Sustainable Development Goals - THIMUN Qatar

Sustainable Development Goals - THIMUN Qatar


Commons (The Global Goals Initiative) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons WHO IS YOUR FAVOURITE SUPERHERO? Batman? Superman? Spiderman? Wonder Woman? Iron Man? WHY ARE THEY

SUPERHEROES? All of them work to make the world a better place. What can you do to do the same? We all work towards making a better world. We study and take care of our family to build a good future for ourselves and our families. Superheroes build a better future for othersthey work for the good of others! WHY DO WE NEED

SUPERHEROES? In 1961 Stan Lee created the Fantastic four comic. This was a part of an era of social change and these comics raised awareness of many social issues. They show us how to be selfless without losing ourselves and how to have hope for a better world. Superheroes inspire us to be better ourselves! REAL LIFE

SUPERHEROES Who are your real life superheroes? In your groups- share your personal heroes. Name Occupation Values they embody Why do they inspire you personally? What they have in common is they all work towards solving an issue

THIMUN QATAR STUDENT AMBASSADOR HEROES This project is about three main ideas: Going out into other clubs in your school, and presenting MUN Impact to them to help them link their club to the Global Goals. By spending time looking at the root causes and the SDG link, we can

help those clubs to dig deeper into what they are doing and get a better understanding on their actions in a global context. Identifying issues that have not yet been addressed in your school, identifying the root causes and linking it to the SDGs. We can then create a project to solve this issue! There are many existing projects which link to the SDGs and your school can adopt some of these and support them through awareness and fundraising campaigns. LINKING ISSUES TO

THE SDGS Example: Issue: Parents cant understand the internet Go to and click on resources, and look at the SDG page Which SDG connects best with this issue? click on SDG 4: Quality Education Click on the targets and indicators and see which target is most relevant to your issue

SDG link: 4.41 Proportion of youth and adults with information and communications technology (ICT) skills, by type of skill NEW PROJECTS WHAT ARE YOUR ISSUES?

WHAT ARE YOUR ISSUES? AT HOME. What issues would you like to changefind the SDG that matches them What issues are there in your personal life? Examples: I spend too much time playing and not enough studying SDG 4 Spend more time with family/friends SDG 3 My club doesn'tt have enough girls/boys SDG 5

WHAT ARE YOUR ISSUES? AT SCHOOL What issues would you like to changeeach issue can be matched to an SDG What issues are there in your school? Examples: Kids waste a lot of food at lunch SDG 2, 11, 12, 6 Schools make too much rubbish SDG 11, 13, 14, 15 School library is badly stocked SDG 4

School bags are too heavy SDG 3 WHAT ARE YOUR ISSUES? IN YOUR COMMUNITY. What issues would you like to changefind the SDG that matches them What issues are there in your community? Examples: Workers cant read and write in English SDG 4, 8

Parents cant understand the internet SDG 8, 9 Cars drive too fast in the street SDG 3, 11 WHAT ARE YOUR ISSUES? Use the hand out to discuss in your groups what HANDOUT issues you have in: Your Personal life?

Your School? Your Community? Link it to the SDGs DECIDE ON A GROUP ISSUE Type issue here.. IDENTIFY THE ROOT CAUSE

Discuss and identify the root cause for the group issue Complete the circle of Whys: Why is the issue happening? Solidify your thinking- make a sentence: this issue happens because of Share your findings with the group Example: Parents didn't have the opportunity to learn IT skills and now they feel like its too late IMAGINE THE

POSSIBILITIES Use your handout to figure out 10 ideas of how to fix the root cause Dont hold back- all ideas are welcome! The idea should have an Impact The idea should be bold The idea should be long lasting Discuss the ideas in your groups- write down the best

idea from the group in the handout IDEAS FOR ACTION! BE BOLD Use the targets to develop a project: Examples: Idea: negotiate with the school, students, parents and teachers to set up after

school classes. Set up fundraising to finance the classes- sell custom T-shirts, hold a fair, stage a play and charge a fee. Idea: research online IT classes and set up an awareness campaign detailing how PROJECT IDEASEXAMPLES Collect food and bring it to a food charity to distribute it. SDG 2 Recycle cans, bottles, paper, and newspapers throughout the

school year and bring it to recycling centers. SDG 11, 13, 14 Create a simple human rights lesson and teach it to an elementary level class. SDG 4 Collectively design a T-shirt depicting your issue. Take responsibility for all aspects of the process from colors of the shirt to how much to charge. Sell T-shirts at school events and donate the money to a childrens organization. All SDGs Make 1,000 paper cranes and take a field trip to a childrens hospital to present them. SDG 3

