-6-15 , 10-7-15, 10-8-15) Free Official Practice TEAS exam for qualified students on ABE Lab Day of choice.

First Class Organization of study materials Study Strategies Use of Schoology to access Class Powerpoints and Check Tests (handout) If students miss class, they need to access Powerpoints this way. Checktests are all linked from Proprofs and have individual passwords. (If you want to see these and/or make copies, you may do so. You may NOT, however, assign your students to this site) First Class

Additional Opportunities for Practice 1. May attend ABE Study Labs for additional help. (emphasize how important this is for a person with a TABE rdg. score below 8.0) 2. May use Skills Tutor or My Foundations Lab. Materials Books with Information Class text TEAS V Secrets Study Guide - Mometrix TEAS Crash Course by Daniel Greenberg Books with Practice Tests McGraw-Hills 5 TEAS Practice Tests Barrons TEAS Practice Tests

Kahoot-It Try a few TEAS practice questions. You may use your Smart Phone (if you have one) to access the quiz and respond. If you arent able to do that, simply write down your answer on your note paper. TEAS Math See handout of covered concepts Students may not use a calculator on this test. Goes into both arithmetic and algebra TEAS Math Focus on speed and accuracy Practice!

Group work to share problem solving approaches Messy word problems in class to make test questions seem like a breeze graphs, charts, tables Sticky Areas Arabic and Roman numerals Scientific Notation Measurement US and Metric converting within and converting between Science See handout of covered concepts This is routinely the hardest test for most students, and the biggest part of the test. Since I had little Science background, I had to devote a lot of time to developing this.

Each class I pass out a packet for notes that they use as we go through the Powerpoint. Powerpoints are passed out after Science class Students are urged to study after each class and take a checktest to ensure mastery. TEAS English/Language See handout of covered concepts Sentence Structure Varied Multiple Choice Questions Lots of editing opportunities Grammar Terms necessary to complete questions (21%) Reading

See handout of covered concepts TEAS test is written at a 10th grade reading level. Second largest part of the test. Unfortunately, reading skills are not quickly gained. I spend a short time on a reading strategy (or 2) each time we meet. Reading Rate since TEAS is timed, processing speed is important. Each time I make available a science reading selection for students to use at home to

practice taking in more words per eye fixation (saccades) while maintaining comprehension. Questions?

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