PROJECT IDEASEXAMPLES Hold a Human Rights Reception, with projects, displays, videos, etc. for parents, other teachers, and classes. All SDGs Create and put on a play on human rights for other classes or parents. All SDGs Participate in a highway or park clean-up project. SDG 6, 11, 12 Research a country or specific culture. Find a contact person to interview from that country or culture, form interview

questions, and report back to your class. Set up a weighing station for food waste after lunchtime, publish the results to raise awareness of food wastage. SDG 2 ACTION! How can we put your ideas to action? Use the hand out to figure out what to do! What kind of action is needed? Which groups do you need to involve?

What is the final outcome? When will you start and end this project? GLOBAL ACT WITH IMPACT AWARDS GAIAs 5 minute max video on your service project One project per school December 10th 2018 deadline for submission

FURTHER PROJECTS ON THE SDGS GOAL 1: NO POVERTY Case study: Grameen bank Microcredit 16 Decisions Data Website

Method of action Your ideas GOAL 2 ZERO HUNGER World food program Data Hunger map Their vision: five steps to Zero Hunger Campaign #HealthynotHungry How can you get involved?

Website Your ideas GOAL 3 GOOD HEALTH AND WELLBEING World Health organization Health topics No tobacco day Leadership priorities

World antibiotic awareness week Website Your ideas GOAL 4 QUALITY EDUCATION CARE Education The girl effect 0Z4WJ5LA&

Steal this stats Emergencies and action Your ideas GOAL 5 GENDER EQUALITY United Nations Population Fund Gender equality

Manual on social norms and change Empower women, empower the future Your ideas GOAL 6 CLEAN WATER AND SANITATION Charity: water 100% of donation goes to those in need

Approach, solutions, impact Pledge birthday Your ideas GOAL 7 AFFORDABLE AND CLEAN ENERGY Clean energy group Solar+storage=savings

Crowd-Financing Solar for Nonprofits Serving Low-Income Communities Your ideas GOAL 8 DECENT WORK AND ECONOMIC GROWTH Learn how to become e-a-difference-careers/poverty/

The poverty trap How can you help the poor Youth below poverty line Your ideas GOAL 9 INDUSTRY, INNOVATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE Umicore Mission

Sustainability A framework to ensure sustainable cobalt sourcing What makes an industry sustainable? Your ideas GOAL 10 REDUCED INEQUALITIES UNHCR

Figures at a glance Emergencies Where do they work? What do they do? Your ideas? GOAL 11 SUSTAINABLE CITIES AND COMMUNITIES Local Pathways Fellowship Sustainable cities Mission Objectives Meet the fellows Your ideas GOAL 12 RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION AND PRODUCTION

Global footprint network Ecological footprint explorer Overshoot day Sustainability index Country work Your ideas GOAL 13 CLIMATE ACTION

Climate action programme http://www.climateactionprogramme.or g/ Paris agreement Carbon pricing Green innovation Policy Your ideas GOAL 14 LIFE BELOW WATER

Sea change project World ocean day Ocean literacy Marine litter Make the pledge Your ideas GOAL 15 LIFE ON LAND

Conservation International Experience the Amazon in VR A bold plan to protect Amazonia Nature is speaking Science + Innovation Your ideas GOAL 16 PEACE JUSTICE AND

STRONG INSTITUTIONS PeaceJam Unleash your potential Conferences Do a project Nobel prizes Your ideas

GOAL 17 PARTNERSHIP FOR THE GOALS Global partnership for sustainable development data 12 Key plans Data in action Data on the 17 goals

Your ideas

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